Friday, May 9, 2014

Beauty will save the world - Happy Victory Day!

In this Victory Day I want to congratulate you all for doing your part of the struggle against Empire today.   Even those of you who might think that they are doing nothing are doing something very important just by trying to find the truth and by bypassing the Empire's propaganda machine.

National-Socialism was an abomination.  Not only was it a racist, genocidal, imperialistic and hateful - it was infinitely arrogant and, I am sorry to say, it was the logical an inevitable outcome of ten centuries of European arrogance, imperialism and self-worship.  In terms of millions killed, National-Socialism ranks pretty low, most definitely lower than the various Marxists and Capitalists regimes in history, but then it only had 12 years to try hard and fail.  But they did aim for a "modest" 1000 year Reich, and what stopped them was Russia, even if it was a Russia enslaved by Communism.

Today Russia stands against the same foe.  We can call is AngloZionism, we can call it West European imperialism, we can call it turbo-capitalism, we can call it globalism, and we can even call it neo-Nazism - but these are just labels which, even if correct, always simplify a complex reality.  But all these ideologies spring from the same Satanic fountain of self-worship: theomachy.

And just as in WWII, it would be exaggerated to say that Russia today stands alone.  But, again, just as in WWII, Russia does bear no less than 80% of the burden of this struggle.  This is why I believe that today's military parade on the Beautiful Square in Moscow (mistakenly called "Red" square in the West) is an important reminder of the degree of willpower the Russian people can muster, even in the worst possible circumstances, to defeat an existential enemy.

I sure hope that the plutocratic 1% kabal running the AngloZionist Empire from behind the scenes is paying attention.

Still, today should first and foremost be a day of celebration and, for me, that means a day joy, peace and beauty.  Rather than post images of military hardware of political symbols, I decided to offer you all something much smaller, much humbler, but which I found beautiful: three pictures of stained-glass prints recently sent to me by a reader, Rosie, to whom I wish an especially happy Victory Day!

When I saw these prints, they evoked feelings of peace and joy in me and I wanted to share them with you in the hope that you will feel that too.

Happy Victory Day to you all, my friends,

The Saker
All Pictures and prints ©Rosie Gowing, retired artist, stained glass, at 2 Gwastadnant, Nant Peris, Caernarfon, N.Wales. (3 cards for £1)
Desert of the heart-hope springs eternal ©1981

Grace in her bearing ©1981

Make love not war ©1987