Friday, August 1, 2014

July 31st - August 1st Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo

Correction: The report regarding the resettlement of 10000 families by the government of Baghdad to four provinces of Central Iraq, dated

26th July, should in fact read 10000 individuals, not families.
25th July: Indian Sunni Cleric Salman Nadvi writes a letter to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia offering to raise an army of 500000 Sunni Muslim volunteers from India to help fight in Iraq (against Shia militias) and establish a Saudi backed Caliphate.
28th July: The government of Iraqi Kurdistan has approached a Texas court in the United States that states that the oil that was aboard the United Kalavrvta vessel was owned and lawfully belongs to Iraqi Kurdistan and can be sold by them. The Kurdistan Government has also informed the court that the matter does not fall within the jurisdiction of a US court.
30th July: The Judge hearing the dispute over the ownership of the oil being carried by United Kalavrta in the United States has stopped the ship from offloading its cargo in Houston, Texas.
30th July: Arabt camp in Sulaimaniyeh that used to house Syrian refugees will now be empties of Syrians to house Iraqi Refugees displaced internally.
31st July: Playing with Demographics: Daash has cleared the centre of Saadia, Diyala of Shiites and Kurds. It has also been spreading the rumor that the Shia Kurds there are trying to expel Sunnis from there.
31st July: Christoph Katsaan, the Charge d’affaires of France to Iraq visits with the Iraqi President Fuad Masum and delivers a letter from French President Francois Hollande.
31st July: Daash fighters reenter the south of Jalawala that was freed last week. Daash managed to enter the town after the Peshmergas acted slowly in redeploying to the recently freed south. Local residents are requesting the Peshmergas to act quickly and decisively.
31st July: Over 150 Daash/rebel fighters flee from the north and north east of Baqouba, Diyala. The Daash fighters fled intense resistance by local tribes in al-Mansuriyya and Hamrin village.
31st July: There are no coincidences: Leonard Blavatnik, a Ukraine born, US Oligarch, has been identified by Kurdish press as the billionaire behind the company that is buying Kurdish Crude from Iraq.
31st July: Amir al- Kanani of the Ahtrar Bloc (Moqtada Sadr’s) has stated that most parliamentarians from within the Shiite National Alliance are so far agreeing that Maliki should not be given a third term. The Ahrar bloc is requesting the State of the Law Coalition to continue to be a part of the National Alliance.
01st Aug: Hezbollah Commander Ibrahim Mohammed al-Haj’s funeral is held in Mashghara, Eastern Lebanon. Hezbollah has stated that he died performing his religious duty in “Iraq.” His funeral was held on Wednesday, the 30th of August. The most significant news that is being reported is that he was killed, behind enemy lines, near Mosul, northern Iraq. He is being referred to as one of the men that had snuck over the fence into Israel in 2006 and kidnapped Israeli Soldiers.
In photos released by Hezbollah a large group of mourners is seen with his young son clinging to his father’s coffin.
1st Aug: The UN warns of oil trading with Daash either in Iraq or Syria, telling member states that such actions may lead to sanctions.
1st Aug: Anger and frustration with Daash in Mosul is growing. The residents of the city are angry at the destruction of shrines, tombs and historic and cultural monuments. However, they remain powerless to do anything.

28th July: Walid Jumblatt, MP from the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) in Lebanon meets with Hassan Nasrallah to discuss regional issues.
30th July: Islamic brigades in Aleppo detonate explosives below Syrian government positions and kill 13 fighters loyal to Bashar Al Assad.
31st July: It’s so much easier to take: Chinese hackers close to the government in Beijing are suspected of stealing classified military files from Israeli defense contractors. The hacks primarily targeted information concerning Missile shield Systems, ballistic missiles, and drone technology.
1st Aug: Walid Jumblatt, MP from the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP) states that the Druze and Christian communities in the region face extinction. He also expressed his opinion that there seems to be a huge gap in thinking between the “modern” Future movement and Sunni “Islamists.”
1st Aug: Saad Hariri has praised the King of Saudi Arabia for his stand on the Palestinian Issue. It is rumored in Syria that Saad Hariri is in some ways “related” to King Abdullah.