Saturday, August 30, 2014

Appeal to the mothers of Ukraine

Foreword: today I am publishing a number of appeals to the mothers and people of the Ukraine which I ask you to circulate as widely as possible.  The women of the Ukraine have already shown their determination to stop the senseless bloodshed ordered by the junta and I think that it is crucial for us to let them know that we are aware of their struggle and that we support it.  The butchery which is currently taking place is as obscene as it is futile and it has to stop.  Now.  Please circulate the text of these appeals as widely as you can.  Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker

Appeal to the mothers of Ukraine

(original text in Russian here)

Dear Sisters,

We, the women of the international Russian Diaspora, appeal to you to help stop the civil war unleashed on your nation.

We understand the great tragedy that is happening in your land. Today, you are losing your sons to this inglorious war. As women, we know how much care and love it takes to give birth, nurture and raise our children. No mother gives birth to her child for a war. Any mother, anywhere in the world, will not hesitate to give her life for her child. In this we are united. This is our strength. So do not let the dark forces of evil rob you of your children using them for their own criminal purposes, pitting brother against brother, throwing them into a bloody meat grinder of war, and forcing them to forget their roots, their ancestors, culture and history.

Today the illegal and criminal Ukrainian government, this gang of bandits, thieves and criminals, imposed on you by the imperialist West, is waging war with its own people, in your name. Using the hands of your sons, they are bombing and shooting at peaceful towns, clearing out villages, and chasing people away from their own homes. Just for the fact that these people dared to express their desire to live freely on their soil. Because they dared to say "no" to the corporate and geopolitical interests of the West. Because they refused to be slaves.

We understand that it’s difficult for you to find a grain of truth in the torrent of vile propaganda and lies to which you have been subjected, which for decades has been skillfully and professionally directing your nation towards bitterness and hatred against their chosen enemy. Sisters, please stop and think, is this really your enemy? Look into the eyes of the women on "the other side" of the war. You will see in them the same pain and despair. They are also losing their sons... daughters, brothers, and husbands. In this you are one and the same.

Help stop this bloody madness! While there is still time, while you haven’t yet received the terrible news about the death of your child, before the line is crossed - the line beyond which there is nothing but despair, death, and emptiness – don’t let the criminals throw your sons into this shameful bloodbath. Don't let them disgrace their tribe and their nation. Save your children to build a future of a free and beautiful Ukraine. A Ukraine free from exploitation by the Western capitalists, oligarchs and the gang of international elites. Preserve not only the bodies but also the souls of your children. On your fragile maternal shoulders today, lies the future of all free, beautiful, proud and strong Slavs.

Only we, the mothers, can throw ourselves wholeheartedly to selflessly protect our children. For this, God has given us so much great power, power that will crush in its path everything, anything, and anybody who want to rob us of those who we love more than life itself.

God bless you.


From The Russian team:

We received a huge response to our appeal from all over the world. We are publishing here some of them. We hope that these messages will resonate in your hearts. Trust us, living abroad, especially in the West, under a thick veil of propaganda, boiling and growing is anger at our governments’ policies. Many of us have known for a long time, and even more are waking up every day and realize the lies and deceit, in which they keep our populations. They are deceiving us about the state of our economies, labour markets, public finances, real situation with resources, and foreign policy. We are tired of the endless wars that our governments, under pressure from the United States, bring to other countries, in which they have personal interests. But especially we are concerned with the careless and dangerous enmity with Russia, a country with nuclear weapons, which crazy USA is pushing us to. We want peace with all countries and peoples. We want any nation to be able to determine how it should live and whom to be friends with. We must not allow these fools to sow a discord between us and force us to act against our own class interests.


International appeals
In the waning days of war, the widows, the maimed, the orphaned and the crippled see light at the end of a dark tunnel, and it’s the only secure way out.


Most cordially,

Daniel, Japan

* * * * * * *
‘Ukraine government please STOP the war that soaks the earth in the blood and tears of brother against brother, sister against sister.’

Kind regards,

Zeta & Fiodor, Australia

* * * * * * * 

Dear Ukrainians,

It is with great sadness we watch from the other side of the world the conflict that has erupted in Ukraine. It is clear to me that a lot of historical animosity exists between many Ukrainians and their big brother Russia who has dominated them and no doubt is responsible for many injustices in the past. This has resulted in much distrust between West Ukraine and ethnic Russian Ukrainians.

It is also clear to me you are the victim of Super power politics and have been enticed by the USA to allow European and US interests to participate in (dominate) your economy and to further the US and Nato aggressive stance towards Russia. They have their own interests at heart here not yours.

In my opinion, despite its history Russia has reacted to this aggression in a very reasonable manner and does not want a conflict on its border. I feel the opportunity is there for Ukraine to be a truly independent country and an example to others if a cease fire is called and compassionate negotiations towards peace are entered into.
Further conflict can only create wider divisions within Ukraine.

Kind Regards
Ian, New Zealand 

* * * * * * *
To the people of Ukraine:

Examine the record of US-led "democratization" and ask yourselves if you would like your nation to become another Iraq, Lybia, Serbia, Syria, etc. Your new Government was chosen for you, not by you, and is there to serve one purpose only, and that is to extract all your natural resources and deliver then into the hands of the Zionist clique that owns every Western Government. If you agree that this is the right course for you nation, do nothing. If you don't want a gang of thieves pillaging your wealth and setting brother upon brother, rid yourselves of the vermin that have been foisted upon you.


Many of us in America have been watching as the events have unfolded in Ukraine these past months. Please do not be deceived that our media and government have succeeded in deflecting our attention away from the carnage Ukraine has inflicted upon countless innocent civilians in the East with its indiscriminate shelling of cities and towns. There are far too many videos of the dead and dying under the most brutal of circumstances to obfuscate the truth for long. Ukraine is engaging in tactics of war clearly defined as war crimes by the Geneva Convention. There can be NO excuse for this. If Ukraine continues on this course, the world will eventually have no choice but to react and no amount of media or government obfuscation will obstruct its furor. It is time for Ukraine to END this conflict NOW.

Michael, USA

* * * * * * *
Dear Ukrainians,

I would like you to have peace, to have your sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers back home safe and sound. I wish this for you in the West AND the East. I don't believe this was your war.

I believe this has been a war of power addicted oligarchs, manipulated by Washington, Nato and Large Corporations.

These groups of people are psychologically so impaired, they are unable to experience compassion that normal healthy human beings feel. They are addicted to power and need ever increasing doses of it. You and I are just "unimportant stuff” used to obtain their fix. The loss of our bodies and our pain further feeds their addiction and makes them feel even more powerful.

If we let these disturbed people rule us and drive us into killing each other, then we too are responsible.

Killing people is NOT a healthy thing to do and damages us emotionally. Once you have killed a person, this can NEVER be undone and we live with that bad feeling for the rest of our lives. Is this what we wish for our men? For ourselves?

Now is the time for NO MORE KILLING! Period.

The one thing these people fear is loss of power, without power they cannot function. So it is up to us to stop giving power to them in as many ways as possible. Let's make a list of things we CAN do to take away their power and do those things we can do. And as we become stronger, take away MORE of that power.

With much concern and care for ALL,

Margie, Bulgaria

* * * * * * *
„Let my people go,

Oppress’d so hard they could not stand,

Let my People go.”

The peoples of Europe are suppressed. Don’t fool yourself that living in the EU is good. It is not. The living standard of the average German has fallen in the last 15 years. The living standards of the Greeks, the Spanish and many others have been smashed. The EU is an instrument for the exploitation of the average people to the benefit of the few. And this is why your Oligarchs want you to be in the EU: To institutionalize your suffering and exploitation.

For me, as a German with strong liberal views, it is hard to say this, but it is true: The hope for a better Europe today comes from the East.

If Ukraine goes to the West, it will go into the sunset of a declining part of the world.

If you go East, you will go into the sunrise of a rich and prosperous commonwealth.

I wished we in Germany would have the choice that you have.

Make your choice wisely.

Dr. Bernhard Seitz, Stuttgart, Germany

* * * * * * *
Dear People of the Ukraine

I am writing to you as a proud Englishman and citizen of an EU member state.

I have been horrified by the actions of my leaders, the horrors perpetrated against you and your country and done in my name.

I can only appeal to you on the grounds of all humanity to call on your new leaders to stop this madness.

Please understand that the lure of a golden future in the West is a gross exaggeration and those that offer it to tempt you have only their own very selfish interests at heart.

In the EU, Ukrainians will be at best second class citizens like the Poles or most probably third class like the Romanians. Your industries will be decimated, while the only beneficiaries will be the very corrupt oligarch cliché and their EU/US counterparts, that you originally protested against to remove.

You are now being cynically pitted against your former friends and comrades in the East of your country and used as a selfish tool against the Russian federation.

Do not be fooled by crocodile tears, as those in the West how wring their humanity on public podiums do not care about your pain or suffering, but actually seek to see as many suffer as possible as it is good for their politics against Russia. No meaningful help will be sent to you, you will simply suffer the further humiliation of being presented as a helpless victim, rather like a starving African child.

Demand Peace and Demand Reconciliation. Denounce the falsehoods of paid placemen leaders and of their insincere backers.

This and this alone will save your nation, a nation that your new friends and leaders are only too happy to sacrifice on the Altars of their own vanity and ambition.

In All Kindness and Humility

Keith Nelson-Tomsen, Bristol, UK
* * * * * * *
“In times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell


I write to you from Australia in an attempt to help all Ukraine and former peoples of Ukraine including Crimea and the Peoples Republic of Donetsk. Whilst we maybe considered the lucky country it is no less fortunate than others albeit we do not have war on our soil nor an illegitimate government killing our people. However, all of humanity is under the influence of evil in high places who profit from war and the rape of this planet and unless stopped they will continue to consume like a pack of locusts in a field until this entire planet is laid waste. The people in high places I refer, in reality, are just simply evil people and their places are becoming lower by the very acts they are committing and this is lower in the cosmic sense and not just an Earthly sense.

I see every day, people waking up by the dozens as each atrocity is committed. The reason this is so is because these atrocities are so anti-human while the "official stories" crumble under the weight of their own lies. Now finally most of humanity are willing to hear the truth. Flight MH17 is one such example amongst many others.

At present in this country and while there are many still under the sway of main stream media controlled by a handful of conglomerates many are switching down this hydra full of lies. Those awake and as I have said previously many more awaken each day, we realise with REAL EYES what is going on in the Ukraine and we see with REAL EYES what is going on in Israel. WE SEE who is doing the killing and who the evil perpetrators are behind the killing and slaughter of innocent people we also see who is being blamed for the atrocities the very perpetrators are guilty of. Aside from this being a narcissistic and psychopathic trait, in government and certain circles it is also known as "flipping the script".

I oppose the war being committed by the Poroshenko government against Donetsk and other people of East Ukraine. I recognise the People's Republic of Donetsk and their Prime Minister, Aleksandr Zakharchenko. It is not the will of the people of Donetsk and other regions to be Ukraine any longer. The Ukraine people and former Ukraine people as all people, have the unalienable right given by God of free will choice for self determination and they have made their choice.

They also have absolute rights, by "absolute rights" of individuals is meant those which are so in their primary and strictest sense, such as would belong to their persons merely in a state of nature, and which every man is entitled to enjoy, whether out of society or in it. The rights of personal security, of personal liberty, and private property do not depend upon any Constitution or any law for their existence. They existed before the Constitution or laws were made, or the government was organized. These are what are termed the "absolute rights" of individuals, which belong to them independently of all government, and which all governments that derive their power from the consent of the governed were instituted to protect.

I have read the transcript of the speech by Vladimir Putin requesting peaceful negotiations between the Ukraine government and the PRD, while Aleksandr Zakharchenko certainly seems willing to do this, it is Petro Poroshenko who insists on killing, slaugher and more war. I do not recognise the current Ukraine government as legitimate anymore than I recognised the putsch government before that. I recognise the democatically elected deposed government of former Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovych and believe this government should be re-installed and further elections called. The people should be allowed to cast their vote without military intervention in accordance with their free will and absolute right.

I maybe but one voice but it speaks loudly against fascism. I am a child of the original creation, I stand under no man. I of my free will support Aleksandr Zakharchenko the Prime Minister of the Peoples Republic of Donetsk and all of Novorussiya. God Bless the People's Republic of Donetsk.

Allow the Ukraine people to decide; God Bless Ukraine. God Bless Russia and God Bless Novorussiya.

May peace reign on Earth.

Kind regards.

Lori, Northern Rivers NSW Australia

* * * * * * *
To our friends in Russia here are some elements, maybe you will find something useful:

As I see it Ukraine has several special problems that it needs to address if it wants to get out of its self-destructive spiral:

Ukraine has several different populations with different languages and different traditions. This is always a difficult human problem but it can be overcome - for example Switzerland has 4 different populations with 4 different languages and traditions and it lives in peace. The main condition for peace is that each population respects the language and traditions of the others.

The intense trauma of the communist collectivization with its many millions of victims. The Ukraine trauma was indeed horrible. But it is a sad fact that the world is full of horrible genocides, some of them much worse than Ukraine ( f. ex. the genocide of the American Indians by the European colonists) and it would be a victory for the people of Ukraine if they could lift their heads out of the past and find a way to live in the world of today.

The meddling of foreigners who want to inflame the problems with the intent to poison the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. Here the people of Ukraine should look at the actions of their own government which obeys these foreigners: your sons and husbands, badly equipped and badly trained because there is no money left in Ukraine, are sent to die by the tens of thousands against your own people in Eastern Ukraine who have lived in peace with you for generations and whose only fault is that they want to keep their own language and their own traditions. Do you really want this meddling?

So the questions for the people of Ukraine comes down to this: Whom do they want to listen to:
- their own government, which obeys foreigners who are only interested in war with Russia and which is responsible for the civil war against East Ukraine with its untold thousands of deaths? And which has allowed the Ukrainian army to maim and kill many thousands of unarmed East Ukraine civilians who thought they were Ukrainians too? And which has taken all of Ukraine's money into their own pockets?
- their own neonazis who live in the past and can only think of more massacres and of more war and who have done so many horrible crimes against unarmed Eastern Ukraine civilians that it is doubtful that Eastern Ukraine can forget these deranged and cowardly war crimes?
- those Ukrainians who want to become part of Europe? A Europe that was never interested in Ukraine? A Europe that is now instructing your government to pursue its war against Russia and which is degenerating morally and economically? Where governments ignore the wishes of the people and follow destructive political programs?
- those Ukrainians who want to stay friends with Russia? A Russia which has lived in peace with you for generations now? A Russia that is the only country linked to Europe where the government cares for the common good and listens to the people and to the laws? It is our belief that this is the only friendship where the people of Ukraine will not be duped and exploited.

But it is for them to decide.

This is the point of view of a central European looking for truth :-)
Hope you find something interesting. Good luck and my heartfelt wishes of success.

Rudi Staudinger (Luxembourg)

* * * * * * *

Don't let the oligarchs plunder your country under the EU pretext of 'democracy'. They don't want democracy, they don't want peace, they want Ukraine's resources. They are not interested in what you want, in what I want, in what anyone wants. They only want more and more, all they'll be able to take.
Don't let it happen. Don't let your sons, your husbands, your fathers be cannon fodder for heartless accountants, foreign banks and foreign big business interests.

Stand for the people, stand for freedom, stand for truth, stand for a democratic and patriotic government by the people, for the people.
Stand for peace.

Lea, from Paris.