Saturday, July 12, 2014

Very telling video (especially for Islam-haters!)

I recently learned this lesson the hard way, so let me begin with a few caveats: I don't know where this footage was taken, I don't know when it was taken, and I don't know by whom it was taken.  It is identified on YouTube as "Interview with Chechens in Donetsk".  Except for the only flag I see on the video seems to be a South Ossetian one.  And since both the Chechen and Ossetian languages are very different from Russian, I don't understand a word of what they say.  All I did see is the words "Vostok Battalion" on one of the vans written in Russian.  Now, after all these caveats,  here is what I want you all to see:

Look carefully at the woman in red at the corner of the street who is watching as each APC passes her.  Do can you see what she is doing?

She is blessing each APC with an Orthodox blessing even though she probably knows that these are mostly Muslims.

So here you have it my Islam-haters and defenders of "Christendom" against the "Islamic threat": a Russian Orthodox woman is blessing Muslim men (Chechens are Muslims and while Ossetians can be Muslim or Orthodox, but the men on the video look Muslim to be, at least judging by their beards).  Muslim men who have left their faraway country to cross Russia to defend Orthodox Russians outside Russia.  When was the last time that the so-called "Christendom" came to the defense of Russia, the Russian people or the Orthodox anywhere??  

I take no joy in that, believe me, but the historical record is clear: sadly, what is was call "Christendom" in the past (and by some today) or what is called the "West" or even the "Judeo-Christian civilization" (??) has always been against Russia and against Orthodoxy, even though even today they still deny this vehemently.

Sure, Russia did have wars against Muslim states, but with the exception of the Ottomans, these were not religious wars.  It is also true that Russia did engage in imperialistic expansion towards the south, especially in the Caucasus and Central Asia (there were no Chechen or Tadjik invasions of Russia to repel - Russia invaded them).

And, of course, there was the abomination of the two Chechen wars recently for which, I sincerely believe, both nations share the blame, responsibility and even shame.  And yet today, Chechens (including, I am sure, many former insurgents) are fighting in Novorussia.  Why?  Because on a deep level we - Russians and Muslims in or near Russia - belong to the same "civilizational realm".  Just like Central Asia or the huge Siberian expanses, the Caucasus is part of a multi-national and multi-ethnic civilization which history has forged, sometimes in peace, sometimes through wars, but which was a reality in the Russian Empire, during the Soviet Union and which today is slowly re-constituting a "Eurasian Union".  This Eurasian Union will always have a strong Islamic component to it and the Wahabis are wasting their time and money when they try to bring the local Muslims under their influence and make them agents for the AngloZionists (like they are trying today with the Crimean Tatars).  They will always get some initial results, but they are bound to fail because you cannot roll-back or ignore history.

In a paradoxical way, the AngloZionist aggression against Russia (and China on the other side of the Eurasian landmass) seems to be creating a "reactive consolidation" of the Eurasian Union.  If not for the (US sponsored) wars in Chechnia and in South Ossetia, would we ever have seen this woman blessing Muslim soldiers going to the front?  I doubt it.

One more thing: poor Ukie death squads.  I can just about imagine their horror when they will realize that instead of defenseless civilians, they are facing battle-hardened Chechen and Ossetian warriors.  Man, I wish these guys would capture Liashko, just to see how he would behave in their company...

Kind regards to all,

The Saker

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