Thursday, July 24, 2014

France's #1 Zionist bashes Putin and Europe in the NYT

Yup, you probably guessed it.  It's BHL, Bernard Henri-Levi, the so-called "philosopher" and France's ArchZionist who after declaring war in Libya and, before that, Serbia, is now declaring war on Russia.  Normally, I would post the article in question.  But for BHL I will make an exception and only post the link:

If you can do that and keep your breakfast down, I urge you to read his piece.  His racist hatred of Russians is not even subtle: "vodka-soaked rabble army" "undisciplined louts who know only the law of the jungle" "dogs of war who follow no creed and no law".  He does not even need to say "subhuman" like Iatseniuk did - it is already quite clear.

It's 1917 (hiding behind a thin veneer of 1941) all over again.  The Trotskists want their genocide again.  But this time around Russia understands it and is ready.

The Saker