Thursday, May 22, 2014

Personal announcement: rules, housecleaning and contact info request

To the small number of obnoxious monomaniacs amongst you who are totally obsessed with WWII, Hitler and Jews: this blog is *NOT* a historic blog about these topics.  Is that so hard to understand?  Today I had to trash something in the range of 20-25 comments all about race, Jews, Hitler, etc.  This has got to stop and you are clearly not understanding it the nice way.  This is a blog for educated adults, not a Kindergarten and I am spending too much time playing Kindergarten co.  So now I have to be not nice.  Let me repeat again:

1) Unless the topic is Hitler, I will tolerate no more comments about Hitler.
2) Unless the topics is Jews, I will tolerate no more comments about Jews.
3) Unless the topics is WWII, I will tolerate no more comments about WWII.
4) Any comments using the word "race" (which is a fiction) goes to trash.
5) Any comment in CAPITAL LETTERS (which is screaming) goes to trash.

There has been a very long thread on Christianity and Islam under my recent post "Non-political interlude: reply to two posts (religions haters please skip this one!!)" which stayed in that comment section for which I am very grateful to all those who participated in the discussion.  Likewise, should I ever post something about Jews, WWII or Hitler, you are all welcome to post provided you do not post racist nonsense for which I frankly have no more patience.  Criticize Jews or anybody else if you want, but as soon as you call them a "race" your comment goes to trash.
Also - I recently received a donation from Canada sent by a lady whose initials are "Е.Е.Ц".  I would like to tell her the following: Вы мне не послали Ваш адрес но я все же хотел бы Вас поблагодарить за помощь и поддержку.  Если не трудно, то сообщите мне пожалуйста Ваш электронный адрес.  Заранее спасибо!
And since this post has no real topic, I leave you with a funny Russian demotivator whose caption I translated and which is as good a summary of the current "clash of civilizations" as any.

Kind regards to all,

The Saker