Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My apologies to all those who commented today

Guys, there are good times, bad times and terrible times.  I just had a major problem happen in my home (a teenager acting up in the worst way and at the worst time) and when I came back to my computer I managed to press the wrong button and delete the last 50 comments posted (across all posts, I think).  I was really upset and I screwed-up.

I tried to find an "undo" command, but blogger does not seem to offer it.  So I have to offer you my heartfelt apologies for shooting your comments today.  I am sorry and I will try to never let that happen again.

If you have the time and patience to repost them, I will gladly do that.  If you email me with a summary of your comment, I can go through my inbox and try to find your deleted comment.  Other than that there is nothing I can offer.

This is the perfect time to call me a moron and an idiot.  I would have no right to object :-(


The Saker