Friday, July 11, 2014

Check out the latest "Porothreats"

Rather than paraphrase, I decided to post a screenshot, with Ukie flag and all:

Some have criticized me for using the word "Nazi", but here again we have a *typical* Nazi reaction: when members of a national liberation resistance group kill an occupier, they are called "terrorists" and the Nazi command promises to kill 100 locals for every killed occupier.  I think that any French or Italian reader will easily confirm that this was the standard Nazi practice.

I also love the use of the expression "Russian BM-21 Grad".  As opposed to what?  The "Ukrainian" BM-21 Grad which have leveled Slaviansk so well that only 6% of the population lives there now?

And how about the "It is extremely important that Ukrainian servicemen demonstrate responsible behavior from the very first second after liberation of the cities. They give their FSR, water and everything they have to local residents".  Does he refer to the 6% which are left?

This also reminds me of the American "we had to destroy the village in order to save it".

How is that for a "civilizational choice"?  Right back to Nazi Germany.  The EU really can be proud of its protégé tonight.

The Saker