Thursday, August 14, 2014

Laughter and concern

First, some laugher: I just want to show you how Ukie nationalists (Shevchenko and Liashko) interact with each other.  This needs no translation:

Precious, no?

Then, the possibly very bad new: Vzgliad is reporting that Igor Strelkov has resigned his position as Defense Minister.  If confirmed - Vzgliad is usually well-informed - this is very bad news.  Not that Novorussia lacks capable military leaders, but because Strelkov had managed to subordinate all the commanders of the Resistance - except Khodakovski - to is authority.  As Strelkov mentioned it many times, it is very hard to turn several groups of volunteer guerrillas into a real army, and Strelkov pretty much succeeded in doing so.  If his resignation is confirmed, I am very worried that infighting between the various rebel groups will resume and that the junta will use this political chaos to attack and beat back the Resistance.

As always, stay tuned.  I will try to keep you posted.


The Saker