Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two very good articles, one in Russian and one in French

Dear friends,

While I work on the next SITREP I wanted to share with you two very good articles, one in Russian and one in French.

The first article, sent to me by 'D' and entitled "Почему нет военной интервенции РФ на Украину" (Why there is no intervention of the Russian Federation in the Ukraine) provides a detailed and extremely well-written explanation of why Russia is not intervening in the Ukraine.  Until somebody translates it, which I really hope happens, you might be able to use Google or Yandex translators to get a general idea of the points made by the author.  I consider this analysis as a "must read", especially for those who are angry and frustrated by Russia's *apparent* passivity.

If somebody had the time and energy to translate this article into English I would be immensely grateful!

The second article sent to me by 'L' is, believe it or not, a discussion of my alleged "anti-Semitism" (sigh, rolleyes) by what is certainly one of the best French language websites on issues of international security,  Normally, I absolutely *hate* wasting my time trying to prove a negative to the inevitable garden variety "enforcer of political correctness" which pops-up on a regular basis to accuses me of being anti-Jewish just because I use the expression "AngloZionist Empire".  Frankly, replying to such accusations truly depresses me not because I care about what idiot thinks, but because such stupidity makes me lose hope in mankind (if they are really so stupid, what is the point?!).  The great joy for me is that the folks at Dedefensa actually did come to their own correct conclusions about my worldview in an article entitled A Propos de Saker and they did so simply by paying attention to what I actually wrote.  I am very grateful to Dedefensa for setting the record straight and reminding me how many good and smart people are still out there fighting the good fight!  It also proves to me that those who pretend to have "sincere doubts" about my views about racism are simply intellectually dishonest, they don't care at all about the truth and they are just looking for a pretext to slander and bully me into surrendering to their ideology.

That's it for now.  I hope to have the next SITREP ready in a few hours.

Kind regards,

The Saker