Monday, May 26, 2014

The "other West" - one more example

Alexander Solzhenitsyn liked to say that "one teaspoon of sea water gives you the taste of the ocean".  Today I would like to post here the text of a letter to the Russian embassy in Germany by a private person which is exactly that: the letter of (only) one person.  However, the feelings which it conveys are, I believe, shared by a lot of people in the "West".  It would well be that this letter is like Solzhenitsyn's teaspoon and that it gives us the taste of an ocean of people which the imperial propaganda machine is trying to hide from us.

Here is how this person explained to me the motive behind the writing of this letter:
Earlier this month I wrote an e-mail to the Russian Embassy in Germany. I thought I'd share it. It isn't much, but I felt I need to send out some peaceful "signals". Our leaders are completely controlled by the US agenda. They do not take the calls for deescalation and peace serious, and many in Germany speak out for that. I find it incredibly sad how our country is a hostage of the US. No idea how we can ever get out of that strangle hold.
Does it make sense to write such personal letters?

I strongly believe that it does.  First, it will be read by somebody in the Russian diplomatic corps and that somebody is most definitely in need of moral support in these times of rabid russophobia.  Second, Russian diplomats understand that for one person who put pen to paper there will be one hundred who did not, but who feel likewise.  But third, and that is most important, this person freed himself from the burden of passive collaboration, of being a silent accomplice of what is being done in his name.  That kind of soul-cleansing immensely profits the person who performs it.  Most of us do not have the power to really affect the outcome of what takes place around us, nevermind changing the course of history, but we do have the power to refuse to let the "system" (for lack of a better word) survive through us.  That individual refusal to support the system is what brought down the Soviet Union and which, I strongly believe, will bring down the AngloZionist Empire.

The Saker
Translation of the original letter (written in German):

Dear Sirs and Madams,

In consideration of the ever increasing tensions between Germany and Russia, I would like to apologize for the behavior of our government. Right from the start I was assailed by a very bad feeling due to occurrences in the Ukraine. I am a German and also a US citizen and feel great shame for the foreign policies of both Nations. To me, just like to many Russian people, it is unfathomable that Germany and the United States would openly support Fascists in the Ukraine and that our political leaders can not be dissuaded from doing so. There are more and more attempts at making Russia seem like the guilty party on the world's stage, which is another thing troubling me. One is forced to conclude that certain influential circles in „the West“ intend to provoke an armed conflict with Russia, a cause for great concern. It is my hope that things will not go that far, since Germany would certainly be at the center of events. Hopefully people in Russia are aware that the majority of Germans do not want a war with Russia and that many people here are increasingly disillusioned with the policies of our Government, NATO and of the United States. The outrage is growing. The words and deeds of our Chancellor drive home the fact of the US's predominance also in Germany. Surely you can imagine that it is painful for me to say such things, since I was born in the United States and therefore have ties to the country and the people. Peace and understanding between peoples have greater personal meaning than blind patriotism and nationalism though. And it is clear to see that Germany needs strong and positive ties with Russia. Whether the US leaders will realize that is doubtful. I can only question the rationality of some American officials. In the past days I have voiced my opinion on some social networks, including the page of the German Secretary of State. Unfortunately I was blocked there, as many others who voiced their criticism. Apparently political leaders here in Germany, have abandoned the public's opinions, the same can be said of the media here. It has turned out to be the worst propaganda in a long time and is reminiscent of the days before World War II. Hopefully the tensions will decrease, instead of rising further. And I hope that President Putin will continue to act in a level-headed manner. I can not help but call Merkel's and Obama's behavior insane.

I would appreciate if you could forward this mail to the correct recipients. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,