Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ukrainian nationalism: an image is worth a thousand words

Normally, when somebody is presented a sword or another weapon, it is the person accepting the gift which is supposed to stand on his knees to receive it, not the person giving it.  But in Banderastan, things are always the opposite of what they should be.

Check out the photo below.  It shows a Ukie general standing on his knees to offer a sword to John F. Tefft, US Ambassador to the Ukraine (now retired):

From the servant to the master
Amazing, no?

Even more telling is that this picture was taken in November of 2013, right before the current crisis began.  As for Ukie sources, they say that this photo shows the moment when Tefft, whose name is often mentioned as the next US Ambassador in Russia, is being received into the Ukrainian Cossacks as a "kind Baptist and US Ambassador".

What can I say? "Glory to the Ukraine, to the heroes glory!"?

The Saker