Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meet Irina Farion, the very official defender of Ukie "kulture"

A while ago I promised to describe more of the freaks in Kiev but never had the time to do so.  Today, I got an email from a friend "AK" who send me a video which I had seen a long time ago but which somebody had the good idea to subtitle into English.

Meet Irina Farion, the crazy witch of the Ukie nationalist camp, the female counterpart of Oleg Liashko, and every bit as fake and nasty as he is.

Like so many Ukie nationalists, in a not too distant past Mrs Farion used to be a doubleplusgoodthinking and loyal member of the CPSU.  Then, with the winds of change, she followed the example of another great Ukie turncoat - Leonid Kravchuk -  re-designed herself as a virulent nationalist.  See for yourself the kind of stuff she became famous for:

And, as the video indicates, she is currently not in an insane asylum, but a bigshot in the Ukie junta.

When I look at the freaks in power in Kiev, I simply cannot understand how the western plutocrats can live with themselves.  I must be very naive.


The Saker