Thursday, August 14, 2014

Commentary on Prosvirnin's "The Russian appeal to Germany"

Yesterday when I posted Egor Prosvirnin "appeal" I knew that I would catch hell for it. Also, and to be really honest, I had some reservations of my own about the content of this appeal. Still, I assumed that most readers would be aware that I sometimes post things here which I do not necessarily agree with, but which I find important, or interesting, or a good way to trigger a good conversation. Apparently, some are still clearly disturbed by that approach of mine.

My initial thought was to post this appeal but with an introductory note in which I would express some of my reservations. I even wrote it. But then I decided that this would be wrong. Prosvirnin's appeal does not need any caveats or "sweeteners" from me. It stands on its own. Is it hostile or antagonistic? Hell yes it is! So what? Let us look at the context again. In very simple terms what is going on is the following:

The USA is waging an undeclared war on the Russian nation. In this war, the main "weapon" used is the EU and, in the EU, Germany. Or did we all suddenly forget the link that Germany had not only to Klichko, but also to the entire Maidan thing?! And how did it all begin? By Yanukovich announcing a delay in signing the Agreement with the EU. After that, it was an endless circus of EU politicians showing up on the Maidan to support the neo-Nazis.

Some posters here said that Prosvirnin's appeal would antagonize or offend Germans. Sorry guys, but we are not talking about a tea party for old women were one guest is being rude to the host. We are talking about the victim of a war expressing his disgust at one of the key aggressors! Not only does Prosvirnin have no obligation to be nice or even polite to anybody in the EU, he has the full right to be furious, disgusted and outraged that a country which inflicted such unspeakable suffering upon the Russian people during WWII and which owes its very existence to the (frankly stupid) belief of the Russians in 1991 that western promises would be kept, would act in such an arrogant and hostile way as Germany does today. Right now, I would argue that any Russian has a moral right to be angry, offended and disgusted with any and all European nations as all of them are accomplices in this war against Russia (what else is new? this was also the case in 1812 and in 1939).

Furthermore, may I remind my critics here that this is hardly the first time Germany shows such a lack of, what shall we call it, "memorial sensitivity" maybe?

Look at the role Germany played in the destruction of Yugoslavia. One could have imagined that having put a regime such as Pavelic's Ustashe in power (a regime I would argue was even worse the Nazi Germany!), Germans might want to keep a tad lower profile in Yugoslavia. But no!

It seems that Germany and the Germans have fully and totally allocated their "memorial sensitivity" to Jews, Israel and the memory of what the Nazis did to the Jews of Europe and that any other German or Nazi crimes simply don't matter any more. So, even if we assume that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews (which is an outlandish, absolutely ridiculous figure!), this still means that they killed 3-4 times more Soviets (mostly Russians) during WWII. So why all that whining about murdered Jews and this deafening indifference towards murdered Russians or Serbs?

Could it be that there is a massive dose of hypocrisy at work here?

Mind you, I do not believe in collective guilt. Furthermore, I don't even believe that the Germans behaved more shamefully during WWII than the Soviets, the USA, the Brits or anybody else. These countries were all were ruled by genocidal regimes which by 1939 had killed more people than Hitler ever did. And even the conquered European nations were so full of willing collaborators that they also deserve to feel ashamed. With a few possible exceptions like the Roms or Liechtenstein, pretty much everybody behaved in a shameful way during WWII. So I am not singling out Germany or the German people. But what I am saying is that Prosvirnin has the moral right to his outrage and that those Germans who are offended by it might want to reflect on it's causes.

Okay, so maybe Prosvirnin has the moral right to his anger, but that hardly means that this anger is constructive. What about the risk of offending, alienating or otherwise inflaming anti-Russian feelings in Germany?

To this I will answer that trying it the "nice way" certainly did not put even a small dent in the German anti-Russian policies. In fact, Putin did very calmly and respectfully speak to the German people earlier this year, but with the notable exception of a few heroic figures, most Germans just did not seem to care for what he had to say. And on a more individual level, there have been numerous articles, analyses and appeals published in Russia and elsewhere showing that Russia and Germany are natural allies (or should be), that Germany has nothing to gain by allying itself to Ukie Nazis or the AngloZionists. Numerous Russians have placed their hopes into somehow driving a wedge between Germany and the USA and finally getting Germany to develop some kind of independent foreign policy. And the results of all these nice and friendly appeals? *Nothing*. Nothing at all. 

So why in the world would Germans expect all Russians to continue to be friendly, non-hostile, non-inflammatory, constructive, polite and respectful?!

So maybe it is high time for a good, strong, slap in the face?
Then comes the last argument: the German people are opposed to the US colonial regime in power (aka the German government). Is this not a bad thing for Russia if the German people become offended and alienated?

No. Not in the least.

For one thing, if the action (or lack thereof) of the German public today is indicative of what a non-offended and non-alienated German general public acts like, then who in Russia should give a damn about it anyway? It is not only Germany, by the way. The proud European people are all acting like zombies, like robots, like automatons which have fully accepted the state propaganda and who are now stuck in a drunken russophobic stupor.

There is a Nazi regime in power in a major European country, it is clearly and unambiguously racist and illegal, it is using ballistic missiles against its own people, and it has caused the biggest movement of refugees since WWII, and yet the European general public does not seem to give a damn. Sure, like during WWII, there is a small percentage of heroic man and women who resist like Sophie Scholl or Jean Moulin did. Today, this means fighting the information war and protesting by all possible means against the actions of the regimes in power. And unlike Scholl or Moulin, those who resist today in the EU don't even risk their lives, and yet there are so few - most do not care.

Until Russia imposed her own sanctions against the EU's agriculture.

Then, suddenly, politicians in Austria, France, Finland and elsewhere grew a conscience, literally overnight, and now they want dialog and say that confrontation is unproductive. Better late then never I guess.

All this is to say that if I don't necessarily agree with every word Egor Prosvirnin wrote and if I myself would have said it differently, I strongly believe that his message of anger and total disgust is absolutely appropriate and that those who don't like what they read better get used to it, as there will be a lot more coming out of Russia, possibly even more angry and more disgusting.

Like many key things in life, respect is earned. It cannot be demanded. And yes, Prosvirnin clearly has no more respect for the EU than Victoria Nuland.

Why should they?  Why should anybody?

The Saker