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Meet the folks who will bring democracy to your country (UPDATED 2x!!)

UPDATE1: Also - this hilarious "remix"

UPDATE2: And just in case you missed these headlines, here are some more news items about the "democracy-carriers" and their behavior:

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Connecticut abolishes the death penalty

The BBC reports that Connecticut is now the 17th US State to have abolished the death penalty.  One could say that 17 out of 50 is a rather depressing score, and it is, but it is the trend which I find immensely encouraging.  For all of its faults, the US society is nevertheless slowly civilizing itself and that is remarkable considering the type of corporate Fascism which the US population is suffering under.  Sure, the US still has the largest per capita incarceration rate on the planet, so-called "Supermax" prisons are growing, most sentencing guidelines as medieval, the idiotic "war on drugs" is still in full swing, the police state apparatus is growing, etc.  And yet, civilization is slowly making its way up through the cracks of Far West barbarism and corporate Fascism:

A (kind of, mostly) Black man was elected President, including by a majority of White people.  He turned out to be a fantastic liar and corporate puppet, but at least one very significant page of the long and ugly history of racism in the US has been turned.

Now, in the midst of an orgy of fear-mongering propaganda a US State abolishes the death penalty. As Roger Waters would say, Each small candle lights a corner of the dark.

OK, maybe I am naive, but I like to think that today, Connecticut is that small candle.

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Ron Paul sells out to the Zionist Lobby

Ron Paul Shocks Campaign Staff With New Position On Israel

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul revealed this week that he would support moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a surprising position that contradicts conventional wisdom about Paul's stance toward the Jewish state.

Paul first made this position known Wednesday night, during a private meeting with evangelical leaders interested in helping the Texas Congressman reach out to the conservative Christian community.

According to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Business Insider, the leaders started off the meeting by asking Paul whether he would sign an Executive Order to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a major policy objective for Israeli hardliners and many leaders in the Christian Right.

"The real issue here is not what America wants, but what does Israel want," Paul told evangelical leaders, according to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Business Insider. "If Israel wants their capital to be Jerusalem, then the United States should honor that."

"How would we like it if some other nation said 'We decided to recognize New York City as your capital instead, so we will build our embassy there?'" he added.

Even Paul's senior campaign aides were surprised by his response.

"We were floored," senior advisor Doug Wead told Business Insider. "It sounds like pure Ron Paul, but it still caught us off guard...If someone would have asked him that in a national debate, I suppose it would have popped right out, but nobody did!"

Wead added that Paul's position "makes sense after the fact," noting that the candidate has frequently emphasized Israel's sovereignty.

Still, Paul's stance will likely come as a surprise to GOP leaders, most of whom view Paul's non-interventionist foreign policy ideas — and particularly his stance towards Israel — as his greatest weakness. The septuagenarian Congressman has largely been snubbed by the right-wing Jewish community, and was even excluded from a December presidential candidates' forum hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition because of his "misguided and extreme" foreign policy views.

"I appreciate what he said about Israel — as a matter of fact, I was pleasantly surprised," Brian Jacobs, a Texas pastor who attended Wednesday's meeting, told Business Insider. "It helped answer a lot of questions that I had."

Ironically, Paul and Newt Gingrich are now the only presidential candidates who have said that they are in favor of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the U.S. Embassy there. President Barack Obama has postponed moving the Embassy. Romney "would like to see the U.S. Embassy eventually moved to Jerusalem," campaign spokesman Andrea Saul said in a statement emailed to Business Insider.

While Paul's position is unlikely to change the near-certain outcome of the Republican primary, it could help Paul gain support among evangelical leaders, many of whom have been hesitant to support Romney. Jacobs, who has worked as a consultant for televangelist Billy Graham, told Business Insider that several evangelical leaders have started to express interest in talking to Paul in the wake of Rick Santorum's departure from the race.

Jacobs said he is now working with the Paul campaign to organize conference calls between the candidate and evangelical leaders. Christian television producer Justin Machacek, who also attended Wednesday's meeting, said he is working on arranging a larger meeting between Paul and other conservative Christian groups.

A relationship with Christian Right powerbrokers could give Ron Paul more leverage within the party, as Romney tries to unite the GOP after this year's divisive primary fight. It could also help broaden the Paul coalition, setting the stage for a future run by Paul's son, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul.

"100% of Christian leaders that I've talked to, do you know the one thing they like about Ron Paul? His son Rand Paul," Jacobs told Business Insider. "Every Christian leader will say, 'You know I'm not quite sure if Ron Paul can win the nomination'…but in the same breath, they tag it with, "But I sure do like the way his son has followed him.'" 
Commentary: this is really a very sad development as for all his dogmatic and misguided views on economic topics, Ron Paul always held a deeply moral and fundamentally logical and sound position on US foreign policy and to see this otherwise honorable man cave in, albeit in private, to one of the most immoral and evil lobbies on the planet is terrible way for Ron Paul to end his political career.  The only good thing coming from this is now we can honestly say that the Republican Party is truly entirely composed of lunatics, imbeciles and prostitutes.

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Julian Assange's The World Tomorrow: Hassan Nasrallah

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911 and the cover up (a MUST WATCH movie!)

Big thanks to Jack who recommended this movie by Ryan Dawson to me!

Commentary: this is really a very well-done piece of investigation. The kind of research which even if it is 20,30 or 60 percent mistaken is still mind-blowing.  And as far as I can tell, Dawson is 100% correct in everything he shows.

In this movie Ryan Dawson did not uncover any new facts, but the way he brought the facts together is very elegant and draws a pretty good matrix of dots which you have to connect yourself.  True, none of what he shows proves "beyond a reasonable" doubt that Zionist interests are behind 9/11, but it sure comes very close.

Ryan Dawson is clearly stepping into some very dangerous territory here, and I really commend both his courage and his talent. I urge every one of you to take the time to watch this movie.  This movie will, along with Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup and Fabled Enemies, become one of my personal favorites on this topic.

Now I must hit the road. See you, God willing, in 10 days from now :-)

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Personal announcement - I am taking 10 days off

Dear friends,

Just wanted to let you know that I will be hitting the road from April 12th to April 22nd.  I will be driving up and down the USA, something like 2'500 miles in 10 days, so while I will have an Android smartphone with me and while I will have access to a computer on a regular basis, I might take me longer than usual to reply to posts and emails.  I ask for your indulgence.

Many thanks and kind regards,

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Wonderful reaction of Greek anarchists against the corporate media

Egg and yogurt tossing at a reporter on Greek TV:

If the talking heads of ABCBSNBCFOX were treated like that by the general public in the USA the Zioempire would collapse rather fast. But, of course, in the USA such protests would be met with tasers, pepper spray and live fire.

Anyway, kudos to the Greek anarchists - thanks guys for making us laugh and dream!  May your example inspire many more worldwide.

They day we all begin tossing our shoes at politicians and our eggs and yogurt at journalists we will finally see "real change we can believe in".

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Three articles about the US war on Iran

I found these three on Informationclearinghouse

By Pepe Escobar

By Seymour M. Hersh

By Glenn Greenwald

Informationclearinghouse is really doing a good job at covering topics like Syria and Iran and it would be a good idea to help him by visiting his "support" page here: .


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I first ray of hope? One Dem candidate calls another a ‘whore’ for AIPAC during live debate

Things got heated during a Democratic primary debate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut on Thursday when one candidate told another that he was “whore” over his support of a pro-Israel lobbying group.

“I’m appalled that when I talk about the neoconservatives somehow it’s twisted to be some sort of a racist comment,” long-shot candidate Lee Whitnum said in response to U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy. “This is documented fact. The neoconservative role in the taking down of Iraq [with an] unnecessary war is fact. It’s not opinion.”

“I’m dealing with whore here who sells his soul to AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee], who will say anything for the job,” Whitnum explained, pointing towards Murphy and then adding that state Rep. William Tong was “ignorant” for defending him.

“What I would like to propose is a prosecution of settlers here, American settlers, who go to Israel and maim or kill in the Promised Land. Since 2000, 66,000 of the indigenous culture have been killed, many of them by American settlers. This is viewed all over the Middle East and we are hated for this worldwide.”

Murphy responded calmly during his closing remarks: “I’d advocated for all of the candidates to be a part of these debates. I might think twice about those with that kind of awful language being used on the airwaves.”

Watch the video below from NBC Connecticut, broadcast April 5, 2012.

Daily life in the Imperial Homeland - meet the stormtroopers

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Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on March 30th, 2012

I welcome you all in this blessed ceremony. In your name, I address you with felicitations on this great anniversary – the anniversary of the birthday of this solemn woman from the offspring of the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him and his household). She is the granddaughter of the Master of Prophets and the daughter of the Prince of believers and the Lady of all the women in the world. She is Zeinab the daughter of the Prince of believers Ali Bin Abi Taleb (Peace be upon them). I ask Allah Al Mighty that this anniversary be a kind ceremony for a blessed faithful deed that goes with this very path and that serves these very goals.

Today, on the anniversary of the birthday of Sayyeda Zeinab and under the name of Sayyed Zeinab (Peace be upon her), we are inaugurating this complex which comprises a mosque and other edifices.

Special thanks to one of the brethrens who did not wish to be named. He is the essential donor in building this complex. This piece of land has been owned by Hezbollah for many years. However, a primary donor contributed in the costs of building this edifice and he does not accept to be mentioned in name. We ask Allah Al Mighty to count his benevolence as a secret benefaction, and we ask Allah to accept his deeds in this world and in the Hereafter. Many thanks to him, and we pray that Allah accept his deeds Inshallah.

In principle and according to our religious and convictional belonging, flourishing mosques and the houses of Allah whether through building and constructing them – talking on the materialistic and external level – or through establishing regular and collective prayers, reciting the Qoran, meeting, attending and glorifying Allah are among the essential points highlighted in the Book of Allah and the Holy Tradition of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). All Muslim agree unanimously on this. All Islamic factions, Muslim scholars and Islamic tracks assert on the importance of the mosque, attending in the mosque, walking to the mosque, praying in the mosque, building mosques, flourishing mosques, and reciting the Qoran in the mosque to the extent that the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him) says that the neighbor of the mosque must not pray but in the mosque. Was it not for other Prophetic Traditions and evidences, it would have been understood from this Tradition, that the prayers of the neighbor of the mosque at home is invalid and void. However, the rule of the jurists is that the tradition stresses the preference of praying in the mosque and attending at the mosque.

So apart from any other consideration, affair or particularity, to us this issue is very essential. There are many Ayas in the Qoran and Traditions to this effect. I will only say this Aya: "The mosques of Allah shall be visited and maintained by such as believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish regular prayers, and practice regular charity, and fear none at all except Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance."

Still, this complex has its own particularity which I must highlight taking into consideration the place, events and conditions which surrounded this place.

The piece of land on which the mosque was built is in Haret Hreik in Beirut Southern Suburbs. In other words, it is part of the land which was formerly called the security zone of Hezbollah. It is no more a security zone by now; it is an open area. So it is an accessible area by now for those who wants to enter or leave it. It was also known by Hezbollah Shura Zone during July War.

This area in particular – this part of Haret Hreik in Beirut Southern Suburbs – during July war was subject to intensive shelling and demolition. This was intentional and not by chance.

During the first days of the war, the Israelis started shelling this area. The Israelis demolished Hezbollah headquarters and the houses of the officials in Hezbollah. However many of buildings in the region didn't have headquarters for Hezbollah or houses for Hezbollah officials. Still they intentionally demolished these buildings and this piece of land for well known reasons. They wanted to demolish life, destroy the will, touch on the morals, and make the residents of this area pay the heavy price only because they believed in this path or were neighbors who believed in this path. The Israeli message was clear through this focus on this spot. If only you could remember also that during these days some buildings were shelled once, twice and thrice. That means they used to hit the ruins again. It wasn't possible anymore to live or exist there; but it was a political, moral and psychological shelling message. Indeed, the enemy nurtured great expectations. Due to the composition in Lebanon, the status of the government, the political regime and the special conditions in Lebanon, they expected that the more the destruction zone would spread especially in Dahiyeh and Haret Hreik, the longer years this destruction would last. The residents of the area or the people of the resistance or the people of the country will fail to rebuild soon. This was also part of the message that will last for long years and the psychological, moral, and political repercussions will last for years.

This necessitated a response. The response was in the very first day following the end of the war. On the very first day, reconstruction, rebuilding and reparation of roads started. You yourself have contributed and witnessed that. The response was in the insistence in reconstruction and thus Waed Project was. When we took the decision in building the complex, the brethrens were told to take their time in the construction so that when Waed Project is wrapped up we inaugurate Sayyeda Zeinab Complex. So it was intentional that the complex takes that long time. It was possible to finish constructing it in one or two years. However for fear that it would be said the Hezbollah is giving the priority for building the complex and lagging in building the residential buildings, it was decided that the two projects move at equal footing. Inshallah in the coming few weeks, it is supposed that Waed Institution hands the final apartments to their owners. On that day which might be in May, we will hold a popular ceremony in Shura Square in principle. We will remind that this was Shura Square. People and the residents will attend, and we will announce to the whole world that this is the will of life and the culture of life, and this is honorable, dignified and noble life.

Following the end of the war, a lengthy discussion took place on the necessity of doing something in Haret Hreik – this area which has this symbolism and significance. Some suggested building a monument in a wide area; others said we must keep one of the demolished buildings and make of it something artistic to remind of the war days…. There was a wide range of ideas. However, we finally resorted to our Islamic, convictional and prophetic values. We went out of a war in which the enemy was really defeated; the enemy also acknowledged that they were defeated. We gained victory really, and we considered that we gained victory. How must we act? Allah Al Mighty refined His prophets and taught them how to act. We are the followers of prophets. They used to return such victory with a state of asking Allah for forgiveness, thanking Allah, praising Allah, glorifying Allah, and establishing prayers. This exists in several Koranic Surahs. These are the divine and prophetic manners: before the blessing of victory, you must express your praise and thanks to Allah, glorify Him and show your submission to Him and establish prayers. I will quote some Ayas as evidence: {To those against whom war is made, permission is given to fight, because they are wronged: and verily, Allah is Most Powerful for their aid; They are those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right for no cause except that they say Our Lord is Allah. Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure. Allah will certainly aid those who aid His cause for verily Allah is Full of Strength, Exalted in Might; They are those who, if We establish them in the land, establish regular prayer and give regular charity, enjoin the right and forbid the wrong; With Allah rests the end and decision of all affairs}

The natural procedure would be to build a place for prayers. Here lies the specialty of this complex, dear brethrens. That's how it differs from any other complex we build in Beirut Southern Suburbs or in Lebanon. This is its significance and symbolism. This is its message. It is the message of praise and warship and submission to Allah Al Mighty for His victory which He bestowed on us.

They wanted to extinguish us. They wanted to crush us. They wanted to demolish us. They wanted to exterminate our revelation. They wanted to wipe our memory in July War. Through this complex, we say this is our response. This is our message. This is our life. This is our persistence. This is our continuity. We chose this symbolism here to establish prayers and to thank Allah. This is the symbolism of the place. We chose for this complex the name of Sayyeda Zeinab (Peace be upon her). This is also not by chance. It is rather a conscious choice. Since this complex has this message, we chose this name for this great personality all through history. This name is as the name of Al Hussein (Peace be upon him). It has its symbolism and significance that have to do with sticking to the right, adhering to righteousness, moving in the righteous path, standing catastrophes, tolerating hardships, overcoming difficulties, having faith in Allah, trusting the future and belittling tyrants.

All through history, the name of Zeinab has bore the meanings of jihad, steadfastness, resistance, will, determination, glory, challenge, life, persistence and hope.

Thus we wanted this name to bespeak this spirit and culture. They wanted to crush us. We tell them today from the Complex of Sayyeda Zeinab: With reconstruction, revivification, attendance, determination, will, prayers, jihad and warship, we will continue to exist. You are moving towards extermination Inshallah. With the very words Zeinab – the daughter of Ali – once said, we say to every erring assailant: "You may contrive and try however much you can. By Allah, you can't exterminate our revelation, nor wipe our memory. Your word now is weak and your days are counted." This is the state of the Zionists who wanted to exterminate our revelation and wipe our memory. The coming future is decisive to them and to us Inshallah.

From this very spirituality, I usher to some points briefly. With this very spirituality, we show up in a great and dear occasion in the Arab and Islamic world. This is what is called the Land Day. This is one of the days of Palestine and one of the days of Al Qods. It is customary that our Palestinian brethrens whether in Palestine or in exodus hit the street on this day to demonstrate. Some people from the Arab and Islamic world and in various occupied lands in the world show solidarity with them.

Indeed the implication of this memory is very important. It is a true expression. It is a demonstration or a sit-in or an attendance for hours to give some speeches and reiterate some slogans. However, it is an expression of adhering to the right, the cause, the sanctities and the land.

What do the occupiers and the arrogant tyrants who stand behind them and those who conspire with them, delude with them and deceive with them want from the Palestinian people and our nation?

They want Palestine to be forgotten and be part of past history. They want no one to talk about Palestine or mention it or ask about it. They want Palestine to be outside the sphere of concern. They want it to be outside the sphere of priorities first, outside the sphere of concern then and finally forgotten. They want its people to feel despair from restoring it, succumb to the de facto, and accept the morsels and what is left for them. They want them to accept what the Zionists leave for them though the Zionists today in the media said that the cabinet intends to confiscate thousands of kilometer squares of lands in the West Bank. Indeed this is more mockery to the Arab world, the Arab status, Arab summits and Arab governments.

This is what is required now. It is required that Palestine be forgotten, and gradually be outside the sphere of priorities – meaning that every people and every country mind their own affairs and say "We have nothing to do with Palestine".

Second, they want Palestine to be outside the sphere of concern and not only outside the sphere of priorities. Third, they want Palestine to enter the sphere of forgetfulness. That means they want it to get out of the sphere of mentioning and fall in despair and submission. Indeed, they never managed to achieve that thanks to the jihad and the struggle of the various sides on the political, media, cultural, intellectual, artistic and social levels. All of that had their impact in keeping this cause alive. However, on top of all these factors which had their influence in keeping this cause alive are field resistance, the blood of the martyrs, the injuries of the wounded, the miseries of the captives - some of whom stage food strikes for months - the sufferings of the besieged, and the enormous sacrifices which were offered and are still being offered. This blood that is shaking the conscience of this nation and arousing the nation is what kept the cause alive until this very day. Thus all attempts of the arrogant and their agents and tools in our Arab and Islamic world to put an end to this cause and liquidate it failed despite the hundreds of billions of dollars which were spent on all spheres and fields of conspiracies and connivances, on its external presence and on its existence in the consciences. Today Palestinians are expressing this steadfastness, adherence, and determination. This is a very noble point because what is most important is that the Palestinians and behind them and with them the nation adhere to their land. However, if the Palestinians themselves forsake their land, sanctities, homeland and cause, it will be said to those behind them no matter who they are: You are being more royal than the king.

So the Palestinian factor is one of the conditions of keeping the cause alive: Palestinian adherence and Palestinian attendance are what were expressed in the Land Day demonstrations.

Today again, the Palestinian cause returns to knock the doors of all Arabs and Muslims saying it is the divine trial and the divine evidence. It is the historic responsibility which must be assumed by all whether rulers, governments, regimes, armies, peoples, parties, political forces and elites. Unfortunately, the nation in many of its domains does not assume this responsibility though the nation is able. We believe that the nation is able to make victory with utmost simplicity. The issue is not difficult or complicated. I mean our nation is the nation of so and so million Arabs and the nation of a billion and so and so million Muslim. As for its capability to restore Al Qods and Palestine, the nation has enormous capabilities and may achieve that with ease. That does not need any evidence.

One day and in an attempt to simplify the idea – perhaps this is not only simplification; should physicians make their calculations, that might be precise - Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret) said: If every Muslim from the billion Muslims holds a pail of water all at a time and throws them collectively on Israel – keeping Palestine aside – Israel would be swept with floods. After all this is a symbolic expression. We do not need to fetch arms for 60 billion dollars and warplanes from America. We do not need all of this military expenditure. We do not need nuclear weapons. We do not need all this great armies. This nation can with ease achieve noble and sustained victory. Philosophers and men of logic say: If something took place, it is possible to take place again. Something of this sort took place in the nation of billion Muslims or 300 or 400 million Arabs. A group of Lebanese and a group of Palestinians had a limited support available in comparison with the capabilities of the Arab and Islamic nation. It was a limited support compared to the capabilities but that was blessed though. Some states backed them namely the Islamic Republic and Syria. They provided them with capabilities. They fought and remained steadfast. Their people tolerated with them. Thus they made two great historic victories in Lebanon and in Gaza. We are talking about a humble part in the nation. It is a very humble section. If we calculated it in percentage, it might be less than 1% compared to the capabilities of the nation! Today, I would like to say that since the occupation of Palestine in 1948 until 1967, until the Arab Summit in Baghdad and this very day, we'll be asked about every day, hour, and moment that pass while the land of Palestine is under occupation, the sanctities are being profaned, our people are being tortured, and our captives are being in prisons. The rulers in the Arab and Islamic world will be asked above all; then their armies and peoples will be asked on Doom's Day. People might be surprised: What have we to do with that? No! We are all concerned and responsible. This nation was able to lift the oppression and injustice and to liberate the sanctities, and it did not do that so far.

Yes! They are searching for other priorities and indirect responsibilities. We do not wish to evoke that now. The path is clear but it needs determination and will.

Anyway, we believe the future of the peoples in this region is the future of this intellect, this culture, these values and this resistance. Only time separates us. We are among those who believe in this decisive result Inshallah.

As for the status of Syria and taking into consideration that this issue is very important for us in Lebanon as it is important for the whole region, it is clear that the situation in Syria is meeting much regional and international concern.

Days ago and in one day, a summit that comprised several great states met. There was an Arab summit in Baghdad. We can also say that an Iranian Turkish summit took place in Tehran in Iran. So there were three summits for very influential forces and states in the world and in the region. The Syrian topic was forcefully present in these three summits.

This is natural because after all, the Syrian issue is not a separated or an isolated issue. Anyway, what is taking place in Syria or any inclination the events will take will be influential as it will have great repercussions on the situation in the region in a great and decisive way.

At the mean time, we would not like to reiterate. I rather would like to say the following conclusion because it will have an impact. In the following conclusion, one element has been clearly and finally decisive – negatively decisive. They have also given up talking about another element to the minimum.

Let's take for example external military intervention. During the past few months, a true danger was lurking. We all knew that external military intervention in Syria will lead to dangerous repercussions on the entire region.

Praise be to Allah, starting from this moment, we may say that it is clear on the international and regional level that this issue is decisively over or at least it retreated. The Americans may bully with it from afar. By the way, they are the weakest side to stage a military intervention in Syria or in any other country. In fact, they pulled out from Iraq defeated, and they are searching for a way out in Afghanistan. They are in an unenvied situation. So this is a very important point. Months ago, the region was on the verge or before the possibility of a foreign military intervention which might have led to very dangerous repercussions on regional security and stability. This option is over by now.

Second: The option of dispatching Arab forces to Syria is also over. There is no need to comment on this issue anymore.

Third: As for arming the Opposition in Syria, it is clear that this option is risky concerning the situation in Syria in general. It is almost clear that on the international level, this is over. It was clear even yesterday in the Arab League. There is no adoption of the choice of arming though there are two or three or four states which adopt the choice of arming. This is their affair. However the international atmosphere and the regional atmosphere have distanced from the option of arming. Toppling the regime through military force or through the military option is also over. This is clear through the international status and the regional status. We may see that there is a retreat in the international stance. This differs from the Russian stance, the Chinese stance or the stance of Iran for example. The international stance is influenced by field situations and the outcome of field given. It is clear that there is no possibility for that. The armed opposition is unable to topple the regime. True it is able to occupy a town but then the Syrian Army restores control over it. The opposition is able to kill a captain, a brigadier, a colonel, or a manager as it does today on daily basis. It is able to dispatch booby-trapped cars or to execute suicide attacks. However, that does not lead to toppling a regime. Consequently, bargaining on military action to topple the regime is a losing bargain and its expenses are very huge and massive: more bloodshed, victims and futile human and materialistic losses.

The world and the region reached a place where they came to see that a political solution is required in Syria. This is what we have been calling for since the first day. Since the first day, we used to say that the interest of Syria and the Syrian people, the dignity of the people, the blood of this people, the future of this people, and Syria's national and strategic post seek the finalization of a political solution in Syria.

Indeed, some talked about a political solution during the first stage. However, they put conditions which are equal to toppling the regime. For example, one of the conditions was stepping aside of President Assad. I believe that the international and regional political atmosphere today has transcended this stage. Thus some of the Syrian opposition sides which we heard today were saying that the condition for partaking in dialogue is the stepping aside of President Assad. So they are retreating backwards. Today, the international status, the regional status and even the Arab league in Baghdad yesterday have transcended this. In the moment Kofi Annan came to Damascus as a UN envoy charged by the Security Council and as a representative of the Arab League – Perhaps this is the first time in history I believe that a non-Arab becomes a representative of the Arab League. We are not racial but this comes in the framework of a remark-, he did not resort to the Arab League decisions, initiatives, and propositions. That means that the whole issue is over. The situation in Syria now transcended this stage. Today they rather talk about dialogue between the regime and the opposition – meaning the regime headed by President Assad.

This is what we have been calling for since the very beginning of the crisis. We would have spared all this bloodshed, confrontations and casualties. I have told you in more than one occasion that the Syrian leadership is ready to partake in negotiations even with sides in the Syrian opposition which some might believe that the leadership would not accept to negotiate with. However, this option was open from the very beginning.

Anyway what is suggested today is a political solution. A political solution is based on two things: dialogue between the authority – or call it the regime or the Syrian leadership or the Syrian government or whatever you want to call it - and the opposition. The second point is making reforms or agreeing on carrying out serious and true reforms and staging these reforms.

This is what resolves the crisis in Syria. So if we the Arabs, and primary the states in the region whether Iran or Turkey or the Arab Gulf countries or North Africa or the Arab and Islamic world and all the countries in the region want the integrity and stability of the region, if there is someone whose heart beats for the Syrian men, women, youths, and elderly, today the responsibility has become clear. The only solution is a political solution through dialogue and reform. That's the end of the story. There is no other solution. Whoever was faithful must have offered his help from whatever post he is whether from the international, Arab, regional, media political, or social posts or through his friendships or relations so that Syria heads towards a political solution to restore security and stability and to stage reforms.

This is the historic responsibility whether from the legitimate Islamic perspective, or the national perspective or the moral perspective. Nothing else would be to the interest of Syria and its people or to the interest of Palestine and its sanctities or to the interest of the nation or to the interest of anyone. It would be only to the interest of Israel and to the interest of those who benefit from disintegrating our region and pushing it towards total chaos in the time of US and western feebleness. This is the responsibility now. When we talk about offering help, we mean halting media provocation apart from the validity of what is being broadcasted and halting all forms of defamation to cause sedition between the Syrians. On the other hand, it means trying to approximate between the various viewpoints, seeking to convince the various parts to partake in a serious, faithful and truthful dialogue.

This is what saves Syria and the region.

Also on the general situation, I have a word to say on the situation in Bahrain. Indeed, it is natural that Syria gains all this international and regional concern as well as in the Arab League and the Arab Summit. This is natural. However, it is unnatural and denounced and strange that the cause of Bahrain is not even a point on the agenda of the Arab Summit. That's first because Bahrain is an Arab state and second because the people of Bahrain is an Arab people and third because what is taking place in Bahrain is a national catastrophe. There are hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. Almost the whole people are angry. They are calling for reform. They are calling for a resolution. They have various political ceilings – so as not to interfere in their political ceilings – however they still insist on a peaceful solution.

Still these people are being killed everyday. What's the difference between killing with bullets or with killing with poisonous gases? These gases are being used now by the Bahraini troops or the Jazira armor troops. I don't know who these troops are. Only God knows from where they got these troops. They are hired mercenaries. These gases are not the gases usually used by civilized countries to disperse demonstrators. No! These are lethal gases. They are using them to say that they did not open fire; though at times they are opening fire. So daily there are people killed with poisonous gases. Such gases or gas grenades are not being thrown on demonstrators only but also on houses where there are women, elderly, and children. On the street there is open air. Its impact is dangerous. However, you may evade it. However, the case is different when the poisonous gas is being thrown on closed houses where there are women or children. This is intentional killing.

Well, there is a catastrophe of this kind in Bahrain. There is not one point on Bahrain on the Arab Summit Agenda. There isn't. Why? That's because if there is a point of discussion - and apart from the results – the result may be condemning the Bahraini people and supporting the government of the Khalifa Family. There is no argument even in such a point. That means that acknowledging the presence of a problem is not allowed or else some Arab countries might threaten of boycotting the summit. See the man from whom we expect reform – or we are supposed to expect from him reform -does not accept having Bahrain on the agenda of the Arab League apart from the results of discussion knowing that as we say all over again and again in Bahrain no one holds arms or opens fire or wants to tear the country apart or demolish the country or sell the country or even lend the country. Still there is this oppression.

Anyway, this ignorance will not have an influence. This rather increases the injustice and abandonment. However it does not touches on the morals, will and determination of the Bahraini people who suffer from abandonment since a year ago i.e. since the launch of their movement, Intifada and uprising. This people have proved that they are a peaceful people who are able to carry on. They have patience, insistence, sincerity and courage. Indeed Allah Al Mighty will open horizons for them and bestow victory on them because they are proving day after day their adherence to national, legal, humanistic, and political controls which they committed themselves to according to their intellect and because they insist on carrying on and because they tolerate this degree of sacrifices, injustice and abandonment.

Turning to the Lebanese affairs, the first point is that some in Lebanon who were waiting for the results of events in Syria must make some reevaluations now. That means what I talked about concerning Syria is clear by now. The general inclination for events and the situation in Syria is decisive by now. There remain the details. There remain some problems. Addressing the security situation needs some time so that people reunite and so that dialogue and consequently a political solution take place.

We are not saying that now Syria is as it has been a year ago. However, the general inclination of events has become clear. So there is no reason for people to waste their time in Lebanon making losing bargains.

In Lebanon, we first said that we do not want to destroy our country. This must be scored for all those who in fact were concerned about not destroying the country.

We as well as other forces did not agree over Syria. However this is not a problem. Every one expresses his stance. In my viewpoint, some people went far in expressing their stances. Man may express a totally different political position. However at times things went towards personal defamation. We may differ within controls that preserve security and stability in Lebanon and without importing confrontation to Lebanon. After all, Syria has allies and friends in Lebanon. It also has enemies and foes. I do not know how they classify themselves. We may differ over Syria and clash with each other and ruin the country. We may differ over Syria, and everyone of us back the stance he finds appropriate to preserve Lebanon as much as possible. Indeed the theory of "demolishing Lebanon serves Syria" is not adopted by Syria and Syria's allies in Lebanon.

Well, we reached this point. I reiterate that these bargains need reevaluation. Indeed it leaves an impact on political stances, political visions, and political approaches to internal causes and the local situation in Lebanon. I will stop at this hint.

The second point is the local situation which is indeed the government. I will clarify that the brethrens in Hezbollah have evaded for a period of time interviews in the media. We usually try from one speech to another to explain our stance.

In our viewpoint and as we said before, the continuity of the government is for the interest of the country, the security of the country and the stability of the country at this stage.

We always call on the government to be serious, to make achievements and work. That's not because they say it is the government of Hezbollah. That is over. All people by now know that it is not the government of Hezbollah. However, after all it is concerned and responsible of addressing the causes of power, spoilt food, gas and oil, fuel and its costs, hospitals, health condition, unemployment, the demands of laborers, syndicates and teachers… After all, this government is concerned in addressing these causes.

We always call on this government to be serious. However, I will be frank. Our performance differs. We always take pains not to criticize this government as much as possible. That does not mean that we don't have any remarks or a different evaluation. However, as we are part of this government, we see that the national interest of the country is in keeping this government in power. Perhaps others do not see that. As long as we call on it to be serious and to work industriously, the correct path is the one we are following: serious work, advice, and communication.

Indeed we cooperate with the others. However, I am talking from our side: how might we reconcile and bring together viewpoints and reach results? How might we resolve dilemmas without tension and without going into clashes and without toppling the government? That's not for the sake of anyone but for the sake of the country. When the interest of the country is in keeping this government in power until further notice, we adopt tacit work, serious work, bringing together viewpoints, discussing files and resolving them in the best way.

What's important is that we reach results. As for power, we want power to the people so that there would be light. Now we have several viewpoints. So the solution is that we sit, discuss and make a dialogue.

I want to say a word to the people. If the government has one viewpoint they would say it is an inclusive government, a one-party government, a government of arms which acts with force. In case arms would lead to having power, well people must not be sad! Some said that this agreement happened under the impact of arms in the government. Well by God that is not the case. People made dialogue and discussions and were convinced and reached a result. However if arms lead to having power, welcome to arms then. What is the problem in that? It has been made clear that arms build a country and do not cripple building a country or cripple having power. However this is untrue fabrications.

Anyway, if the government has one viewpoint they say it is the government of one party. It is an inclusive government. It is the government of whatsoever. It's headed by so and so. Well if the government has multiple viewpoints and at times makes discussions and differs among itself and is extra transparent, they insult the ministers on TVs and on platforms. Perhaps that is positive somewhere as there is transparency, democracy, freedom of expression, and modern terminology. Moreover, this government which you label the government of Hezbollah has that much diversified and multiple viewpoints. Ministers express their viewpoints and make that much discussion. That is excellent. Well this is a form advanced to any democratic government in any country.

Anyway, this is what we say. Yes, this is a responsible government. The ministers in this government, the deputies in the parliament and the people are supposed to work and address the crises. As for bargaining on the failure of the government, this is wrong.

Brothers! I would like to tell you that in Lebanon, the governments whether they were productive or failing are toppled or kept in power through politics. This is what we came to know through experience. This is my viewpoint. Others might have other viewpoints. However through what we came to know, even if the government is productive, excellent, and great and makes achievements, if political alliances, the political construction and the political forces change, the government will be toppled. So whether a government is making achievements or not or whether it is a failure or a success, it remains in power only by politics and it is toppled only through politics also. Do not believe that burning tires or popular demonstrations topple governments. This is a mere show or decoration. In Lebanon, it's only politics which topples government. Read history and you will find that by yourselves.

So it is not bargaining on the failure or success of the government that keeps it in power. It is politics which keeps it in power or topples it. We are not saying that the government must make achievements to remain in power. We are saying that the government must make achievements because it is its responsibility to make achievements whether it remains in power or not. As long as it is a government and as long as it enjoys the confidence of the Parliament, as long as it assumes national responsibility, that means it must make achievements and work day and night even if the following day there will be a vote of no confidence and it will be toppled. Human, national, religious, moral and legitimate logic says that, and we always take pains so that the government makes achievements.

Now, when there is success in Lebanon, unfortunately there would be spite which cripples projects and many of the achievements and many of the positive points. It's personal, party, factional spite and considerations. This is at a time we see that many issues are very clear and need that ministers only meet and take decisions.

What I want to say is that the political given says that the government will remain in power. It is not as some say that Hezbollah had taken a decision to keep the government in power, No! Even if Hezbollah took a decision of this kind, it is not known whether the government will remain in power or not. It is clear that the political given which kept the government in power so far will keep it in power until a further notice, and that might be after a long period of time. So this is similar to what I said concerning the first point under the situation in Lebanon to the effect that the events in Syria are moving in this direction and that has its repercussions on Lebanon.

I tell all the components of the government and the authority - His Excellency the President of the Republic, the Premier, the ministers and all those who back the ministers: We are all called upon to be more active and serious. There are obligations towards the people which we must assume. We must agree among each other, we must talk with each other, and we must reach results.

This protects the country and is for the interest of the country.

Perhaps it is because of the factional, sectarian and party construction in Lebanon that no one holds anyone accountable. However as a religious studies student, I remind everyone that there is a Judgment Day. There is a legitimate responsibility and a stand before Allah Al Mighty.

Today, the people's security, dignity, daily food, health and livelihood are among the obligations of the government. We will be asked about that on the Resurrection Day….

We usually in our mosques and compounds avoid decorations and artistic aspects. However in this Mosque – Sayyeda Zeinab (Peace be upon her) Complex – we intended that. Because it is in this region and because we have a moral and political message, I was one of the persons who approved of these decorations and artistic aspects. That's to tell them: "We are reconstructing our mosques and societies in a much better and beautiful way. This is the message we wanted to convey…. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.