Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Flash" SITREP update from "Juan"

Tanks are on the move west of Slavyansk, destination unknown, at least a Rota (Company, ergo 16 tanks if at full strength, which is doubtful. Normally any serving tank Rota will be at 75% max at any given time as tanks are under repair, and normally 60%. Under combat conditions it is 50% or less.) with accompanying support units such as BTR's and BMP's plus infantry. Unit unknown.

Unconfirmed information states that one platoon of tanks (Platoon is 4 tanks) lost their way and managed to drive in to a swamp. Two were so deep in water and mud the diesels hydraulicked.

At roughly 18:20 local time a bombardment was made on a residential district in Slavyansk lasting for 20 minutes. One building of flats took 3 direct hits. Casualties are unknown. 

Video of arty hitting civilian house in residential area: