Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ukraine mini-SITREP May 22th, 00:14 UTC/Zulu: "Ukie attack appears imminent" (UPDATED!)

I am getting a lot of emails warning me that a massive assault seems imminent in the Slaviansk - Kramatorsk - Krasnyi Liman area.  The local commander, Strelkov, has posted a warning about this and RT is also echoing the same concern.  I am also getting warnings from contacts in the Ukraine.  The Ukies are not too keen in fighting at night so I expect that attack to begin tomorrow morning, in roughly five hours.

If this attack beings, let's all try to gather information about what is happening.  I will try to keep you posted and please feel free to post any information you come across.

In particular, since I do not fellow social media networks (FB, twitter, etc.) at all, I would ask those of you who do to keep us informed if you see something interesting.

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker

UPDATE: just got this from a contact:
Grads are on the move as of 3 hours ago, confirmed, destination unknown. Ukes are shooting off and on at civilian targets as of an hour ago, confirmed, subburbs of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, casualties if any unknown. Unconfirmed reports say a bridge in or near Lugansk city has been dropped on a major road to the city, waiting more info on that report. Reliable source says OTR-21 missiles are also on the move, destination unknown, direction unknown. I do not know if the navigation systems for these devices have been changed to west system or if they are still tied to the system in Russia. Scattered fighting around Slavyansk area at this time, confirmed.

Here's a vid of the labor hall in Odessa. This is one of the main leaders of maidan, voice easily recognizable. He clearly states when going through the labor union hall that 'it's just like labor union hall in maidan, piles of bodies'. They burned that building in Kiev and right sector left their prisoners in the building to burn alive, handcuffed and some shackled to heating system pipes on the floor occupied by right sector. Notice the bright sunlight at the beginning as right sector is coming downstairs and the 'burn boy' who had just set the stairs on fire. His task was to burn the faces and hands of the bodies found, some he burned alive. The sunlight shows right sector was in the building well before the main crowds got there, ergo the massacre was planned well in advance as we all know.