Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Debunking the nonsense about the upcoming "final" negotiations between the Israelis and their Palestinian puppets

According to the BBC:
"Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will aim to reach a "final status" agreement over the next nine months to end their long conflict, the US secretary of state has said. John Kerry said another meeting between the two sides would be held in either Israel or the Palestinian territories in the next two weeks. This, he said, would begin the process of formal negotiations.  Mr Kerry said "all issues" would be on the table for discussion.  "They are on the table with one simple goal: a view to ending the conflict, ending the claims."
Over the past 20 years we heard the same grand declarations over and over and over again.  Remember the Madrid Conference (1991)? The Oslo Accords (1993)? The Camp David Summit (2000)?  The Taba Summit (2001)? The Road Map For Peace (2002)? The Arab Peace Initiative (2002-2007)?  They *all* failed, none of them yielded any tangible result.  So why would anybody put any hope at all in the latest "final" talks?!  What, if anything, has changed recently?

Actually, something did change: the Palestinian leadership in essence committed a "strategic suicide" when it decided to side with the USA and Israel and against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.  This betrayal of those who for years supported the Palestinian struggle at great cost for themselves will go down in history as an act of truly unparalleled infamy.  It was also just about the dumbest thing the Palestinians could have done.  Sure, siding with Saddam Hussein in 1991 was dumb enough, but to side with the US, Israel and the Gulf Fat Cats who have been financing the war against Syria will also go down in history as an act of truly unparalleled stupidity.

Abba Eban supposedly once said "the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity".   He might have been understating the problem.  It appears to me that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to make the wrong choice and side with the wrong party.  As a result, all the current Palestinian organizations, with the notable exception of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine (IJMP), have now become puppets in the hands of the Zionists.  This is why the US is now feeling that the time has come to try to obtain some kind of "final agreement": the Palestinians have *already* comprehensively surrendered to the Zionists.

So what could happen at these negotiations?

Well, let's first look at what will not happen.  What will not happen is the creation of two states separated by the 1967 borders.  The main reason why this will not happen is not even that the Israelis have exactly *zero* incentive to make any concessions, the main reason why this will not happen is simply because it is impossible.  Physically impossible.  Impossible because the West Bank is not full of Israeli enclaves which have permeated it like metastasized cancer invades an organ.  No country can be made of many small parts separated by highways, concertina wires, many small walls and one big Wall.  At this point in time, the various chunks of territory which would be left to the Palestinians would not even be worthy of being called Bantustans.  You think I am exaggerating?  Check out this map and see for yourself:
But it's not just the Zionists metastasizes which make a Palestinian state impossible.  Even if the Jews withdrew from the West Bank (which they won't), they would give it exactly the same degree of "independence" as what they gave to Gaza: zero.  Didn't do them much good in Gaza,  but they would also attempt to "remote control" the West Bank from outside.

Furthermore, in order to reach a settlement, the two parties would have to engage in lengthy negotiations on each of the crucial points.  However, it is no great secret that you do never want to negotiate from a position of weakness.  And yet, once these negotiations will begin, the Palestinians will be negotiating not from a position of weakness, but from a position of irrelevance.  Yes, that's right.  The Palestinians have made themselves irrelevant.  Think for yourself: what kind of arguments could the Palestinians bring to the table?  What promise?  What concession?  What implied threat?  That's right: nothing.

At this point in time both Fatah and Hamas are de-facto controlled financially by the Gulf States and politically by the USA.  Worse, Abbas - who is supposed to represent the Palestinian people - has *zero* legitimacy (his mandate has long expired).  Egypt, which had the potential of being a crucial ally for the Palestinians is busy sliding into a civil war in which both sides are skillfully manipulated by the same Gulf States and the USA.  Kind Abdullah II of Jordan is a total US lackey and nobody in the wider Arab or Muslim world will do anything meaningful to help the Palestinians.  As for those who could have meaningfully support the Palestinians (Iran, Syria and Hezbollah), the Palestinians have back-stabbed them (I think of Hezbollah and Iranian trained Palestinian units fighting on the side of al-Qaeda/al-Nusra in Syria).

Sure, Iran and, to a lesser extend, Syria and Hezbollah will continue to provide some forms of help to the Palestinians, if only because they support the Palestinian people themselves.  I suppose that they will try to get most of that aid to the IJMP, but at least at this moment in time, the IJMP is too small and still too weak to really make a difference.  Besides, by virtue of not being a puppet of the US CIA the IJMP is also not an acceptable "partner" for any US sponsored "negotiations" (the Americans only negotiate with their own puppets, hence all the "pre-conditions" to any US sponsored/approved "negotiations").

So what will the upcoming "negotiations" be about?

They will be about how much Abbas can overtly give up without triggering an insurrection by his own people.  This is really crucial: as long as Abbas can pretend to be negotiating for some kind "final settlement" with the Israelis, and as long as the details of this final settlement remains amorphous, the Palestinian elites can continue pretending like there is something to be gained by negotiating.  But if Abbas openly and comprehensively caves in to Israeli demands, then the corrupt and wealthy elites of Ramallah and Nablus will risk facing a popular revolt.  So keeping up the fiction of negotiations is crucial to maintain the current Palestinian power structure in power.

What about the Israelis, what do they want?

Basically, they want all the land, just enough Palestinians to serve as a cheap work force (slaves), and enough Gulf money to pay the Palestinians to shut up and not cause any further trouble.  Most of that, they already have.  What they don't have and still want is some kind of international recognition and acceptance of the current situation: just like nobody seriously pesters US diplomats or businessmen with the fate of Native Americans (Indians), the Israelis don't want to be constantly pestered about the Palestinian issue.  What they want is just turn the page and let's get on with business as usual.

Needless to say, the Israelis probably understand that the Palestinian people will not just vanish into thin air with a "pop!" nor will they all agree to live in exile.  They probably suspect that by the time they realize that their own elites sold them out to the Israelis, there will be some kind of reaction, probably a violent one.  But when that happens, the Israelis will be able to wave the "final" agreements of 2013 or 2014 and say that "all parties", including "all" the Palestinian factions (except, o f course, for the ones labeled as "terrorists" such as the IJMP), the Quartet on the Middle-East, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation had accepted this *final* agreement that there was nothing left to negotiate.  At which point they will unleash the usual Jewish bloodbath against the resisting Palestinians but, this time, with the blessing of the so-called "international community".  From the Israeli point of view, any "final" agreement will thus be a license to kill.

Again, it did not have to be that way.  Some Fatah factions and Hamas definitely had the potential of turning into a meaningful resistance against the Zionist occupation of Palestine.  Sadly, however, the Palestinians did it to themselves by their betrayal of the other members of the Resistance.  Now there will be A LOT of very bad "karma" to pay for that betrayal.

Does that mean that the future has not hope for the Palestinian people?  Maybe, but not necessarily.

The good news for the Palestinians is that their current "enemies" - Iran, Syria and Hezbollah - are going nowhere and, in fact, there is a very good chance that the Syrian government will prevail in the current war.  Such a "victory", even if relative, will immensely strengthen Syria and Hezbollah and it will further strengthen the international position of Iran and even Russia (though the Russians really don't care much about the Palestinians, their concern if far more for the Syrians and, even more so, for Iran).  Furthermore, sooner or later the Palestinian people will come to their senses and understand that they have been conned by their own elites and that their only real allies are Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.  If such a realization comes to them at a time when the US Empire will be even weaker than it is today and/or at a time when the al-Qaeda Wahabi-types will begin to seriously threaten the Gulf monarchies (say as a backlash to a lost war in Syria), there is a real change that a meaningful Palestinian resistance will begin to slowly reassemble itself, but around a different ideology (not the corrupt pseudo nationalism of Fatah or the reactionary Islamism of Hamas) and, of course, completely different leaders.  I don't know that this will happen, but I want to believe that this is still possible.

The other good news for the Palestinians is that the existence of a state based on a theocratic pseudo-democracy focused on an overtly racist world view with strong elements of self-worship is not just a Palestinian problem, or even a Middle-Eastern problem.  Its a world-wide problem.  Anybody doubting this should ask himself was a country whose nuclear deterrence policy is centered around the Sampson Option is working on increasing the range of its nuclear weapons far beyond the limits of the Middle-East.  The answer is self-evident: if the "Jewish state of Israel" should ever fall, it will take a maximal number of goyim with it.  And that is, of course, a planetary problem (I would also add that the very existence of an overtly racist state is also a disgrace for all of mankind).

Just like Wahhabism, Rabbinical Judaism (which should really be called Rabbinical Phariseism since all the modern forms of "Judaism" are really the direct descendant of the Sect of the Pharisees as described in the New Testament) and modern Zionism (which, unlike its historical early form, has now turned into a secular version of Phariseism) are religions based on hatred of the "other".  These are ideologies/worldviews which neatly breaks up all of mankind into two categories: the chosen ones and the hated ones.  The Wahabis see themselves as the only real Muslims and everybody else, including all other non-Wahabi Muslims, as Kufar (unbelievers) while Pharisees see themselves as the only "humans" and everybody else as semi-beasts with a hatred for Jews deeply embedded in their DNA (that is their cop-out explanation for what they call "Antisemitism").  The Wahabis want to kill all the "others" while the Pharisees want to subjugate them all and, I kid you not, even "fix" creation.

Now, not to sound like Dubya, but I would strongly suggest that no form of peaceful coexistence is possible with these two ideologies.  Remember, we are dealing with folks who sincerely believe that they have a God-ordained mission to either convert all of mankind or subjugate it.  Departing from such a mission is, in the minds of these people, a form of apostasy and both religions consider apostasy as a capital crime.  Therefore, this combination of 1) a "mandate from God Himself" and 2) a mission to transform all of mankind by logical necessity creates what can only be considered as an existential threat for all of mankind.  Simply put: regardless of what "we" (all other "others) do or do not do, these folks (the Wahabis and the Pharisees) will not leave us alone.  Ever.

As long as these sick ideologies were confined to a small section of the Arabian desert or a few small shtetls in Eastern Europe their existence was really no big deal.  I mean - really - how many evil crackpots and sick ideologies has this planet seen since the dawn of mankind?  Lots! And most of them remained within very local confines and only affected their immediate vicinity.  In our case, however, we have to add a third component which make both Wahabism and Rabbinical Phariseism such existential threats to the rest of mankind: both of these ideologies have now metastasized  far beyond their initial confines and they now have an undeniable world-wide reach.  Of course, this was unfortunately made possible by the crucial role of the United States which saw both of these forces as playing a crucial, albeit different, role in its plans for global domination of the planet.

What all this means for the Palestinians is that pretty much regardless of what they will do, their enemy - the Zionists - is literally constantly generating its own antithesis (in a dialectical sense) in a never-ending process: the more powerful the Zionists become, the more powerful the resistance against them becomes (and herein, of course, lies to real cause of "Antisemitism" in human history).  It might take a long time, but sooner or later mankind will firmly and resolutely "push-back" against this evil.  And both Islam and Christianity teach that when eventually some form of evil (we do not know for sure which form this will be, a current one or a yet unknown one) will succeed in subduing the entire planet, then Christ Himself will return to save mankind.

Whatever may be the case, the Zionist regime which is currently "occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time" (to quote Ayatollah Khomeini) and will be replaced by some kind of non-racist state of its citizens.  In other words, the liberation of Palestine is inevitable.  The problem is that as a consequence of the Palestinian betrayal of the Resistance this might take much, much longer that one could have hoped for.

For the time being all what we will see is this: in the short term  US-sponsored pseudo-negotiations to formally legalize all the illegal land grab made by the Zionists in Palestine and in the longer term the granting to the Zionists of a license to kill anybody opposed to this legalization.  That's it.  And if even that fails, the Israelis will yet again have an opportunity to say that they made some great offers which the Palestinians refused.  That too is a license to kill.

The much advertised "final status" is really a "final solution".  Everybody knows it, but nobody dares to openly say it.

The Saker

"Barbie Breakout" takes a stand on the rights of Russian homosexuals

This is great stuff!  First, check this out:

And then, if you wonder how "Barbie Breakout" got "its" looks, here is "Barbie" "itself" showing you "its" tricks (German audio only, but who cares?)

Amazing, no?

I really wonder if creatures like "Barbie Breakout" have any idea what kind of effects "its" videos have on the Russian public opinion.

Probably not.  LOL!

The Saker

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My hypothesis as to why three FBI agents ended up murdering Ibragim Todashev

RT TV is getting better and better, mostly thanks to the truly excellent reporters they hire. And no, I don't mean Larry King (Larry King Now), though hiring him was a nice PR coup, but rather folks like Peter Lavelle (Cross Talk) and Abby Martin (Breaking the Set) who talk to the right people and ask the right questions. This time, I want to draw your attention to a most interesting interview of Reni Manukian, the wife of Ibragim Todashev, the Chechen young man recently murdered by three FBI agents in Orlando Florida (usually I would put a link to the Wikipedia article about Todashev here, but in this case the article is so full of lies and crude propaganda that I will use the "least bad" English source I could find, the Orlando Sentinel).  First, listen to that most interesting interview:

Amazing, no?  There are all the signs of a (botched!) cover-up and practically nobody cares (except the ACLU).  Why?  Is it because it is "well-known" that "all Chechens are terrorists"?

In fact, the case of the Tsarnaev brothers and Todashev could not be more different.  If the Tsarnaev brother had, indeed, been flagged by the Russian security services as linked to Islamist terrorist groups, the Todashev family is well-known in Grozny and several of its members are public officials.  In fact, the Todashev family was anything but linked to any terrorist groups.  So what happened?

Here is my personal guess:

Both the Tsarnaev brothers and Todashev were involved in mixed martial arts.  For Chechens, this is about as original, as playing basket-ball for Americans.  This is not some sign of  some "aggressive disposition" or an indicator that one is about to become a terrorist.  The Caucasus has a long and proud tradition of marital arts (mostly wrestling, but also Russian Sambo) and training in an MMA gym is basically a manly way to say fit.

It appears that Todashev met Tsarnaev at a gym in Boston and that the two became not friends, but acquaintances.  Again, this is hardly surprising, MMA fighters are mostly friendly people and two exiled Chechens would easily spot each other and exchange a few nice words.  I would argue that the fact that Todashev and Tsarnaev clearly came from two opposite sides of the Chechen ideological divide would indicate that they probably never had any serious conversations, much less so about politics.

Then there are the accusations that Todashev was a violent character because in a road-rage incident he was heard screaming "'You say something about my mother, I will kill you!'" and because he got into a fight with two men over a parking space.

Reni Manukian and Ibragim Todashev before their marriage
Let me break you the news: you do not tell any man from the Caucasus that he is a "motherfucker", that *can* get you killed.  This does not at all mean that the Caucasian men is particularly violent, it just means that for the people of the Caucasus mothers and motherhood are sacred. Of course, in a society where nothing at all is sacred, the very concept of "sacred" is hard to comprehend.  As for the second incident, it just goes to show that a Chechen young man will not hesitate to fight against two other guys.  So what?!  These are *Chechens* for heaven's sake!  Not only to they take some insults very seriously, they also consider it an absolute dishonor to run away even if the other side has the advantage in numbers.  In my opinion, these incidents show nothing besides maybe a lack of cultural understanding on the part of Todashev: somebody should have explained to him that Americans can spend 20 minutes screaming "fuck you motherfucker!!" at each other - practically nose to nose - without exchanging a single blow.

So what happened with the FBI agents?

I suspect something similar.  The agents probably showed up full of themselves, aggressive, filled to the brim with unspent testosterone.  It is most likely that these boneheads believed that "Chechens are terrorists" and that they did not like Todashev one bit.  Why?  Because being a Chechen Todashev probably did not show them the typical submissive and demure attitude these FBI agents are used to get from their compatriots.  He probably denied knowing anything and when they "put on the pressure" as they are used to, he probably showed them a great deal of disrespect.  At which point one of the agents apparently decided to punch him which, instead of terrifying Todashev, probably resulted in him immediately striking back after which the terrified FBI agents all pulled their guns and shot Todashev in a mix of terror and outrage at his insubordination.

What about Todashev's knee?  Could he have punched an FBI agent even though he was absolutely sure that with his sick knee he would never overpower three FBI agents?  Of course!  The condition of his knee does prove that his body was no "deadly weapon" but it most definitely does not prove that Todashev would not fight back if punched.  Again, this guy is Chechen and it is very much in the Chechen national culture and ethos not to accept violence or abuse without fighting back.  A man's honor means much more to them than the consequences of getting beat up or even killed.

I see no signs of a big mystery or conspiracy around Todashev's death.  What we have is an example of what happens when poorly educated and boneheaded FBI thugs are trusted with a mission requiring not machismo or intimidation, but a basic understanding of the culture of the subject to be interviewed.  All the rest is just a typical case of American SNAFU/FUBAR featuring a clumsy cover-up and a constantly changing official narrative.

This is still an absolutely unacceptable outrage: an innocent man was murdered by FBI officials because of his ethnicity and their lack of culture.  Even if every single word I have written above is 100% wrong, the fact remains that the official narrative admits that three (or more?) specially trained FBI agents for the Counter-Terrorism division could not handle a single limping young man and had to shoot him seven times to subdue him.  This is absolutely and self-evidently ridiculous.   I am happy to see that the mostly "sleepy" ACLU has finally decided to take on this case and demand some answers.  Let's just hope that the ACLU and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will have the staying power to demand a full investigation and that they will not be bullied by Uncle Sam into giving up.

The Saker

Saturday, July 27, 2013

What basic logic suggests to me about the situation in Egypt

I was just listening to the latest news out of Egypt about the hundred or so people killed today and I kept wondering what kind of convoluted logic would be used to blame it on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).  And, sure enough, I heard one pundit saying that the demonstrators were responsible because they were not peaceful but armed.  Another commentator then admitted that holding the democratically elected president in jail was not an option and that new elections should be organized in which Morsi should be allowed to participate.

Does any of that look totally crazy to you or is that only me?

Honestly - I find no redeeming quality to the MB, nor do I want to see these guys in power in Egypt.  I dislike their ideology which I see as profoundly reactionary,  I don't like their leaders whom I see as irresponsible and, frankly, rather stupid, and categorically disagree with Sunni Islamists' stance on the war in Syria.

But for all my dislike for the MB, it is rather obvious to me that they simply cannot be blamed for the violence in Egypt.  Violence needs to be looked at two levels here: an individual one and a corporate one.  On an individual level I am sure that both pro and anti Morsi demonstrators have used violence, as did individual policemen and soldiers.  However, in this case the individuals are to be considered responsible - not the organizations they belong to.  But on the corporate level, the only ones who used violence are the coup leaders and the police.  As an organization the MB did not unleash the current wave of violence - the Army did - and at the most the MB can be accused of defending itself or responding to violence.

Furthermore, if the military and the police are the only one guilty of the corporate violence on an immediate level (i.e.: they directly engaged in it), on an formal level the cause of all the violence is the coup itself (they created the circumstances which made it all possible).

Considering the above, I am baffled to hear somebody suggest that new elections have to be organized.  Organized by whom?!  By the same military which is guilty of the current violence and the coup which preceded and triggered it?  And, if Morsi is allowed to run, will he do that from his jail cell?  Or will the MB be banned by the "democratic military" as a "terrorist organization"?!  Would it not be more logical to have the MB organize these elections and ban all the parties and political figures which supported the coup?  I know, just kidding.  But seriously - would that not be at least as logical.

As I said, I intensely dislike the MB and I really do not wish them well.  But I have to admit that if I was an Egyptian member of the MB I would have to come to the conclusion that the entire democratic process and ideology is, at best, a farce and, at worst, an evil and toxic lie and that real change in Egypt can only happen as a result of an armed insurrection followed by a *real* revolution, one which does not only remove puppets, but achieves an irreversible regime change.

Is that not the only logical conclusion?

This all reminds me of a poem by Bertold Brecht:

Die Lösung
Bertolt Brecht

Nach dem Aufstand des 17. Juni
Ließ der Sekretär des Schriftstellerverbands
In der Stalinallee Flugblätter verteilen
Auf denen zu lesen war, daß das Volk
Das Vertrauen der Regierung verscherzt habe
Und es nur durch verdoppelte Arbeit
Zurückerobern könne. Wäre es da
Nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung
Löste das Volk auf und
Wählte ein anderes?

The Solution
Bertolt Brecht

After the uprising of the 17th June
The Secretary of the Writer's Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?

(check here and here for historical context)

The Saker

Friday, July 26, 2013

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the annual Iftar dinner of the Women Committee of the "Islamic Resistance Support Organization"

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

First, I would like to welcome you all. I welcome all the honorable ladies and dear sisters. I thank you for this special and massive attendance every year on the Iftar dinner table of the Women's Committee in the Islamic Resistance Support Organization in Lebanon. I also would like to thank all the sisters who work in this struggling committee. I highly regard their efforts, industrious work, and special role they have been playing all through the past years to this day. This is always what is expected from you as you work with sincerity, honesty, faith, and seriousness.

After my salutation, I would like to thank you for your attendance. We have always expressed this attendance from the ladies and sisters as a show of support to the resistance on the moral, political, materialistic as well as on all levels. It is of utmost importance that the resistance be supported by its people and express their will and determination as well as their vision to defend their country, honor, capacities, and sovereignty. This resistance gained credibility by the people in Lebanon, the Arab world, the Islamic world, and also in many places in the world for many reasons and as a result of its sacrifices and steadfastness, and because it did not retreat or withdraw and because it was not defeated. It also gained credibility due to its achievements – its field and not vocal achievements – due to its victories. It is the resistance which has changed the game rules, flopped projects, and restored the land, captives, dignity, and Lebanese sovereignty. It also imposed for Lebanon an advanced position in the region as well as in regional formulas. Ladies and sisters! This resistance which you support will remain a thorn in the eyes of the Zionists and in the eyes of anyone who nurtures evil intentions towards Lebanon – our dear homeland.

Because this resistance has this attendance, this action, and this influence in regional formulas, it was and is still a Lebanese concern. On the internal level, there is always an argument over the resistance, the arms of the resistance, and the role of the resistance. The resistance is also an Arab, regional, and international concern regardless of it being a positive or a negative concern. It is a positive concern for those who believe in the resistance, support it, bet on it, pin their hopes on it, see the future in it, and consider it a source of power and pride for them. It is a negative concern for those who treat it as an enemy and consider it a threat to its expanding projects, occupation, hegemony, and domination. Thus when the resistance has such an impact, it is very natural that it gains all of this concern. It is because it is not marginal. It rather has all of this presence, action, and influence. Thus it is always targeted on all levels so as to be eliminated, crushed, and exterminated, as we said several nights ago. It is targeted on all levels whether on the military, security, existence, political, moral, psychological, social, cultural levels….

Some of the moves or decisions which we will handle tonight might not have influences which are more than moral or psychological at some times.

Well, it is natural that this present, active resistance be targeted.

Hereof, I would like to usher into the topic that imposes itself on me tonight. Indeed, I was planning to tackle other topics. However, after it was announced that the EU had taken a decision to put what they called Hezbollah military wing on the terrorist list or to categorize it as a terrorist organization, it became impossible to tackle any other topic. Anyway, what I will say tonight connotes some of the concepts I wanted to mention tonight on this blessed night of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

This decision was announced in the media as is known. No official statement was made yet to express exactly this decision and its whereas, bases, motives, evidences, and logic. So far it is still mere predictions, analyses, and suppositions. As usual, we will tackle this development according to an ordered outline.

First: Pursuant to our conventions in the resistance and based on our proprieties, we must thank all the presidents and political and religious leaderships, personalities, sides, parties and forces which objected on and condemned this decision. Such stances were abundant in Lebanon, and we will see and witness many of these kind, national, and faithful stances in the days to come. In fact, it was expected and logical that they take such stances and condemn and object on the decision especially that many of these leaderships stood by our side in such days during July War when we were bombed, shelled and threatened of being crushed. They shared our choice; they had our national stance. The statements they issued comprised just a couple of lines on a piece of paper; however, they have their value which I will talk about. This was very logical and expected.

Second: Frankly speaking, we in Hezbollah were not surprised by the decision. We were expecting it since a long time. It was weird that it came too late as here they were always working and seeking the issuance of such a stance by the EU.

Third: I do not need to analyze or predict. The Israelis have talked frankly – this is for all who had listened yesterday and the day before and will listen tomorrow and the day after – that this decision comes as a result of "diplomatic" efforts. Keep the term diplomatic between two parentheses as we recall Netanyahu days ago rebuking and insulting the Europeans because they haven't yet taken and issued such a stance. This is what they call diplomatic efforts. It is clear that the Israelis viewed this decision as a victory for them and they rejoiced ultimately with it. Here I would like to tell some of the Lebanese who want to express their joy anywhere in Lebanon to hide their joy so that they won't be expressing their joy as Netanyahu is doing. The Israelis however had greater expectations and endeavors which mount to blacklisting Hezbollah as a whole. However, the innovation of the military wing and the political wing was made by the English. They are the ones who usually find such ways out. The course of events and the given assert that Israel along with the United States had exerted great efforts and practiced pressure on the EU member states to take such a position. So this does not need much reasoning or inquiries to prove that the Israelis stand behind this decision. It is they who are saying so.

Now the Americans are with them for sure. Some of the Europeans were much interested, and following the developments in the region some of the Arabs intervened also and pushed in that direction. All of that would be clear by and by. However, for sure, the form, content, background, and motive of the decision are Israeli and serve the interest of Israel.

Fourth: The course of discussion in the EU, the consultations, and the contacts that used to take place over months and years assert that Europe was forced and not convinced to take this decision. In fact this is what makes things worse. This is my evidence on the conclusion I will make. At times a group of countries is convinced and thus it takes a decision based on its convictions. Then you may say they are misled. However what is worse is that 28 countries are forced to take this decision. Some of these countries consider themselves essential in this world for the US and the Israeli administration. The proof is that when this issue used to be evoked they never used to reach anywhere. Why didn't they reach a result?

If there is logic, evidence, proof and a stance of this kind on which they depend, the decision would not have taken years or even months to be taken. Then this means that among the European Union, there are member states which used to consider that such a decision has no evidence and is illogical and illegal; however, they were subject to pressure and threat and after all submitted to these threats.

Because we are before the European Union which is submitting and yielding to the US and Israeli will, I never felt for one moment that this decision is independently European. It was rather dictated on the Europeans - if you agree with me.

Perhaps some countries – such as England - agree and are convinced as they always fall in tune with the US-Israeli project.

Moreover, the decision of categorizing the resistance as a terrorist group does not get along with the values and principles Europe talk about. This too is not in accord with its interests.

Well, let's keep the values and principles aside. If we took interests into consideration, it is clear that some wanted to hurl the European states into a struggle that serves their interests and not the interests of the Europeans states. It is Israel which is hurling the EU and exploiting it.

What is the interest of the European states in antagonizing a resistance which has its great influence in Lebanon and the region and is vastly supported in the Arab and Islamic arena? What is its interest?

What is the interest of these European states which voted for a stance or a decision of this kind?

At least tell us the principles, values and law you resorted to in taking such a decision. Nobody has told us anything of this sort so far. We make assumptions; you can make assumptions. At times, it has to do with a definite operation abroad; at times it has to do with Hezbollah's intervention in Syria; at times it has to do with so and so. Let them tell us what their logic is so that we discuss it with them.

Tonight I do not want to take your time in discussing assumptions. There are many assumptions which are being evoked. Let's wait for some time. It was said that within days the official statement will be issued. Let's see if in the statement there are evidence and logic. On light of that statement, evidence and logic, we will see if this decision gets along with their values and principles or not.

Anyway, the modern historic conduct at least asserts that the EU stance is not does not controlled by values and principles. The evidence is: Why don't you categorize Israel as a terrorist state and blacklist it? Why don't you put the military wing in Israel – i.e. the Israeli Army - on the terrorist list while you Europeans acknowledge that Israel is occupying Arab territories in the West Bank and in Golan? You also had a draft that has to do with settling in the West Bank and with buying the products of the settlements and settlers and the like while you acknowledge that the Israeli Army is occupying territories and that Israel has not been implementing international resolutions for decades. The whole world bear witness of that. There is no need for investigations. Watch on TV screens the Israeli massacres in Jenin, in the West Bank, in Gaza Strip, and in Lebanon in April 1996 and in July 2006. Well aren't those who kill, commit massacres, occupy the territories of others, displace a whole people from their territories, prevent an entire people from returning to their territories and homeland, and confiscate their properties, a military wing and a terrorist state?

So for sure the issue is not controlled by values and principles; it is rather subject to interests and pressures.

Well, this is our evaluation of the European stance. Let's talk a bit about the value of this decision and its impact and repercussions and where it will lead to and consequently, how we will deal with it.

First, the value of the decision is moral in the first place. Thus I first talked about the resistance being targeted not only on the security and military levels, but also on the political and moral levels.

Yes, its value is moral, political, and psychological. What does that mean? Indeed, we will not get along with this categorization. It is clear that the resistance is meant by it. They are saying that the Lebanese resistance is a terrorist organization. This is what they mean.

Well, there were in this country and are still fighters who confronted the Israeli occupation which occupied almost half of Lebanon and fought the occupation. They fought faithfully. They bore much pain and many consequences. Many of them fell as martyrs. Many of them were wounded. Thousands of them were hurled in detention centers and prisons and spent their youth in prisons and detentions centers. They could restore the land to its owners, the dignity to this people, and sovereignty to this homeland. They still hold their arms to ward every conqueror, every aggressor, and every offender off their country, their people, their sovereignty, and their dignity. Here you are calling these fighters who are the sons of this people and who are embraced by their families and people as terrorists! This is an insult. This is something very bad for the fighters who are accused of terrorism, for their people who are a part of them and who embrace them, for their country, and for their governments too. You are saying that you respect governments. The successive governments used to support the resistance in their statements in various terms the latest of which is the army-people-resistance formula.

So this is an insult to Lebanon, the Lebanese government, and the Lebanese people and not only to the resistance fighters.

Well, we view this as an insult. However, let's be clear. Here I am telling you all: This insult will not harm our morals as long as it has to do with the moral dimension. For over thirty years, these fighters have been offended. They were accused and placed on US, Canadian, Dutch terrorist lists. It is among the consequences and the sacrifices of defending your country, people, dignity, sovereignty, and honor. As being killed, or having a dear one killed, or being wounded, or having your home demolished, or being displaced from you house, or having your properties, stores and fields ruined are part of the consequences, being offended, accused, or insulted are other consequences. This exists since the resistance existed. Thus I do not believe that this insult will harm the morals of the resistance fighters at all. In fact, these countries had offended themselves and their principles, interests, and sovereignty too when they submitted to the will of the Americans and the Israelis more than they had offended the resistance. This is the scope in which we see the issue as far as the moral dimension is concerned.

Second, this is dangerous. It is legal but it is dangerous. From which perspective it is dangerous? These states must know and their ambassadors in Lebanon must report to them – indeed they are reporting to them one way or another – that they are granting Israel a legal cover for any aggression against Lebanon. That's because as such Israel is able to say that it is leading a war against terrorism. We are waging a war against a terrorist side. We are shelling terrorist posts and destroying terrorist institutions. Consequently, these states are making themselves a full accomplice in any Israeli aggression against Lebanon or the resistance or any target for the resistance in Lebanon. That's because they have offered a cover – though the Israelis do not need this cover. They are offering a free service. Israel does not need this cover but they are offering it this cover.

I also would like to say that this will not harm our will though the EU member states are offering a legal cover to Israel now. That's all the previous wars which were waged in the past gained such a cover one way or another. That was whether through remaining silent or through attaining such a cover or support or the like. Under all conditions, you still remember and we are now recalling the days of July war. Together we used to remain steadfast and resist – everyone from his position whether military, political or social. Not only Europe was with Israel; rather over 90% of the world was with Israel. Still it could not defeat Lebanon or the resistance in Lebanon or the people in Lebanon.

Third: It might be said that this European stance has its consequences and repercussion and soon they will confiscate the money of the so called military wing, confiscate their properties and deposits. They will not grant them visas or allow them to partake in conferences or the like.

The jokes which were circulated in these couple of days on communication networks to this effect are enough: We are displeased. This year we will not spend our summer vacation in Sardinia or whatsoever. There is nothing of this sort. In fact, we are national even in this perspective too. We spend our vacations either in the south, or in Bekaa or in Mount Liban. We do not need your visas. We do not have deposits in European banks or in any bank abroad. Even in Lebanon we are not able to put our money in banks because they fear the Americans. We do not have money as a party, as officials, or as resistance fighters. We do not have money.

So what are the repercussions of this decision from this perspective? Some people will talk about besieging the party economically and financially and the like. There is nothing of this sort. Anyway, since a long time and day after day it is being asserted that if you want to stand in face of Israel, Israel's project, and Israel's greedy schemes, you – as a resistance - must not have any economic project in the world. You must not deposit money in any bank in the world – that is if you own money or possessions. That's because the world which embraces Israel will one day confiscate this money.

Anyway, on this occasion and because the Resistance Support Organization is concerned in financial support, I would like to reiterate that we do not have economic or investing projects in Lebanon or abroad. Well yes we have service projects. However, we do not have projects that bring in profits and money. I will even make use of this occasion to tell the Lebanese that if anyone tells you that I have a commercial project in which he invested a capital and ask you to share with him or partake with him claiming that its returns are for the party or the party has a share in it, be sure that he is a liar. That's because some confusions used to take place to this effect in the past.

We do not have any commercial project or investing project or economic project whether in Lebanon or abroad.

We have some money from you and from the good people in the world. We fight and confront our enemy with this money and with our capabilities and faith. So after all this decision does not have any consequences or repercussions.

Fourth: We want to examine the influence of decision on Lebanon as a country, as a state, as a government, and as an economy. Yesterday, European delegations in Lebanon tried to reduce the influence of the decision saying that the support to Lebanon would go on, financial support would carry on as well as Europe's interest in Lebanon's stability. I call for contemplation as far as this point is concerned. I mean that we can't say there is nothing at all, and at the same time we can't over exaggerate the issue. For days by now some members in March 14 Bloc have been over exaggerating the impact of the decision on Lebanon in a remarkable extraordinary way. The Europeans are saying they will go on supporting Lebanon on the financial, stability and political level adding that they want a government and they will not veto anyone, while these March 14 members say the country is lost and ruined "because of you". This is an inappropriate exploitation of the decision.

As far as the influence of the European decision on Lebanon as a state and as an economy is concerned, let's say this needs examination, contemplation, and inquiry. This indeed is everyone's responsibility. On light of such scrutiny, we would see what is the procedure and stance to be taken.

I still have a couple of words to the European Union and the Lebanese internal.

I tell the European Union: Every decision usually has a goal. The goal of the decision you took is clear. Its goal is to make us submit, retreat, regress, hesitate, and feel worried and frightened. Here I am telling you: You will not gain from this decision but failure and disappointment. You will gain nothing else. Misled and ignorant is whoever believes that the resistance which was confronting like these days the strongest army in the region all through 33 days while bleeding would submit under the effect of such an absurd decision.

This decision can't achieve any of its goals. Thus we call on them to take back this mistake. We do not like them to go on this mistake. The officials in Lebanon are calling on them to reconsider this decision. That's great. We too call on them to go back on this mistake because it won't lead anywhere.

Anyway, our stance from this decision is what we said on May 25th, 2000. Here I will repeat what I said resorting to this colloquial proverb: Let them infuse this decision and drink its water.

My word to the Lebanese internal is as follows: In the past couple of days, we have read statements, analyses, and stances for some political forces in the other party. I have previously called some days ago for appeasement and against going into arguments with anyone. Consequently, I will remain calm, and I will not make an argument. Thus I will not comment on the content of their words or on their background or repercussions.

I only want to tell these sides: You won't be able to exploit this decision in Lebanese political considerations. So let none of you think of seeking the opportunity to isolate or besiege us. Imagine that yesterday some were saying that the decision asserts that the government must be formed without Hezbollah. This is at a time the Europeans themselves are saying that they have no problem should Hezbollah partake in the government! You see they are becoming more royal than the king. This is how things go in Lebanon. They are more royal than the king. Well they are making the decision bear what it can't bear as far as this point is concerned.

Here I am telling them: No for internal exploitation. The post EU decision era is the same as the pro EU decision era. On the internal level, the formula is still the same. The size of the forces is known, and the composition is known; thus nothing will change.

Indeed, I won't take much of your time. This is after all an Iftar dinner and people want to go back to their homes. However, I would like to say this nice joke. I was thinking of making this suggestion on my brethrens as it is logical that the government won't be formed without Hezbollah. This is not because we are eager to partake in the government. This is not the case. This is true for reasons there is no time now to explain. However, jokingly I will say – though I disagree on such separation or division – that I suggest that our ministers in the upcoming Lebanese government be from the military wing of Hezbollah! This will be convenient and helpful too!

Thus here I am telling you not to bet on this decision. Don't bet on exploiting it in the internal Lebanese formula. That will not lead anywhere. You will only be perpetrating another mistake or misconception to be added to your political mistakes and misconceptions which I do not need to reiterate.

Local considerations are different. Thus people are called on again to meet together and talk together, as I said in the previous meeting, to search for a way to form a political government which is able to protect Lebanon and lift Lebanon. My brother! If you do not want to address Lebanon's problems, at least defend or guard Lebanon in face of the storms – so it is not one storm – blowing around us in more than one Arab country and in the entire region. This is the responsibility of the Lebanese. Consequently, let's not carry on wasting our time. Let no one try to isolate the other, or evoke the other, or exploit a foreign stance.

Ladies and sisters! This resistance springs from its belief in Allah Al Mighty. It is convinced in the righteousness of its case and its path. It is based on the embrace of its people. Thus it is permanently willing to offer the soul and the son and everything precious without limits. Thus this resistance could persist and gain victory, and thus it will persist and gain victory Inshallah.

Again I thank you for your attendance. I ask Allah Al Mighty to return these blessed days and night on you. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessing.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

According to the Russian Foreign Ministrey Al-Qaeda-linked extremists hold 200 Kurdish civilians hostage as ‘live shield’ in Syria

RT reports that, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Al-Qaeda-linked extremists hold 200 Kurdish civilians hostage as ‘live shield’ in Syria:

Civilians remain hostage after Syrian Kurds clashed with Al-Qaeda linked militants in the north-eastern Syrian towns of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, along the Syrian-Turkish border over the weekend.

"In these areas, there has long been confrontation between the troops of the international extremists affiliated with al-Qaeda and local Kurdish militias who stood up to protect their homes from attacks by radical Islamists," Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement published on its website.

Syrian Kurd fighters captured a rebel leader, or emir, identified as Abu Musab. In response, Al-Qaeda extremists abducted 500 civilians, including woman and children.

They started to kill innocent people by cutting off their heads,” the statement read. “Kurds had to free Abu Musab in exchange for an agreement to release hostages.”
Despite the Kurdish fighters agreed to release Abu Musab in exchange for people, about 200 people are still in the hands of extremists. The commander was freed as agreed.

The Kurdish gunmen have been fighting to expel al-Qaeda militants from the northeastern province of Hassakeh over the past week, with the battle significantly intensifying over the weekend.

The clashes between the Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jahbat al-Nusra erupted in the city of Ras al-Ain in the northern province of Hasakeh on July 16, when at least four militants were killed.

The Kurds issued a “victory message,” celebrating the “liberation” of Ras al-Ain, claiming to hold control over the entire city as well as the headquarters of the Islamist combatant groups there.

On Saturday evening, the fighting spread to the city of Tal Abyad.

"Moscow strongly condemns the atrocities of international terrorists in northeastern Syria and the excesses and abuses perpetrated by extremists against a peaceful Kurdish population which is not involved in the ongoing political and military conflict in Syria," the Ministry said.

The city of Ras al-Ain is home to some 50,000 people including a mix of Kurds, Arabs, Christians, and Yezidis – a Kurdish religious minority.

London-based RT contributor Afshin Rattansi says Western powers supporting organizations like al-Qaeda-linked Jahbat al-Nusra are to be blamed for the situation in northern Syria.

There has been a discrimination of Kurds in that region, but now we have a situation where the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Britain are actively supporting al-Qaeda-linked organizations that are ransacking and murdering women and children - certainly over the past 48 hours,” he said. “All we are hearing from London and Washington are talks about a no-fly zone and arming the very people who are killing women and children there. And from Turkey, certainly the Turkish right wing has brought ideas of invading Syria from the north to kill more Kurdish people.

Rattansi says the UN Security Council (UNSC) should look closely at the situation there. “Russia and China should bring this up at the UNSC. Otherwise, the prospect for these 200 hostages is pretty grim,” he said. 


I have to admit that I am rather confused about the role the Kurds play in this struggle.  To me it has always been self-evident that the Kurds cannot fight everybody everywhere and that they should enter into a strategic partnership with a major regional power (and no, I don't mean Israel).  Likewise, it is rather obvious to me that the natural allies of the Kurds would be Iran and the Iraqi Shia, provided the Kurds did not insist on secession from these countries.  Instead it appears that most Kurdish politicians are quietly negotiating with the US and Israel even though the latter clearly are the most unreliable allies imaginable.  Finally, it seems rather self-evident to me that Islamists a la al-Qaeda are an intolerable threat to the Kurds, one which they should engage with everything they have, yet it was Hezbollah who came to help the Syrian government while the Kurds only seem to take action when they are directly threatened.

I would be deeply grateful to any Kurdish reader who would help me to make sense of a stance which, frankly, looks totally nearsighted and self-defeating to me.

Many thanks in advance, kind regards,

The Saker

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Al-Qaeda says its prison raids in Iraq freed 500

Al-Akhbar reports:

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for simultaneous raids on two Iraqi prisons and said more than 500 inmates had been set free, in a statement posted on militant forums on Tuesday.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which was formed earlier this year through a merger between al-Qaeda's affiliates in Syria and Iraq, said it had carried out the attacks on Abu Ghraib and Taji jails after months of preparation.

"The mujahideen (holy warriors), after months of preparation and planning, targeted two of the largest prisons of the Safavid government," said the statement signed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), using a pejorative term for Shiites.

The statement, posted on jihadist forums, comes as security forces were Tuesday hunting for the escapees, said by MPs to number at least 500.

The attacks struck Abu Ghraib prison, west of Baghdad, and a prison in Taji, north of the capital, on Sunday night, though accounts differed as to whether inmates escaped from both sites, or just from Abu Ghraib.

A high-ranking security official told AFP on condition of anonymity that the escapees included high-ranking Al-Qaeda members, and that they will likely attempt to launch revenge attacks.

"Dark day are waiting for Iraq. Some of those who escaped are senior leaders of Al-Qaeda and the operation was executed for this group of leaders," the officials said.

"Those who escaped will work on committing acts of revenge, most of which might be suicide attacks," he added.

In what appears to have been a carefully-planned operation, militants waiting outside the jails launched their attacks after the prisoners inside began rioting.

"The first information we have indicates that the incident started from inside the prison," the official said.

"There were riots and then the prisoners took control of some guns and called the groups that were waiting outside," he added.

Militants then pounded the buildings with mortar rounds, bombs and gunfire, sparking clashes with prison authorities that raged for 10 hours. At least 20 security forces members and 21 inmates died in the unrest.

Officials have declared "a curfew around the two prisons, where ongoing search operations are being conducted," justice ministry spokesman Wissam al-Fraiji told AFP.

Fraiji said that 108 escaped prisoners had been recaptured, and reinforcements from the interior and justice ministries have been sent to the two prisons.

The assaults and mass escapes "affect people's trust in the security forces and in the government, because people will start to worry that the criminal can commit a crime, go to prison, and then get out easily," said Ali al-Haidari, an Iraqi expert in security and strategic affairs.

"What happened puts the government in a very embarrassing situation. What we saw was a huge attack with large numbers of fighters, and it seems that the guards of the two prisons were not able to stop such an attack," he said.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Speech delivered by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the annual Iftar dinner of the "Islamic Resistance Support Organization"

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

First I would like to welcome you all in this night of the Holy Month of Ramadan – the Month of Allah. I welcome you all in the various regions – in Shahed Hall, in Imam Khoei (May Allah sanctify his secret) Charity, in Baalbeck, in Suhmur, in Ghazieh, in Nabatieh, in Tyr, and in Tyreh. I ask Allah Al Mighty to reward you abundantly for your fasting, worship and jihad in this blessed and holy month. I also felicitate you on these days and nights which are the best days and the best nights. I ask Allah Al Mighty to comprise us with His mercy, forgiveness, absolution, kindness, and bounty in this great month.

I also would like to thank all my brothers and sisters in the "Islamic Resistance Support Organization" in Lebanon on top of whom dear brother Hajj Hussein Shami – the Head of the Organization – for their efforts, sacrifices, and industrious work all through the long past years. The Resistance Support Organization could really via these blessed efforts form the best link between our people and their various sections, with many peoples, and with all those who believe in the resistance and support it materialistically, morally, politically and in all kinds. Again I thank you for your attendance which we consider and which really forms a support for this resistance so that it carries on its way and seeks to achieve all the desired goals Inshallah.

It goes without saying that in the Holy Month of Ramadan there are several religious and political occasions, especially this year as the Holy Month of Ramadan concurs with the month of July. There is a great number of occasions that concur during the calendar month and the blessed hijri lunar month. As there is not enough time today, and as there are many occasions to come, when we mark together Al Qods Day, we will talk about Palestine, the situation in the region, Syria, Egypt, and all what is taking place in the region. Moreover, Inshallah following Eid Al Fitr - if we remained alive – we will naturally mark July War anniversary and the divine victory of July War on the day of victory - on August 14th. Until that day, there are many occasions in which we may deliver speeches. Thus as it usually goes, during the Iftar dinner of the Resistance Support Organization, allow me in the available time today to focus on the Lebanese issue as there are many topics, subjects, and concerns which indeed will not be covered by the time limit of this speech.

The first point when we talk about the resistance in Lebanon is that principally and from the very beginning the resistance is based on a clear vision, clear targets, clear mission, and clear path. Everything was clear from the very beginning. This is what we call in our terms insight. From the very beginning, this resistance had insight. That means that everyone knows where to go, from where to get started, which path to follow, and where to reach. This clarity in the vision is coupled with faith, determination, will and readiness to offer sacrifices and to carry field action. This has founded the continual resistance which has extended across generations. If we talk only since 1982, there are generations which have joined the resistance and carried on the path. This insight is available. It is among the most important elements. In fact, it is the guarantee. It's because there may be faith, determination, willingness to offer sacrifices, and field action; however if there is no insight, conscious, awareness of the targets, the path, and priorities and if there is no awareness of the traps and ambushes, man may consequently get lost in the midway and be deviated in his battle from his true track and true goal.

On the national level, the resistance in Lebanon used to seek targets. Here I am not talking about new issues. I am rather carrying on the research in a useful way that serves what is discussed these days. First: liberating the occupied Lebanese territories. Here I am talking on the national level. Second, before 1982, the Israelis used to occupy a part of the Lebanese territories, they used to have detainees. Following 1982, the occupation expanded its occupation and then held more detainees. Second: liberating the detainees and the captives in the jails of the enemy and its collaborators - Lahd Army - and to restore the bodies of the martyrs.

Third: The resistance does not claim that it assumes the responsibility of guarding Lebanon and confronting risks. It rather partakes in guarding Lebanon and its land and people against Israeli military and security aggressions, threats, and risks besides the army and the military forces.

The first goal was achieved in several stages since 1985 until May 25th, 2000 except for Shebaa Farms, Kafar Shouba Hills and the Lebanese part of Al Ghajar Town. This national and Lebanese obligation is still valid. The second goal is liberating the detainees and captives from enemy jails. This goal too was achieved in stages the last of which was via Ridwan Operation following July War. Some files are still unresolved such as the file of brethren captive Yahya Mohammad Skaff and brethren Abdullah Khalil Alyyan and files for missed and bodies of martyrs who are still detained by the enemy. Indeed on the light of the latest swap operation, the enemy denied detaining any prisoners or the bodies of martyrs. However this obligation is still valid on the national and Lebanese levels.

The third target is contributing in guarding and warding off any aggression. As for the first step concerning the third target, we will go back in memory to July 1993 when the confrontation which the enemy dubbed settlement operation took place before April Operation in 1996 which the enemy dubbed the Grapes of Wrath. We then called it the seven-day-war. Later when July War took place, we started calling it the seven-day-operation or the seven-day-war.

In this confrontation, the resistance vastly shelled the Zionist settlements in response to the bombing of southern villages and towns by the Israeli enemy. As a consequence of the battle and the international mediations, confrontations were halted what led to what was called then July Understanding. It is an oral understanding; there wasn't anything written. I remember then that the brethrens in Damascus called us and asked: What are your demands to reach a ceasefire? We said that all what we want is ceasing the aggression on villages, towns, and civilians.

The resistance will carry on as long as there are occupied territories. Let them stop shelling the towns and killing civilians and on our behalf we will stop shelling the settlements. An agreement was concluded to this effect. It was called then the oral July Agreement. This was the first balance made by the resistance to guard the villages, towns and civilians. It was a balance in the field; it put the northern settlements counter to the southern towns and villages. Since then, I may say that the resistance set out on the goal of partaking in guarding the Lebanese people, the Lebanese towns, and the Lebanese territory and people.

Indeed this agreement lasted for years. Afterwards April War 1996 took place. The enemy called it "The Grapes of Wrath". Following the steadfastness of the resistance, the steadfastness of the Lebanese army, the steadfastness of Lebanon, and the steadfastness of Syria against the enormous international pressure, April Agreement was achieved with Iranian and European help. Indeed as usual the Arabs were absent. In fact it is a written July Agreement that has more details. Thus April Agreement came to consecrate this balance which is guarding the towns and cities, infrastructure, edifices, and Lebanese civilians. On the other hand, the resistance is not to shell the Zionist settlements in northern occupied Palestine. At that time, the whole argument was on the north and the settlements of the north. Then there neither were arms that reach farther than these cities nor field power more than this. This balance was consecrated in April Agreement what helped the resistance carry on in its qualitative and developed operations. Thus was the liberation of 2000.

Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters via a video conference

July War 2006 came to confirm this concept in the field. There is something new in Lebanon. There is a new balance in Lebanon. There is a new situation in Lebanon. The story of Israel taking a ride in Lebanon or dispatching a musical band to Lebanon or imposing its conditions and achieving its targets and greedy schemes came to an end. There came to be something called deterrence balance, fear balance, and terror balance. Indeed we do not claim – not for a moment – that we own the same number of soldiers as in the Israeli army and reservists. We do not claim that we own military equipment, weapons, capabilities, and capacities as these owned by the Israelis. We never claimed that. When we talk about deterrence balance and fear balance we do not mean that. On the contrary, the school of the resistance in Lebanon is different. That's because according to the classical or traditional vision, to achieve balance you must have arms, equipment and capacities – not only military but also human, economic, political and security – and a geography that equal or outmatch the capacities of the enemy so as to reach balance. What took place in Lebanon is that there is a popular resistance which is embraced popularly and, as we have said a while ago, has faith, insight, determination, will, field action, willingness to offer sacrifices, capacities, and willingness to make use of these capacities. We thus reached a stage in which we could create a fear balance, terror balance, or deterrence balance. Call it as you wish.

That means that the enemy has a thousand apprehensions if it wants to stage an aggression against Lebanon or its waters or its oil wealth or civilians or towns or infrastructure or the like.

The third target: As we talked about liberating the Lebanese territories, there remained a national obligation – liberating or revealing the fate of the missed and restoring the bodies of martyrs. This is a national obligation; however, the great and continuing and ongoing obligation which does not stop at the borders of a small piece of land or a small number of individuals – though they are surely dear and honorable – and which concerns Lebanon as a whole on the national level and the popular level as well as its fate, existence, wealth and future is the Israeli greedy schemes, risks, and dangers.

Here we usher to our topic. Does anyone in Lebanon argue saying that Lebanon has become outside the Israeli sphere of threats and greedy schemes and risks. In fact, if anyone argues saying so, then there would be a true catastrophe.

We can see what the Israelis are doing in Palestine. On Al Qods Day, we will talk about the new proposal, Negev Desert, the new situation which has to do with negotiations, the West Bank, the swap of lands… There are no limits for the greedy schemes of the Israelis.

Some time ago, the Energy Minister talked and rang the alarm bell for all of the Lebanese saying the Israelis are almost able to lay pipelines and take our – Lebanon's - oil and gas. However as usual nobody made a move. Nobody made a move while the Israelis are able to lay hand on our oil, water, land, sovereignty, and decision. This is indubitable.

Thus this is still a great obligation. These are facts. I am not talking about a time in which we were small children who may remember or not. We are not talking about facts that have to do with history. We are talking about facts we all lived, experienced, witnessed, and felt their pains, joys and victories, and their morals and conclusions are clear before our eyes.

Today and despite all the major dilemmas in the country, we really must not absent this great, critical, national, sovereign concern from our councils, minds, and discussions. Let's talk about the serious risks. Are there major risks or not and what is the magnitude and nature of these serious risks on the Israeli level? Second, what are the choices available for us as Lebanese and what is the efficiency of these choices? Let any authority – whether religious, political, economic, cultural, or social – approach the issue of the army, the resistance, and diplomacy from this perspective: What are the serious risks and what is their magnitude, the options and capabilities which are available on the Lebanese level, and the efficiency of these options? This is not a new argument anyway, and the new point I want to demand might not be new. Let's stop making angelic discussions. Let's not keep the discussion scientific, legal, constitutional, and technical concerning the arms and whether they are legitimate or not. Let's keep this argument aside and ask another question: Is the resistance among the map of options which are available on the Lebanese level? Is there any need for the resistance? Is there any need for these arms? Is there any need for these capacities or not?

Let's keep the argument over whether the arms are legitimate or not aside as that will not lead anywhere. Let's be practical. Let's have a look. This is our country. This is our enemy. These are the greedy schemes and threats. This is the region around us. This is the whole world surrounding us. This is the international situation. This is the US status. This is the European status. This is the status of the Arab states. This is the status of the states of the region around us. This is our status in Lebanon. These are the threats facing us. These are the available options. In this way, we would be discussing the issue in a scientific and objective way.

We come to the following great question: On what do we – as Lebanese - bet to ward these Israeli dangers, greedy schemes, and threats off our country and to guard our country?

On what do we bet? Do we bet, for example, on the Americans? Are we to take guarantees from the Americans or conclude an alliance with the Americans? Against whom would that be? Against Israel?

Experience has proven the futility of such logic. This was not proven a year or two ago. It was proven since 1948. We – the Arab and Islamic peoples – are living this experience since Palestine was lost. The United States abandons all the Arabs, the Arab League, and all the Islamic nations for the sake of Israel. That's because Israel is the primary project of the US in the region.

Even if we took guarantees from the United States, and even if we formed an ally with the United States or said that Lebanon is a purely American country or that the US is our friend and ally and that there are strategic and historic ties with the US and that we are at the service of the Americans, all of that will be fruitless before Israel's greedy schemes.

Well, can't we see what is taking place around us? Can't we see how the United States abandons its allies who had served it for decades for the sake of its interests on top of which its interests in the region – namely Israel? Can't we see that the United States is not anymore the power which is able to impose what it wants on the world? The Unites States was crushed in Iraq, and it pulled out defeated. Now it is seeking a way to wrap its defeat in Afghanistan. When it approaches any file in the region, it approaches it with fear and caution because it is not that strong American anymore. The same applies to Europe. Imagine that Netanyahu mocks the Europeans and accuses them and attacks them for whatever topic – whether Hezbollah and putting it on the European terrorism list or the agricultural products for Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the like. This is the situation now.

So how is the situation around us? This is the Arab status. In fact, when there were stability and security in the Arab countries and when the Arab League was firm, what could the Arab states do? These are not questions for the future. The answers for these questions exist in the past. All of us as Lebanese experienced that. Our various generations experienced these facts and events. Consequently, it is absolutely clear from the beginning that neither the Arab League, nor the Islamic Cooperation Organization, nor the International Security Council, nor America, nor Europe can do anything. Brothers! Our problem is with Israel and not with anyone else.

O Lebanese! As far as your problem with Israel is concerned, you don't have to trust except Allah Al Mighty and yourselves – your will, determination, action, faith, readiness to offer sacrifices, dignity, and readiness to defend this dignity. If there is a friend in Syria, in Iran, or in any place in the world who stands by our side, help us, and defend us that would be from Allah's blessings and kindness. This is the truth. I am not creating anything new tonight. In fact, some people at times amid ordeals, misconceptions, mental distractions, the multiplicity of cases and files forget the clear causes. Well if these causes are decisive, then it would be scandalous for some people to forget them.

Here I would like to assert today that this resistance which you support and honor tonight is based on this logic, evidence, experience, proof, as well as these achievements and victories which proved fruitful.

As far as the resistance is concerned, we do not talk about theories, compose books, or deliver speeches. We are presenting facts and saying: Let's take these facts, morals, and correct conclusions which we depend on to see how to carry on in the future and to defend our country because the resistance is based on this logic and this popular will. That's because people are convinced in what I am saying. I am not a part of the resistance and am trying to impose these convictions on people. People became gradually assured of these convictions on the light of experiences and over years in which the people lived, saw, gained victory, felt pain, offered sacrifices, offered injured, were bombed and displaced, made achievements, knew the friend and the foe, and saw who are with you and who aren't, and felt who cares about you and who doesn't.

Thus in 2013, when we argue with people, we find that these convictions exist in the conscience of people as their blood that moves in their vein. These convictions are part of their spirits, hearts, minds, consciousness, unconsciousness, feelings, and emotions. Thus the resistance in Lebanon is strongly deep-rooted in the popular conscience. It is popularly backed and it enjoins this support, love, and great embrace. So it is not a transient state that is temporary or passing or imported. Thus you find it unbeatable. Whoever tries to beat this resistance since its very launch and whoever tries to isolate the resistance flops. – Here I am not talking about Hezbollah only which is one of the factions of the resistance; I am talking about all the factions in the resistance. That's because the resistance is not an organization. It is not a party. It is not a movement. It is not a faction. The resistance is an overwhelming, firm, popular will coupled with faith, insight, and great willingness to give.

Among the terminologies used these days – even when talking about politics or about any other topic – they use the word invest and investment. The honorable people in this country invest in the resistance their most precious valuables. They invest their children, their blood, their souls, and their dear ones. Thus the resistance is a concern; it is not a party or an organization which you may besiege, isolate or harm.

Well, these options remain open and they open the way for the second point. We are always ready for dialogue within any framework or form – whether the current dialogue table or any other form - to discuss the national defense strategy. That's for one simple reason. It is because we are honest in defending our country and its capacities and our people and their dignity and we are ready to share in dialogue with no conditions. Even if now and before the government is formed, you want to make dialogue, we are ready. We are ready for dialogue after forming the government as well.

Dear brothers! You know that in the last session for the dialogue table which was held before July War – I do not remember whether it was held at the end of June or the beginning of July – I presented a defense strategy. No one was ready to offer a defense strategy; thus they told me to present mine. Well since that session till our very day, how many sessions were held? No one took this defense strategy to discuss it technically, scientifically, militarily…. No one came to say that O my brother you are saying so and so concerning the army, the resistance, the role of the army, the role of the resistance, the enemy's points of weakness, the enemy's points of strength, Lebanon's points of weakness, Lebanon's points of strength, and the means of confrontations and…. Did anyone come from the other party who has another viewpoint and sat with me following all what we talked about? Perhaps from among our party some experts, scholars, researchers, investigators, and authors wrote to this effect. However, did anyone from the other party make any discussion? Did any discussion take place on the dialogue table? I even say more: Apart from the dialogue table, did anyone from the other party hold a research seminar or a televised seminar for example, or write articles, or discuss this strategy and proposal? No! That's because in fact, there is no seriousness in searching for a national defense strategy as I told you last year. Since that time until today, it is asserted more and more day after day that there is only one point: O men! Hand in your arms, and may Allah keep you in good health. This is the whole story. Are we to hide behind our finger? We talk about a national strategy for defense and talk strategically; still we find nothing from their behalf. Well, I will say even more: They even deny the truth to the extent that some still say until now that Hezbollah did not even present its strategic defense vision, though we were the first to make such a proposal. Well, when they were asked to take their part in the discussion, they said this is a great, important, and precise speech which needs meditation and contemplation and referring to experts. They went and they did not come back again. They came back but they did not consult and discuss things with experts.

Here I am telling you again: We are ready. This country is for all of us, and we – all of us – want to defend and guard it. We are all threatened in this country along with this country's wealth and riches. That means that apart from abstentions among parties and scrimmages and embarrassments, there is a serious national need for Lebanon to set a national defense strategy.

In face of these risks and threats, there is a need for an answer. Well why doesn't this discussion take place? It must take place. In this framework, I also address all who have been attacking the arms of the resistance or labeling them as illegal in media outlets and in speeches over years saying: Well, what is the alternative?

O people! We want to "enjoy eating the grapes" and we want to guard our country. Allah Al Mighty says: "You are doomed to fight though you loath fighting". Whoever believes that we like fighting is mistaken. By nature, people like to enjoy good health. Even according to our religious terminologies we say in every prayer in the last prostration and in the last bow: O Allah! Grant us health and well being in this world and in the Hereafter.

So pursuant to the natural logic and the religious logic, we and all the people seek health and well being. However, when fighting is imposed on you, when the enemy threats your people, nation, capabilities, dignity, and existence, it is your responsibility to fight, defend, guard, and protect. Well, how is that possible and within which vision or strategy?

This is true before any sudden danger of this kind. This existed all through history. Some say that this is something exclusive in Lebanon. No all through history, it was that when an enemy attacks a country, the state, the army, the clans, the tribes, the residents of towns, the residents of cities and everyone who would be able to confront would confront. If it is possible that there be a central leadership and administration, that would be excellent. However historically at times there used to be central administration and leadership. Does anyone remain motionless and wait for theories from here and there when he is attacked? Well, yes when there is a clear strategy and administration and when capabilities are being prepared and when there are plans, the goal would be achieved and the required would be obtained.

The third point is well we are in the Month of Ramadan – the month of reconsiderations. Well we tell the resistance fighters, the supporters of the resistance, the masses of the resistance, and all the people: When there is in Lebanon a resistance which is effective, serious, influential, and faithful in its target which is confronting the enemy and also makes achievements and accumulates elements of human experience and materialistic capabilities, it is natural that it remains targeted. Why do you find that strange? When this resistance confronts the Israeli enemy and the Zionist project, it is very natural that it be targeted.

This is the logic of things and the logic of struggle all through history. When this resistance is not targeted, that means that the enemy does not see it or that it is not influential or effective. This is the result. However, when the resistance is effective and influential and the enemy has to take it into consideration and considers that it cripples its projects and goals and prevents it from hegemony, it is natural that the enemy targets it. It is natural that it remains targeted on all levels, and that its structure and environment be targeted too along with everyone who stands by its side and that its idea is targeted on all perspectives whether on the security, military, cultural, political, media, economic, social, psychological, and moral levels.

This is natural. This has always been part of the battles of the resistance. Before 1982, that took place with all the resistance movements which preceded us and cooperated in resisting the enemy since 1980 until reaching the special role of Hezbollah. Well besides our battle with the enemy, we were engaged in a battle of confronting being targeted on every level. Security targeting is clear. The enemy wants to penetrate you and have authority in your lines. The enemy gathers information and specifies the places of your bases, rockets, platforms, arsenals, operation rooms, and leaderships. There is also field security penetration. The enemy targets you militarily through wars and vast military operations. The enemy targets you culturally and socially through bursting into your environment. The enemy targets you economically through destroying and ruining your environment and impoverishing it and making it starve and through spreading ordeals and dragging it to wars of roads. In fact, the enemy preoccupies it with everything until it becomes a weak fatigued environment. Now, where is this broad and vast Arab world? Al Qods Day is approaching – after all we can't but go back and again to Palestine. Where is the Arab world? Where are its scholars and fatwas from what is taking place in Negev Desert?

Well this targeting includes economic targeting, financial targeting and psychological war, insults, accusations and attempts to isolate and beat you, and attempts to harm your morals, will, determination, faith, and options. This is part of the battle. This is natural. Why? That's because the resistance in Lebanon since its launch with its new virgin and with all its factions in 1982 could cripple the US-Israeli targets to invade Lebanon in 1982. It could change the formulas and balances. The struggle balances changed on May 25th, 2000 to the interest of the resistance and the resistance movements in the region. In 2006, it could destroy the Neo Middle East Project – the US project of the Neo conservatives. So it is very natural that the resistance be targeted.

In 2006, what was the target of the enemy? It was crushing the resistance, destroying the resistance, and wiping it out. However the enemy failed and flopped in doing so. So it goes without saying that this is a natural part of the repercussion of the choice, as we said of our other choices. This is my speech to you and to the people.

We as Lebanese have taken a decision that Lebanon remains for its people and that our waters remain for the Lebanese and our oil wealth remains for the Lebanese. We agreed that we will not accept that our sovereignty be touched or our land be occupied. They still kidnap people. They capture a Lebanese peasant or a citizen; contacts take place and within 24 or 48 hours the story would be over. The Israelis know that there is no tolerance should the story exceeds this limit. So we took this decision, and this decision has consequences. Since 1982, it used to have consequences. These are called the costs and sacrifices of a free, independent, honorable, dignified country with liberated territories and people living with dignity. This is very natural. We have tolerated these consequences since the very beginning until this very day. We have transcended many difficulties and many ordeals, and many conspiracies with the help of Allah Al Mighty and the will of the people and their patience, sacrifices, gallantry, faithfulness, and their tolerance with us. Yes we as Lebanese and the entire region have ushered into a new era. Here I am telling you: Inshallah with the same faith, insight, determination, will, action, precision, patience, tolerance and willingness to offer sacrifices, this era will be transcended.

Be sure and let no one dominate the people in Lebanon and the region with their intimidations. This project and this resistance is Inshallah capable and can with utmost seriousness and power transcend all the existing, current, and coming difficulties.

In 2013, at this very moment and even before a period of time, Israelis have started reconsidering all the plots, maneuvers, and discussions in the light of the developments that took place in the latest months. We do not want to go into details. We might mention them in another occasion. Israelis know that they are before a true, able power. If Lebanon could place this power in its natural position in a comprehensive national defense strategy, Israel's eyes won't be on Beirut but on Galilee. Concerning our rocket capacities, we have previously said that they range from Keryat to Eilat.

Once I talked to this effect, and indeed what I said was taken seriously into consideration. There is no place for joking between the Israelis and us. Indeed this is a decisive battle. Thus what I said was taken seriously into consideration and included in there plots and schemes. However, today I believe the Israelis take what is being said more seriously into consideration. Thus today we reached a point in which the Israelis and consequently the Americans and the entire world describe this power and its capacities, extensions, and strength. In fact, they talk to this effect. I want to describe this power too. As we used to say in previous occasions, Lebanon today is not anymore an easy bite in the mouth of the enemy – whatever enemy especially the Israeli enemy. No one can attack this country without paying for his aggression on this country and this people. From now on, no one can impose his conditions and projects in Lebanon. Inshallah Lebanon is strong by now, and no conditions or projects may be imposed on it. Now I do not want to exaggerate and say that Lebanon is the one imposing its conditions and projects.

The fourth point: In fact, I want to talk about the army in a couple of words that completes the scene according to us. According to our comprehension and stance, we need to reiterate this stance under these current conditions. We say: We call on the Lebanese to be very cautious in the light of the political and security developments and the sharp divisions that exist in the country. If – God forbids – this army falls or is divided, there will be no peace or stability in the country.

Today, if any problem takes place between two factions, parties, movements, families, or tribes, we – as Lebanese – find that we need the army to control the situation and prevent aggravation. There will be no peace or stability if such things afflicted the army. There will be no state. Things will be similar to what takes place in any state – sitting behind offices while having no presence or influence or effect or reverence. So if anything of this sort takes place to the army – God forbids - no state or country would remain.

So in the first place, there will be no peace or stability. Second, there will be no state. Third, there will be no country. This is apart from the army being a primary factor in guarding the country and in confronting Israeli risks and threats. This is indeed according to our faith, conviction and conception. Thus we started our speech in this holy night saying that let's all as Lebanese keep this institution aside. This is the least possible. Indeed, we call for empowering and enhancing the army. That's why we always used to say let this institution be provided with arms, capabilities and budgets. More than once we have evoked the proposal of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its willingness to equip the army. However, indeed the US western will and a part of the Arab will do not want Lebanon to have a strong army so as to serve Israel. Thus they do not seek to empower the army and they do not allow it to be strong.

Well, if we are not able to make a strong army able to confront the internal and external risks and threats, at least preserve this army with its current capabilities, members and capacities. Let's guard this adherent, united, national army against being lost and divided. This does not mean that we are saying that this army is infallible by any means. However, suppose that the army make mistakes here and there, these mistakes must be addressed within their limits. However the institution as an institution must be untouched and must be preserved.

I am talking on behalf of Hezbollah. I am not theorizing. Some may say that I am preaching on this topic. Well, that is not true. I am talking about an issue which we practiced, and I am obliged to reiterate because I discovered in the recent weeks that some people forget. Some people have lost their memory. When I say what I said above, this reflects our public culture as well as our inner culture.

In our internal sessions which we hold for our cadres and young men in training camps and organizational meetings, we instruct them that the Lebanese Army is the state guarantee, it is the guarantee of the country and of civil peace, and it is the partner of the resistance. The resistance is an assisting element. A day must come when this army is able to defend Lebanon, and thus we return to our religious schools, education, and work. This is how we instruct our masses and people. We do not tell them that this army is a cruciferous army or a Safawi army or an American army or a British army or a western army…. No! This is a national army. This is the army of Lebanon. That's because the army is the institution where the children and men of Lebanon from all its sects and regions meet. We practiced this culture.

I want to remind of the incident of September 13th, 1993. We were then demonstrating against Oslo Agreement near Airport highway at Ghbeiri, and fire was opened on us in broad daylight. The army and the Lebanese security forces - army officers and soldiers - opened fire on us. Ten martyrs fell as well as fifty were injured. Their injuries were in the head and the chest – meaning in the upper part of the body. That means that the number of martyrs might have been sixty. I want to ask you. This is Dahiyeh. The whole world knows – and I am not revealing a secret - that there are arms in every house. Did the people in Ghbeiri, Chiah, and Haret Hreik open fire – even one bullet – on the Lebanese Army? Dahiyeh then had many check points for the Lebanese Army. We evacuated ten martyrs and fifty wounded from the ground to hospitals. I remember that a number of brethrens and I called on the people that we have to unite and remain calm and that we don't want the people to open fire on the army. We didn't need to make much effort to do that. People did not open fire on the army. Why? That's because this is their culture and conviction. This is not an organizational procedure. This is not a kind of control or authority. Well, perhaps Hezbollah and Amal Movement have control over their members. However, do we have control over every house which possesses a piece of arm so that its owner won't clutch it and go out to the balcony and open fire on the army because the army killed the people in the street? Did such thing take place? Did you witness that? This reflects this background.

Afterwards five martyrs fell in Hay Assolum. I feel sorry that in the past few weeks deputies and even presidents – a former Premier – gave evidence that Hezbollah assaulted the army and cited the event of Mar Michael as an example! This is at a time all the people know that in Mar Michael seven civil men were killed by Lebanese Army bullets while they were demonstrating. Still fire was not opened on the Lebanese Army.

This is pursuant to this culture. Well, yes in all the archives there is a sole example which they cite day and night. It is the case of pilot Samer Hanna. We said that we made a mistake, and the concerned man was handed to the court and the case was referred to the court. This is the magnitude of the story.

Didn't the army make a mistake on September 13th? Indeed! The army also killed the people in the street in Mar Michael and in Hay Assolum.

Count with me: There are 10 martyrs, seven martyrs, and five martyrs. Even more, at times when the army would be breaking into villages, towns, and houses, things may be tough and martyrs may fall.

However what might we do? We try to remind the army at times between them and us calling on them to be cautious and saying that these are your people and the legal rule is not to shed the blood of our deputies, people, and scholars.

Thus we are not claiming that the army is infallible. However when the army kills, we must stand by its side. When the army makes mistakes, we must stand by its side and address the mistake. As for the institution as an institution, we must seek to guard it and exert every effort to preserve it. I consider this one of the most important national obligations in this stage if we are to preserve that last guarantee. This is the last guarantee. As long as this institution exists and the country is guarded, we may carry elections. After all we can form the government. Administrative nominations take place. Addressing everything is possible because the country still exists and the state still exists. There is a high level of stability in the country despite the existing tension. Thus we are able to address the rest of the cases. However, if these things were lost, everything else would be lost.

In these holy days, I wanted to assert on this recommendation.

I still have a couple of words concerning the security situation, though I crossed my time. Indeed we are now in a new security situation. Now I do not have time to discuss whether this is from the consequences of intervening in Syria or not. Well, anyway can we say that before Hezbollah intervened in Syria, security in the country was perfect? No problems used to take place; no one used to kill another; no conflicts used to happen; fire wasn't opened; no bombings used to be detonated…. Anyway, we may discuss this issue later on. We do not have time for that now. Now we call on people to be careful and cautious. All people must be cautious, and not only in the milieu of the resistance as some people tried to depict. No, whoever wants to make an ordeal in the country may strike anywhere and anyone. All people must be cautious in all regions. Cooperation is demanded among everyone. Internal security is the responsibility of the state and state apparatuses – the army and the various security forces. People may be helpful and watchful. Everyone is recommended to keep their eyes open and see and watch and take procedures. We must be cautious in and cooperative in this stage, and Inshallah we will be able to transcend this difficult stage. Despite everything, we are still enjoying safety if we are to compare our situation to what is taking place in the entire region around us.

Also as far as the security situation is concerned, I have a call on media outlets. As usual, I complain about them, and they object to my complaints. I mean the breaking news. At times the breaking news may be tough. For example, if I am to count the number booby-trapped cars which it was said they were discovered, the number would be very large; but this is not true. For example, they may report that in such and such location, the road is blocked because a bomb was detected and it is being dismantled. This is not true. At times the army would erect cross points in some regions for examinations. Then a traffic jam would happen. Then one of these in the traffic jam would claim that they detected a bomb and they are dismantling it. This is at a time the army would be carrying natural procedures. Following this sample, breaking news would become countless. Now what would that lead to? This is part of the psychological war. This makes the people feel tense at a time we do not need to make people feel tense or frightened. People are cautious enough and aware enough to have their own political and security readings. Even young children make political and security analyses in this country.

So let's be kind enough to have control over the breaking news which may not be precise. At times they broadcast groundless news. At times they broadcast true but exaggerated events. This in fact increases the tension of the security situation in the country at a time we must all cooperate to control, contain, and calm it down.

I wanted to talk a little about the government and the impossible conditions and the relations between the various political parties. However, I will wrap up my speech now as there are many nights to come in which we may talk. Thus we will leave something for the nights to come. However, I would like to wrap up saying something that goes with what I said concerning the defense strategy. This country is for all of us. Theories on exclusion and isolation lead nowhere. As for us, we are not with excluding anyone or isolating anyone. We are always ready for communication, dialogue, and meeting with each other. We search for ways out and we have experience in this field. We might differ with definite political forces over the Syrian issue; we can put the Syrian issue aside and agree over the Lebanese issue. We might agree or disagree over the Lebanese issue. Why do we as Lebanese - when there are common points and points of disagreement – stand inactive before the points of disagreement and forget all about the common points? After all, our country will be influenced, the economy of the country would be influenced, and the security of the country would be influenced.

As for us, I would like to tell you something on these blessed and holy nights. Indeed we are not afraid and I am not saying so because we fear we might be excluded. After all, this is the composition of this country and its components, alliances, and the size of the political forces and movements in it. There is no fear of this kind. I am talking in principle. I would like to make a recommendation in these holy nights to put an end for congestion, conflict, and attacking each other on platforms. Indeed tonight I would like to make a proposal. Let's at least during this month have patience with each other. Today, I told my brethrens that even if we want to discuss some ideas with the other party through the media, let's do that calmly. The means, the language, and some terms might be evocative. I hope the other party, the other sides and political forces call on people to let the Month of Ramadan and the Eid pass peacefully. Despite the difficult situation, we can make the atmosphere calmer or tenser. However, after all, as experiences taught us, and as we call on the Syrians, the Egyptians, the Iraqis, the Palestinians, and others: there is no option for any people who want to live together, build a state, and face future challenges except through talking with each other, having dialogue with each other, and meeting with each other despite the enmity, severance of relations, and feud.

In this holy month and in this holy night, I would like to announce that we in Hezbollah and despite the enmity, accusations, and toughness in position or expression or background or even psychological stance between us and some political forces, with the blessing of this holy month we say that we extend our hand and are ready for any kind of dialogue, discussion, and meeting. That's because after all people will sit together and talk with each other and agree with each other.

Let's make use of time. Let's not waste time. I also call for calmness in political speeches, in media, and in the general stance. Perhaps all of this will help too in transcending this stage. That does not mean that if we have dialogue and discussion, things will be easy. That's not the case. You as well as I know that. However, after all, this would be better than the situation we are in.

I felicitate you on this holy month with its holy nights and days. I ask Allah Al Mighty to grant you success. Again I thank you for your attendance, help, and support. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.