Monday, August 4, 2014

The culture wars of the glorious Ukrs of Banderastan

"Whenever I hear the word 'culture' I reach for my gun"
 (mistakenly but appropriately attributed to) Hermann Göring

The culture wars in Banderastan are in full swing.  Most of you know that Ukie historiography is, shall we say, 'peculiar'.  It ranges through a compelte re-writing of the history of the territory which after 1991 was called the "Ukraine", but it includes all sorts of bizarre claims about the ancient "Ukr" people who, believe it or not, built the pyramids in Egypt, were the most ancient civilization on the planet from whom ancient Greece learned most of what it is famous for and whose glorious descendants included not only Petro Poroshenko, but also Mary the Mother of God who, as it turns out, was not Jewish, but a blue-eyed Ukie.  But such wars cannot be only waged in the past, they must also be waged in the present.

Recently, the Ukie Ministry of Culture announced that it was banning two Russian made movies, "The White Guard" (based on a book by Bulgakov) and "Poddubny" (a biography of the famous wrestler Ivan Poddubnyi).  This is of course kind of pathetic, if not medieval.  But it gets better: the Ukie Ministry of the Interior has announced, on Facebook, that it is preparing a list of 500 (five hundred!) Russian artists which will be banned in the Ukraine because they were guilty of expressing support for the reunification of Crimea with Russia.

Amazing, no?  First these noble descendants of the "Ukrs" have openly hunted journalists, now they are banning artists.  I guess they see that as a way to become more Euro-compatible maybe?

The next logical steps would be to replace the Cyrillic script by the West European Latin one and to block access to the Russian Internet in Banderastan.  Or ban the possession of books by Bulgakov or Gogol?  And most definitely outlaw the music of Rachmaninov, Scriabin or Bortniansky.

And in the meantime, the junta is using ballistic missiles against its own population.  But nobody in Europe seems to notice or care.  After all, there is no evidence of any "gays" killed in these strikes.

The Saker