Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What is "Banderastan"?

I have coined the word "Banderastan" to refer to the rump-Ukraine currently controlled by the Nazi junta in Kiev.  The term, of course, is a reference to the Ukie "hero" Stepan Bandera combined with the Persian suffix "stan" which means "land of".  Of course, in reality, rump-Ukraine (that is the Ukraine as it was between 1991 and 2014 minus Crimea and minus the Donbass) is not controlled by the junta and its correct designation should really be "US/NATO occupied Ukraine".  But by calling it "Banderastan" I also refer to the uniquely Ukrainian ideological madness which gravitates around the cult of Stepan Bandera and the ideology of hate and self-worship which it conveys.  I have written enough about this rabid form of nationalism before, so today I want to illustrate less noticed aspect of this ideology: its sheer psychopathology.

Check out the following video.  It was jointly produced by the Creative agency Adventa LOWE, ADV Group Ukraine and the production studio LimeLite for the 23rd celebraton of the Ukraine's Independence Day.  The message at the end simply says "The Ukraine is hardened to pain".  And this is supposed to be a patriotic, inspiring, clip.  This is how the creators explained their goals:
The goal of the team is to encourage the (Ukrainian) people and show their love for their country. Because over the past 10 months, the Ukraine has experienced so much, that would be enough for ten years and ten states. Therefore, the authors would like to honor a difficult path that the country is facing today, and leave an optimistic message for all Ukrainians.
Please note that the design, the pattern, which you see the person shown in the movie stitching on himself is a typical Ukrainian decorative pattern usually seen on a traditional Ukrainian shirt called a vyshivanka. Now see the video for yourself:

The first scary thing in this video is that the pain is clearly and unambiguously self-inflicted.  Second, that this pain is clearly an integral part of the aesthetic appeal of the clip along with the music and the trance-like dance.  Far from showing it as something disgusting (like self-mutilation is), this clip glorifies as beautiful and noble self-inflicted pain.  Frankly, in a happy and hedonistic society which is bored out of its mind and seeks some extreme emotions form piercing, this would really be no big deal.  But in a country torn apart by a vicious and bloody civil war, this king of glorification of pain as some kind of part of the national ethos is scary.

And make no mistake.  Behind all the agencies which produced the clip stand the regime.  This is quite easy to show.  The actor in the clip, Mikhail Gavrilyuk, is well-known for his participation in junta-backed disinformation campaigns and this clip is the junta's idea of something like a "patriotic public service announcement".  Scary, scary shit...

No wonder the folks of Novorussia want absolutely nothing to do with these freaks and their Banderastani ideology.  Can you imagine what any mentally sane person would feel when these freaks show up in their village and declare that henceforth they are the "authorities"?

I would most definitely grab my AK and also join the Resistance.

The Saker