Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 22nd Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo: A normal day in Iraq

Quote of the Day, the bringer of Peace, the great hope of the Arabs, the destroyer of WMD, the remover of tyrants, and the liberator of oil, Tony Blair: I spend two-thirds of my time on unpaid work
Thought of the day: Does he mean unpaid or unpunished?

Second Quote of the day, Ban Ki Moon: I saw Hamas rockets hitting Israel! It is very sad!
No more thoughts for today, enough said!

Quote of the day Three, Professor Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University (courtesy of the Israeli paper, Haaretz): “The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped.”

22nd July: Daash has employed its female fighters to search women at checkpoints. The primary purpose these women serve is to confiscate valuables from fleeing women (as happened in the case of Christian women fleeing Mosul) and to try and indentify former security personnel from amongst fleeing residents.
22nd July: The Red Crescent is distributing thousands of packets of food aid to the displaced in Diyala
22nd July: Peshmerga forces are trying to get Daash fighters to withdraw from Jalawla, Diayla. Peshmerga forces control the north and centre of the town, while Daash fighters control the southern part that has arab inhabitants. The constant fighting has the local residents scared and the local tribes are asking Daash to leave rather than continue fighting the Peshmergas.
Daash terrorist carry out the death sentence for five residents of Jalawla by taking them to the centre of the town and publicly executing them
22nd July: Mosul is now empty of Christians. Daash rebels have called the azan (Muslim call for prayer) in the seized Mar Afram Syriac Church in Mosul. Loud speakers were installed on the church to make the call.
Muslims are not allowed to pray on or in stolen/snatched property, but then Daash are not Humans, let alone Muslim, Sistani’s Fatwa:
875. The first condition: The place where the prayers are offered should be Mubah. If a person prays on a usurped property, then as an obligatory precaution, his prayers are void, even if he prays on a carpet, or a couch, or similarly objects. However, there is no harm in offering prayers under a usurped roof or a usurped tent.
876. Prayers offered in a property whose use and benefit belongs to someone else, will be void, unless permission is taken from the entitled person. For example, if a house has been rented out, and the owner of the house, or anyone else offers prayers in that house without permission of the tenant, then as a measure of precaution, his prayers are void. And if a person made a will before his death that one-third of his estate should be used for a particular cause, prayers cannot be offered in that property until that one-third has been dispensed with.
22nd July: The Security Council unanimously condemns the persecution of Christians in Iraq
22nd July: The Government of Iraqi Kurdistan has decided to pay its employees in USD, as it does not have enough of Iraqi currency.
22nd July: Lukman Faily, the Iraqi Ambassador to the US, has asked the United States to bomb Daash targets in Iraq and those crossing over from Syria. He has pointed out that the “bureaucratic delay” in delivering Apache attack helicopters and F16 aircraft has raised serious questions in Baghdad. He has also stated that Iraq has so far refused the help that was offered by the Iranians.
Henry Wotton: An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country.
22nd July: Iraqi Kurdistan is facing an acute financial crisis because of suspension of payments by Baghdad in February after a dispute over Federal Budget allocations.
22nd July: The Naqshabandi army has rejected Daash’s levy of Jiziya (religious tax) from the Christians in Mosul. It has gone on to state that it does not believe in divisive policies being carried out by Daash fighters. The order stated that it believes in equal rights for all irrespective of ethnicity or religion.
22nd July: After the Shia and the Christians in Mosul, the Daash terrorists are putting pressure on the Kurds to leave Mosul city.
22nd July: Massoud Barzani rubbishes claims made by Baghdad that he visited Iran to gauge Iranian response/acceptance of an independent Kurdish state. He stated that Kurdistan does not need anyone’s permission.
22nd July: Ahmed al-Shami of the Fallujah Health Office stated that Iraqi Government Air Strikes have killed 19 civilians (mostly women and children) and injured another 38. The government is being blamed for the use of “barrel bombs.”
22nd July: The Iraqi Government has withdrawn its ambassador to Jordan over a “conference” held in Jordan of groups wanting to change/overthrow the government in Iraq.
The Jordanian government claims that it was not officially sponsoring the conference and had no say in the content being discussed or its conclusion.
22nd July: Al Qaida has renewed its allegiance to Mullah Omar in Afghanistan as its Emir. Looks like Caliphs are not welcome.
22nd July: Security Forces in Kirkuk are reporting rescuing a child kidnapped by a “Daash” rebel
22nd July: Security Forces in Kirkuk recover the body of 6 taxi drivers kidnapped and executed by Daash. Three men accused of kidnapping them have been arrested.
22nd July: First photos of the Caliph’s wife:
Not sure if her “level” of Hijab is acceptable to Daash
22nd July: The Imam of a mosque, Abdul Rahman al-Jobouri, is killed by Daash terrorists in eastern Baqouba
22nd July: A shell fired by insurgents in central Baiji kills a man and injures his wife
22nd July: Atta’s/Government claims for the day (Most statements are not being made by Atta any more but by other government spokespersons:
The Air Force claims to have killed 100 Daash/rebel fighters in Salah id Din
The Air Force kills five Daash/rebel fighters in southern Baqouba
Checkpoints of Government forces in Tikrit are attacked by rebels, but the assault is repelled

22nd July: The Syrian army claims to have killed scores of anti regime fighters “terrorist” throughout Syria
22nd July: Resistance news sources are reporting the death of Eftar Terceman, the son of the Israeli army’s south region commander
22nd July: Israel may have to end the war soon: US and European flights to Israel have been closed out of security concerns
22nd July: CNN says that most Americans support Israeli operation in Gaza
22nd July: Israel enjoys a huge base of support amongst Indian net commentators on Facebook and social media, most seem to hold an anti Muslim bias
22nd July: Mehmet Gormez, the Turkey’s Top Cleric calls the DI of Daash “illegitimate”
22nd July: The Israeli army states that the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas is dead
22nd July: The UAE is livid over accusations made by Al Jazeera that UAE ministers met with Israelis to discuss the situation in Gaza. The UAE is asking for an official apology.
22nd July: “Moderate” rebels have been fighting hard to try and expel “Jihadist” fighters from four regions of Damascus. But have lost considerable ground to Islamists in the north of Syria.
22nd July: 2 women are stoned to death in Raqqa, Syria by Daash

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