Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ukraine SITREP August 13, 15:15 UTC/Zulu: A really weird moment in the Ukrainian civil war

The current situation in the Ukraine is even more unstable and unpredictable than before, and at least three major developments might have a crucial impact on the outcome of this civil war.

The Russian humanitarian convoy
The situation with the Russian humanitarian convoy (287 trucks) is as confused as ever and I am personally still completely clueless as to what the Russian plan exactly is.  I mean, yes, of course, it is to deliver that aid to the Novorussians, but it is also much more than that.  For one thing, it draws attention to the horrors being committed by the junta in Novorussia, it shows that the Ukies themselves don't give a damn about the plight of the Novorussian civilians and it shows that Russia is willing to do alone that which no other state or even so-called "humanitarian" organization would even consider.

But, of course, things could get really 'hot' if any of the following occurs:
  1. If the Ukies block the convoy at the border.
  2. If the Ukies hijack even part of the convoy
  3. If any of the drivers and personnel gets hurt
The problem is, of course, that the Ukies might want to make sure that one or several of these things do occur so as to trigger the Russian intervention the junta so desperately needs.  Russia, of course, understands that, and yet the Kremlin is going ahead with the plan.  Does that mean that Russia has already decided that an intervention is inevitable, so why not make it happen on Russian terms?  Maybe.  It's just too early to call.

There is one very important element I want to bring up here: most people believe that Switzerland is neutral and that the ICRC is not only at least as neutral as Switzerland, but that is also composed of, and run by, idealists who want to help the suffering people.  Sadly, neither is true.

Switzerland is not less Uncle Sam's bitch than Poland or Lithuania.  The difference is that Switzerland is a much wealthier bitch and that it can afford hiding its prostitution.  But make no mistake, the Swiss elites are for sale and they will never have the courage or dignity to stand up to US orders.  As for the ICRC, it has two "layers" so to speak: the young delegates who really do work for idealism and the 'big shots' in Geneva and in charge of major delegations worldwide.  These 'big shots' are completely part of the European plutocracy and they are also at the orders of the USA.  Worse, these 'big shots' not hesitate for one second to place the young ICRC delegates in harms way if that serves the ICRC's marketing needs (to, for example, tell the donors "everybody left, but we stayed").  Also, the ICRC is hugely dependent financially on countries such as the USA and its allies.  So please make sure that whatever happens with that convoy to always remember that the ICRC decision-makers will obey the USA no matter what.

The good news is that the Russians are fully aware of that.  They still remember the ICRC's mix of arrogance and gross incompetence in Chechnia (which ended up costing the lives of six ICRC delegates) and they have no illusions about the ICRC's "neutrality" or even basic decency.

MH17 - gone missing again

Did you notice that MH17 is completely out of the news?  We were promised voice and data recorder analyses, we were told that experts would be visiting the area and investigating the scene.  We were told that various kind of proofs of this and that will be provided.  And then *nothing*.  Silence.

Needless to say, except for the TV-watching zombies who get their news from the idiot-tube, everybody knows what really happened.  First, as I said it many times here, the USA and Russia know for sure, and there is a good chance that so do France and Switzerland.  Then, there are a lot more people who don't have the proof of what happened, but who also know.  And I bet you that many reporters and journalists in Kiev also know.  As for the Internet/blogosphere, while there are some disagreements over what exactly happened, nobody that I am aware of seriously believes that the Resistance did it.  So that leaves only one option: the Ukies did it.

So why not finally say so?

Because the AngloZionists are buying as much time to the junta as possible.

They *know* that there is no stopping this story, but they also know that unless and until the true account of what happened to MH17 makes it into the MSM it might as well never have happened.  But the clock is running out.  If we can fully expect the Dutch and the British to do and say whatever Uncle Sam tells them, I would not at all be so sure about the Malaysians.  For one thing Malaysia is hardly a pro-US country, especially in its public opinion, and, second, the Malaysians will inevitably wonder why their people were chosen as the sacrificial lambs in this US-run false flag operation.

This is also, I believe, the reason the Russians just said the very minimum to disprove the ridiculous version which Washington and Kiev proclaimed only hours after MH17 was shot: they know that if they say something it will be dismissed as "propaganda", but if the Malaysians do, then it is going to be awfully hard to dismiss them.  I also believe that the Russians have leaked whatever is needed to the Malaysians to make sure that the latter are not duped by the AngloZionists.

My hope and belief is that in the not too distant future the Malaysians will blow the cover on the AngloZionist fairytale and that they will officially accuse the junta of that mass murder.  At which point, Uncle Sam and his European minions will simply say that "they have come to different conclusions" and use the MSM to bury it all in the collective memory hole.  That, at least, is the plan.  Whether the Empire will succeed in covering it all up in anybody's guess.

The military situation on the ground

The situation on the ground is still very serious, possibly critical.  By all accounts the Ukies are attacking on all fronts and with massive firepower.  As usual, the vast majority of those killed are civilians, but there is only that much the Resistance can do to "plug" the various "holes" in the frontlines which the Ukies are using to try to get through.  The good news is that, at least so far, every single Ukie group which managed to break through has very rapidly found itself surrounded and, mostly, destroyed, but how long the Resistance can keep up with such heroic efforts is unclear, to say the least.

My sense is that both side s are throwing all their energy and resources because they feel that time is running out.  The danger of that is that either side might reach a breaking point and rapidly collapse.  I sure hope that the Russian General Staff is confident that the Resistance is not reaching its breaking point yet, because if it does, then it will be next to impossible for Russia to intervene to prevent a complete collapse of Novorussia.  Maybe this convoy is designed to do just that?  I don't know.

Latest news: UPDATED! 

Several contact have just emailed me to inform me that Igor Strelkov has reportedly been seriously injured.  I sure hope that this is not true or, at the least, that his condition is not as serious as reported because he is a crucial Putin-ally in Novorussia.  I will try to keep you posted.

UPDATE: all my sources now report that Strelkov is fine and that this rumor is false. Good.

Kind regards,

The Saker