Sunday, August 31, 2014

Small note: please read what is actually says


I had a very good Sunday, finally (!) some time to relax, so I will only post this small request:

Please - read what I actually wrote, not what you think I have written or what you assume I have implied.

Seriously, I never personally took position on the Ferguson topic. I never said that I liked the policies of Helmut Schmidt, Charles de Gaulle, Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterrand or Francisco Franco or that consider them as great statesmen.  As for Iarosh, I even wrote that I was willing to slit his throat, yet I was accused of being somehow favorably disposed to him (is my "throat slitting" comment invisible or something?!).

So, please, read what it actually says, if needed read it twice, but stop with this stream of outraged comments about something I never wrote :-)

Or maybe it is a cultural thing.  Folks in the West like to don't talk to their enemies.  Russians do.  Then we kill them, no problem.  I would *love* to talk to Kolomoiski, a guy like that is certainly interesting.  Saying that does not imply any form of endorsement on my part. I would also love to shoot him.  Personally.  First the kneecaps, then the rest, leaving the vital organs for last.  And I *still* would enjoy talking to him in the process.

Maybe it is a cultural thing.  Anyway, if in the future I say that I like something in a person, please do not assume that I like that person.  These are two big differences (as they say in Odessa).

Kind regards and to those off for the US Labor Day - enjoy the R&R!


The Saker