Monday, May 12, 2014

The "West" and other misnomers

I often get justly criticized for using designations like "the West" or "Anglos" because they are misnomers.  Frankly, I have to plead guilty to this offense because yes, I do use them, and yes, they are misnomers.  Even saying "the Ukrainians" or "the Russians" is an oversimplification.  My only defense is to say that I have to assume that the readers of this blog are intelligent and educated enough to understand that when I say, for example, "the Americans" I do not mean every single citizen of the United State any more than when I say "the Germans" in the context of WWII I mean every single living German person of that time.  Still, I regularly feel a little guilty about using such possibly ambiguous categories and I welcome the opportunity to set the record strait.

Just today an anonymous poster wrote in a comment that Israel did not support the USA in the Ukrainian crisis.  I fully agreed and posted the following reply:
That is quite true and it is too bad that people often lump Israelis with AngloZionists because, as you correctly point out, the Israelis are generally backing Russia in this case. For example, Israel has offered to help Crimea get water ( although in the end the Russian military will end up providing the water by building a pipeline under the water.  There are just too many Russian Jews in Israel not to realize that the Ukie regime is neo-Nazi and racist. Besides, Bandera was never popular amongst Russian Jews for obvious reasons.
The topic of Russian-Israeli relations in a fascinating and very complex one which really would deserve a full analysis, and if/when things cool down in the Ukraine I will write one, but today I just wanted to illustrate that even my "AngloZionist" category, by which I still stand as being basically correct, can lead to misinterpretation and that even "Zionist" and "Israeli" can, in some instances, be two very different things.

One of my correspondents today sent me some beautiful pictures taken in Vienna with his cellphone which show that the category "the West" also should only be understood as "those who rule over the West" (just like all these other categories should really be understood as preceded by "those who rule over").

While official Europe is de-facto backing neo-Nazis, while the western official historiography is increasingly trying erase the role of the Soviet Union in defeating Hitler, while Russia is neither invited to, or even congratulated with, celebrations of Victory Day - there are some people in the West who, of course, remember the truth and do act on it.  

Thanks to "D" for sending me these photos and giving me the opportunity to address the issue of the categories I use on this blog.

The Saker

PS: look at the amount of flowers people brought!