Friday, August 1, 2014

A note of thanks to the blog's donors and a few comments about support

Dear friends,

I have to admit with a great deal of embarrassment that I simply have not found the time to thank those of you who have sent donations to support this blog in person.  I realize that this is rude, but my choice was stark: every minute spent on sending out personal thank you notes is one I did not spent working on this blog and maintaining contacts with the other Language Teams.  I think that most of you would probably prefer that I focus on the blog, in particular at this crucial moment in time.  To the others, my heartfelt and sincere apologies.

So, asking again for your understanding, here is the list of those whom I wish to thank now for their contributions:

Through PayPal: RA, AJ, WN, FA, PC, AZ, BG, EU, YE, RC, GW, RH, JL, MG, JS, J6, SE, DM, GB, HS, PP, CV, AJ, JC, FD, AK, LH, RL, DM, CG, JS, HM, WM, MM.

Through Amazon: MD

Through snailmail: MB (I could not cash your check, please only send cash)

To all of you a huge and heartfelt thank you!  You guys are literally helping my family pay the bills (as we live paycheck to paycheck) and without your help by family simply could not have made it this spring and summer.  Even the Amazon gift card we used to get household items.

Then, as always, this blog owes a big debt of gratitude to HJ without whose weekly donation I would literally not be able to make it.

Finally, I want to say something which I find extremely important: can anybody of you guess from which country this blog get the most donations and from which big country no donations were ever sent?

Most donations come from the USA, followed by Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  That's right!  The Echelon countries.  The Five Eyes if you prefer.  The countries which really "run the planet" or, should I say, "run the Empire".  Not only that, but I get a lot of mail from donors and just readers expressing their support which begin like this "I am an American and I love my country" or "I served 20 years in the US Navy".  In other words, this blog subsists in a large part thanks to Anglo help from people who love their countries and people, and who are not even offended by my use of the expression "AngloZionist" because they understand that the "Anglo" part is a historical reference to the British Empire's transformation into the Five Eyes and, most importantly, because while they love their country and people, they categorically oppose the Empire and its policies.

I mention that because I regularly get comments by one (or several) creeps who spew hatred at the British people and at all Anglo-Saxons and claim that somehow these people (as oppose to elite-backed regimes in power) are the cause of the evil we see today.  They regularly post crap like "Russia should nuke London".  Well, if the author(s) of these comments read these lines I want you to know that the people you hate so much are the very same ones who make this blog possible.  Think about it.

And since some will no doubt ask about this: no, I have not received any donations from Israel.  But I don't discount this possibility in the future.

The other thing I want to mention is that a lot of you have written to me (or posted comments) saying that the Russian government should hire or sponsor me.  I always laugh when I read this.  Let me tell you: I never got even one kopek in support from Russia.  Not from the government, not from regular people either.  I did get donations from Russians living outside Russia, but from Russia proper not a single penny.  If, by some kind of bizarre twist of fate, the Russian government or Gazprom wanted to sponsor my work, I am not sure I would accept that help anyway, but if I did, I would certainly  have to post a note about that on the blog.  I think that getting money behind the scenes from governments is plain unethical even if you maintain your editorial independence.  So, friends, if I get a call from Putin thanking me for the blog, I will let you know, but I am not holding my breath :-)

In the meantime, thanks to all of you who have send donations and thanks also to those of you who have sent kind emails of support.  If donations help making ends meet, your kind emails of support have helped me retain my sanity, especially in the most depressing and discouraging times.  When I read the news every morning I often get totally disgusted and despondent, but then I read your emails filled with kindness and humanity and I feel the courage come back to me and that helps me get back behind the keyboard and resume the struggle.

To all of you, a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU!

The Saker