Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A simple question - try to answer it!

Today, I want to ask you a simply question.

Let us assume that Russia does not intervene and that, with time and effort, the nationalists regain control of most of the eastern and southern Ukraine.  Let is further assume that the referendum wanted by the Russian-speakers is either not held or ignored, while the Presidential election goes ahead and that Poroshenko or Tymoshenko get's "kind of elected" in a farcical election which, however, the USA and its EU protectorate will immediately recognize as "legitimate". 

What will happen after  that?

Say in June?  And July.  In August and then in September. Let's even try to imagine what the Ukraine will look like in October.  So 6 months from now.

Now, once you have made your prediction first, then ask yourself what would happen in Russia does intervene between now and the end of May.

Then compare the two outcomes and tell me which one you prefer and why.

In other words - would a Russian military intervention make things as seen six months down the road better or worse?

I am curious as to what each of you will reply :-)

Many thanks and kind regards to all,

The Saker

[PS: I think I have beat the flu (finally!).  Should be back to normal by tomorrow.]