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Igor Strelkov and Militia Briefings, July 24, 2014

Briefings Combined for July 24-25, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

July 24, 2014 – Report from a Local Resident of Mariupol

Gasoline A92 is 15 hryvnia 85 kopecks. Many companies and small factories only work to 50% of their capacity, many have sent their staff on unpaid vacation. The large factories are holding, but I know for a fact that people at Azovmash have been working an incomplete week since winter.

Vegetables on the market are cheap (after all, we are in the south), but, generally, food has become more expensive. A regular bus ticket is 4 hryvnia. I have not paid for communal services yet, but I know that electricity and hot water have risen in price. Electricity is now 30% more expensive.

The city is controlled by Battalions Azov and Dnepr. They are taking away people’s cars; there are a lot of incidents of people disappearing, drunken shooting, raider takeovers [of businesses]. What is going is that they are completely terrorizing the populace. At the same time, they have painted fences, garbage urns, posts, and benches in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. They are constantly organizing some kinds of flashmobs on the topic of love for Ukraine. The men are terrified, waiting for mobilization. They are figuring out ways to escape to join the Militia or to dig cellars to wait everything out there before it is too late.

01:33 – July 24, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Strelkov

At this time, the fighting is continuing near Marinovka and Dubrovka. Our artillery is conducting strikes against the positions and the concentrations of the enemy’s personnel and military equipment. There are multiple fires in the area of the Marinovka terminal and near the settlements of Tarany and Grigorovka – Ukie armour and vehicles are burning. The enemy artillery fire has been almost completely suppressed.

Over the course of yesterday and today our losses near Marinovka-Kozhevnya-Dubrovka totaled approximately 50 men (almost all of them – wounded), 2 tanks, 2 BMPs, and 1 BTR. Deputy Minister of Interior and commander of Battalion Oplot, A. Zakharchenko, who was personally commanding the attack on Kozhevnya, was wounded in his arm. Today we congratulated him by promoting him to the military officer rank of Major.

The losses of the enemy exceed ours several times over. The enemy sustained particularly large losses to its manpower. Heavy casualties were also inflicted on the freshly-arrived Nazi-scum [National Guard] Battalion Azov. The enemy is severely demoralized, but continues to latch on to the “corridor”, although the latter has narrowed to 1 kilometre.

Between the settlements of Konstantinovka and Novomikhailovka (to the south-west of the settlement of Marinovka, on the western outskirts of Donetsk), our Saboteur-Reconnaissance Group (“SRG”) “Ptitsa” [Bird], which is part of the 2nd Slavyansk Infantry Battalion, using remotely controlled mines blew up two Kamaz trucks with enemy infantry. Yesterday, the same group destroyed the enemy Grad system that was being transferred to a firing position in order to attack the city.

The battles for the settlement of Blagodatnoye (to the north of Amvrosievka) continue. Supported by 4 tanks and 4 BTRs, the enemy again attacked the village. In the course of the battle, our maneuverable groups, composed of the personnel of the 4th Regiment of the 3rd Semenovka Infantry Battalion, were able to destroy 1 BTR. The experienced commander of the regiment (“Kozyr” [Trump Card]) used prescribed tactical orders, pursuant to which our infantry avoids defending checkpoints and stationary fortifications when faced with an attack by obviously superior enemy armored forces and forces them into a maneuverable battle directly in an urban area or in a forested zone, paying the most attention to eliminating the enemy’s manpower. Frequently, the enemy reacts very nervously to such a tactical maneuver and retreats. What will happen today – the night will show.

Despite attacks, the enemy was unable to move into Gorlovka or into Debaltsevo. Owing to a timely withdrawal from Lisichansk by the main forces of A. Mozgovoi, the enemy could not immediately take the Pervomaisk-Stakhanov-Alchevsk agglomeration, which was previously protected by a very modest force. Now the National Guard will be forced to engage in heavy battles for this territory.

Mozgovoi did what was most important – with his maneuver he covered the theretofore practically “naked” section of the front. At the same time, I can state with full responsibility – the order to withdraw from Lisichansk he received from me personally, and he performed it, despite all the expressed objections.

On the other hand, I would like to remark on the courage and the disregard of self by commander Leshiy and his fighters, which have been defending Lisichansk with a very small force for over two days now, buying us time to organize our defence on new frontiers. I hope that they will managed timely to break through the enemy ranks

July 24, 2041 – Briefings From Locations

The column that was moving toward Svetlodar dug in at the Svetlodar/Mironovka intersection. Apart from Nazi-scum [National Guard] it consists also of female units (snipers).

Also noted were tanks and approximately 15 supply vehicles, only, instead of ammunition and personnel, they were chock-full of dead bodies. “Presents from the front” may not come this time because field morgues have arrived.

In Mariupol, instead of Nazi-scum [National Guard], the checkpoints are now staffed with reserve units with very questionable personnel numbers. The Nazi-scum is being redeployed to the front lines.

In Donetsk, the situation is tense – battles and artillery strikes continue; there are killed and wounded. In Popasnoye, there are continuous sweeps – everything is being searched. Fierce battles continued all day in Lisichansk and in Severodonetsk. Uragan MLRS are shelling Lisichansk and the Lugansk checkpoint. There were also Smerch MLRS volleys (the exact number of the volleys is not known, but there was at least one). In Lugansk, there are also battles, artillery and air strikes are being conducted. Over the course of the day, the Ukrainian Air Force flew about 12 sorties in the skies over Novorossiya.

Artillery strikes were being made at all the centres of resistance to the Junta; as well, in the air appeared MIG aircraft (jet fighters) that were primarily engaged in observation. Antiaircraft forces of the Militia shot down 2 Su aircraft over the course of the day – one over Lugansk and two over Saur-Mogila. In Luganks, the ban on the use of private automobiles was extended to July 25th, counter-saboteur operations are ongoing. In the course of today’s shootings three civilians were killed and approximately 70 were wounded.

In Kramatorsk, they are going to be forcibly enlisting all the men into Ukie punitive units, and, for that reason, all the males were asked to present themselves at the local conscription centre, purportedly for the purpose of verifying something or other. In Slavyansk, they have started to deploy camps for the “unreliables”; construction equipment and cement blocks have arrived.

23:35 (MSK) – In the area of the military base on BOSSE, a battle is ongoing, red signal rockets are being launched, there are sounds of KPVT working, automatic weapons’ fire and explosions.

03:10 (MSK) – Donetsk. It is night and once against Grad volleys can be seen and heard in Petrovka.

11:54 – July 24, 2014 – Briefings from Igor Strelkov

The batters of NONAs of the Slavyansk artillery group, with the aid and correction assistance of reconnaissance units of the 2nd Slavyansk Battalion, advanced to a close distance, conducted a strike at the enemy positions to the north of the settlement of Kuteinikovo, near the settlement of Bondarevskoye. According to preliminary information, as a result of targeted fire, a BTR and a BRDM of the enemy were hit and 1 SAU [self-propelled artillery unit] from the battery that had been shelling Ilovaisk for the past several days was destroyed. In addition, two detonations of ammunition took place.

All night, the enemy shelled Gorlovka’s residential districts using Grad MLRS. There are numerous instances of destruction, fires and casualties in the city. The shelling resumed in the morning. There were no attempts whatsoever to fire on the Militia positions.

The 4th Regiment of the 3rd Semenovka Infantry Battalion reported that they were able to capture a damaged BRDM in Blagodatnoye. Blagodatnoye remains under our control. The BRDM will be repaired and will join the ranks of our armoured units.

July 24, 2014 – Photography from the Battle Lines

This is all that remains of the 79th Separate Aeromobile Brigade of the Ukrainian punitive forces.

July 24, 2014 – Briefing from the Militia

Yesterday, in Lisichansk, a colonel of the Nazi-scum [National Guard], Alexander Radievskiy, was eliminated. For the past two months he was engaged in the suppression of the antifascist uprising in Donbass. The executioners from his unit took part in indiscriminate use of heavy weaponry against civilian objects, in the humiliation and torture of the Militia fighters and of their relatives. According to the information of the counterintelligence of the Novorossiya Militia, the NazGuards of the Military Base No. 3011 distinguished themselves by looting in the captured settlement and on the field of battled. Radievskiy commanded punitive forces in Slavyansk, Nikolayevka and Semyonovka.

13:26 – July 24, 2014 – Commentary from Igor Strelkov
what is happening with the encircled grouping?

Igor Strelkov: For now, they are just sitting there, waiting to be de-blockaded. They are experiencing not only food and water, but also ammunition shortages. I think there wait will be in vain – in Grigorovo, our forces threw back the assault grouping of the enemy that was put together for the purpose, and we are now finishing off the Marinovka terminal.

July 24, 2014 – Video from the Field of Battle

First Video: The Process of Eliminating a Concentration of Ukie Military Equipment

Second Video: Ukrainian Footage with the Results of the Militia’s Artillery Shelling of the 79th Brigade

July 24, 2014 – The Situation in the Occupied Mariupol

Notes from a local resident with respect to the situation in the largest city of DPR [Donetsk People's Republic] that is occupied by the Nazis.
With respect to the mobilization: there are rumours that the quota for Mariupol was set at 5,ooo – 20,000 conscripts (depending on the source), and for the Volodarskiy district – 2,000. And here is the most interesting fact – All! All of my friends who had served in the army in the past are planning to flee to Russia or to join the Militia (as they are the first on the list to be mobilized). In other words, no one wants to fight for Ukraine.
I do not know the situation with the local Ukies who sympathize with the Junta (there are none among my close friends), but there have been no lineups in front of conscription centres.
The local metallurgy is almost finished. One of the plants has gone bankrupt. Two more are about to, due to the Ukie Nazi Guard [National Guard] destroying the Avdeevka Coke-chemical plant. It is not clear what will happen in the future. Without metallurgy, the city will not last long.
Ukies run around town, wave their flags, organize auto-caravans in support of Ukiestan, draw Ukie flags everywhere they find space.
However, normal, sane people are not asleep either – the Ukie flags painted on posts and other constructions are regularly sprayed with red paint (to demonstrate that the flag has been smeared with blood).
It is remarkable that in certain areas the painted Ukie flags remain smeared in “blood” for weeks – i.e. no one erases or repaints them. This is an indication that those who draw them are not local, but that they were sent in to sweep the area and paint their scribbles wherever they could.
Numerous people have “suddenly” disappeared in the city. There is a ton of “Help Us to Locate” and “He Left and Never Returned” ads posted around.
The city is surrounded with Ukie checkpoints that seem in no hurry to leave the city. Looks like Taruta is terrified. At the checkpoints, there are a lot of Ukie-speakers, but there are also some Russian-speakers present.
Lately, we have noticed a lot of vehicles bearing Kiev registration plates (the AA series). This is very strange.
A great number of very strange “refugees” have taken up residence in the city – they sunbathe at the beach, relax in cafes and clubs, drink, entertain themselves, shoot fireworks, enjoy themselves – not a shred of fear, no concern or anxiety. It is as if they are not refugees at all, and, yet, they keep saying that they are from Donetsk or Lugansk. But not everyone is like that. There are also a great many of those who arrived penniless. These refugees are assisted by volunteers, special organization and concerned residents.

16:26 – July 24, 2014 – Commentary from Igor Strelkov

The enemy again stormed the settlement of Peski on the outskirts of the city and again (for the second time) took control of Blagodatnoye. Ukies military commanders now have something to report for a day’s work – they are “advancing”. Apart from reporting back there is no sense whatsoever in these attacks and “successes”.

July 24, 2014 – Information from Lyashko’s Facebook Account

Battalion Donbass has been surrounded on the outskirts of Donetsk. Our fighters were ambushed by the militants in the western part of the city. They need reinforcements as soon as possible.

17:00 – July 24, 2014 – Donetsk Situation Report from the Militia

In Donetsk, fighting has been ongoing in the suburbs since morning. The Junta is unable to advance in any measurable way, and, when it meets resistance, resorts to artillery strikes, while at the same time feeling out the Militia’s defences with tank armoured units consisting of 3-4 tanks each, as well as with Saboteur-Reconnaisance Groups (“SRG”).

The enemy is prevented from undertaking a more serious offensive by the low quality of their infantry and the lack of reserves, which have been spread to all other directions and without which it would be pure madness to engage in urban combat.

Fighting continues in the area of Peski and Maryinka. The Junta can show no significant advance on this direction either. The Militia continues to shell the Donetsk airport.

July 24, 2014 – Information from a Resident of Mariupol

I am from the city of Mariupol. I would like to share the following – for the second day now there is complete outrage and lawlessness in the city. Men in military uniforms have been stopping buses and taking away young guys without explanations or investigation, as if they are conscripting them, but without summons or anything like that. No one knows where they take them – it looks like they are being mobilized into the army, but, to my great astonishment, no one is writing about it.

July 24, 2014 – Information from a “Strelkovite” Militiaman

By the way, I do not want to worry you without reason, but, in about a month, the Militia will need warmer uniforms. At first – for the rain, and later – for the winter. We will also need white winter camouflage, skis, snowmobiles, and suchlike. The chances of the Militia securing victory before the winter are slim. And it is not in our plans to surrender and suffer defeat.

And what this means is that we are facing an autumn-winter campaign. Russians are the master of winter warfare, and Strelkov, personally, understands it well. But we need warm padded jackets [vatniki]. It’s better to start thinking of this in July then to start rushing around in September.

17:33 – July 24, 2014 – Briefing from Igor Bezler

One of the detachments fighting in the city of Donetsk destroyed an enemy BTR and 2 tanks during one of the Ukie attacks. One of the tanks was captured, is now being repaired and will be ready to go into battle in 2 days! The captured tank is a commander’s machine – on the helmet, the writing states “commander”. We also found documentation with the radio call-names of the tanks crew. The crew was completely eliminated during the skirmish.

16:00 – July 24, 2014 – LPR [Lugansk People's Republic] Militia Briefing (Up to 16:00)

In the course of the day, the situation on the outskirts of the capital of the Lugansk People’s Republic did not change substantially. The opposing sides have remained in their positions.

The artillery of the Militia continued successfully to work over the positions of the enemy. In particular, a checkpoint of the Ukrainian army on the outskirts of the settlement of Georgievka was almost completely destroyed. The enemy lost at least one tank, one BTR and up to 30 men. Severe losses were also inflicted on the enemy column that was stretched out near the village of Bakhmutovka in the direction of Aleksandrovsk. There the enemy lost at least 2 tanks, 2 BTRs, and over 100 Ukrainian servicemen were taken out of commission.

The Republic’s artillery also continued to shell the Radio-Location Station, where the largest grouping of aggressor is located, the Lugansk airport and the enemy positions near the settlement of Metallist.

On the northern direction, the enemy was able to occupy Severodonetsk and partially to enter Lisichansk, where approximately 20 fighters of the Commandant’s regiment continue to hold their positions. Thirty men today withdrew from the city under mortar fire, redeploying in the neighbouring Stakhanov, in order to gather forces to aid those who stayed behind in Lisichansk. During the previous night, the city was again subjected to severe bombardment using Grad MLRS; electrical and water supplies have been disrupted, and the city almost is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.

The situation is also serious in Debaltsevo, located on the border between LPR and DPR, where the city defenders are experiencing severe shortages of ammunition and heavy military equipment.

In Gukovo, the Ukrainian side continues to hold the customs checkpoint, but it is being subjected to constant shelling by the Militia units.

Yesterday, the Lugansk Militia also conducted an attack on the checkpoint of the Ukrainian forces in the vicinity of Makarovo. In return, the aggressor blasted the village with howitzers from the Georgievskiy decline. According to eyewitnesses, certain houses in the settlement are still burning.

Near Sverdlovsk, clashes continue between the units of the LPR army and the Ukrainian army near the “Krasniy Partisan” mine.

July 24, 2014 – Statement from Valeriy Bolotov re Full Mobilizaton

The perfidious military attack of the Nazi Ukraine against our Motherland continues. Despite the heroic resistance of the Army of the Lugansk People’s Republic, despite the fact that the best battalions of the enemy and the best units of its aviation have been defeated and routed and found their graves on the fields of battle, the enemy continues to push forward, throwing new forces at the front.

However, manpower resources are not infinite. Give it some more time, and the Ukrainian Nazis will have no men in any way able to fight.

What is necessary to finally defeat the enemy?

We need the people to understand this and to cease being carefree, to mobilize themselves and to move to a new, to a war footing, which knows no mercy to the enemy.

We are conducting a full mobilization to reinforce the Army. We call upon every person who can bear arms to join the ranks of the LPR Army. Voluntarily, honestly and conscientiously.

All the forces of our people will be committed to bring about the enemy’s defeat!

Forward, to our victory!

The Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic
The Commander-in-Chief of the LPR Army
V.D. Bolotov

20:28 – July 24, 2014 – Commentary from Igor Strekov

Igor Strelkov: Battles are ongoing near Marinovka, in Blagodatnoye and in Peski. The latter two are divided in half between Ukies and the units of Cossacks, supported by the tanks of Battalion Vostok. I will report with respect to the outcome of these battles later, in the evening.
Can you please tell us why Igor Strelkov has not given interviews to journalists in a long time? Is this connected with the consistently difficult situation on the front, or are there other reasons?

Igor Strelkov: I will tell you a terrifying secret: Igor Strelkov does not like to give interviews and is not at all thrilled with the public recognition that has “descended on his head”. He gives interviews only when it is particularly necessary or when he is forced to go in front of the cameras. You can trust me – I know him well … :D

21:40 – July 24, 2014 – Situation Report from Militiaman Prokhorov

The results of the night battles:
Over the course of the night, the positions of the punitive forces near the settlement of Amvrosievka were shelled using artillery, as well as BM-21 “Grad” MLRS. In addition, a BRDM-2 of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] forces was blown up with a radio-controlled mine in this area. The information with respect to the enemy losses is being confirmed.
The positions of the punitive forces near the settlement of Ilyinka (DPR) were shelled twice. Once – using “Grad” MLRS, and once – using artillery.
Punitive forces on the territory of the Lugansk airport and near the settlement of Kamyshnoye (LPR) were also shelled using “Grad” MLRS. Same with their positions near the settlement of Berezovo – BM-21 “Grad” was used. The enemy positions near the settlement of Avdeevka were shelled using mortars.
The ATO checkpoints near the settlement of Severodonetsk and Smolyaninovo (LPR) were shot at using light arms.

Today, closer to the evening:
Positions of the punitive forces near the border crossing checkpoint “Marinovka” were shelled using artillery.
Positions of the punitive forces near the settlement of Dubrovka, Debaltsevo, Semigorye (all – DPR) were also shelled. The strike were conducted using light arms and grenade launchers.
The positions of the punitive forces were on the territory of the Lugansk airport were fired upon using two tanks.
In Lisichansk, battle clashes between the punitive forces and the Militia continue.

In the western part of Donetsk, the mercenary battalions Dnepr and Shakhters have been encircled. In Lugansk, the settlement of Yubileyniy is under the Militia’s control.

22:40 – July 24, 2014 – Commentary and Answers from Igor Strelkov
Igor Ivanovich, have there been incidents of the Militia permitting the wounded from the 79th Aeromobile Brigade to leave the “southern cauldron” to rejoin their main forces, and did they surrender their arms when doing so?

Igor Strelkov: They have not been surrendering to us. They are too afraid. Right away they run across the Russian border. There are “nice guys” sitting there – they evacuate the wounded … to help the non-wounded hold out longer.
have the Cossacks been fighting well, or have they been fleeing as usual?

Igor Strelkov: We have very of them. At least, very few of Kositsin’s Cossacks. It’s too “hot” where we are … they can be killed, you know! They are the “elite” – it not proper for them to die like “common militiamen”!
in Krasniy Luch, information is actively being spread that the “remnants from the cauldron” will in the nearest hours (days) be attempting to break through the encirclement through Antratsit and Krasniy Luch. Do you have any information to that effect?

Igor Strelkov: Their fuel tanks are dry. They’ll have to break through on foot.

23:46 – July 24, 2014 – Information from Militiaman Prokhorov

Near Volnovakha, guerillas destroyed 2 buses with equipment for the punitive forces. There is information that a commander of Praviy Sector from the city of Gorden’ki also was eliminated and that another pravosek [Praviy Sector militant] was wounded.

July 25, 2014 – Photography from Militiaman Motorola

Photograph: Motorola’s Equipment – Traces of Fragments Are Clearly Visible

Motorola, himself, continues to treat his broken arm in Crimea. Now you can understand what modern bulletproof helmets are, and why they are so important to the Militia.

01:16 – July 25, 2014 – Briefing from Militiaman Prokhorov

Militiamen conducted mortar shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian forces near the village of Kozhevnya in the course of the entire July 24, 2014. The enemy has been surrounded, cut off from supply lines and, according to our intelligence, is preparing a counterattack with forces numbering approximately one and a half thousand soldiers. Apart from that, several Ukrainian BTRs have been dug in inside the ravine.

In the area of the summer camp, there is a BTR and infantry personnel. It looks like they are preparing a counteroffensive on the village of Kozhevnya. According to the defenders of Donbass, the encircled Ukrainian units have been backed into a corner, and their ammunition is running out, and that is why they have been opening return fire less and less frequently.

Similar situation is developing on the other flank, near the village of Marinovka. The Militia artillery continues to shell the customs terminal, on the territory of which enemy soldiers remain blockaded. Shelling is conducted also using recoilless guns.

According to reports from LifeNews, on July 22nd, the armoured vehicles of DPR entered the settlements of Kozhevnya and Chervonaya Zarya, which are located on the border between Ukraine and Russia, and closed the ring of encirclement around the forces of the 25th, the 72nd and the 79th Aeromobile Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The attack was successful due to a joint strike from both flanks, with the support of artillery.

With respect to Lisichansk: Ukies entered the city and even hoisted their rag over the mayoralty. The Militia continues to hold positions from the centre of the city to the Rubber-Technical Plant. The local area is called the same – RTI. There is substantial destructions in the city [Note: a list of damaged buildings follows in the original, which has been omitted from this translation, but can be made available upon request. Ten separate buildings are noted as having sustained serious damages, and at least one person is noted to have been killed].

In Donetsk, Battalion Shakhtersk of the punitive forces has, unfortunately, broken out of the encirclement – with losses. The fate of the Battalion Dnepr regiment is unknown.

On the border, the Militia is engaged in battles with Ukies in Dolzhanskiy, Birukovo and Krasnopartizansk.

At approximately 23:50 (MSK), Ukies started to shell Debaltsevo.

Below are photographs of Lisichansk after shelling by the Ukrainian army.

01:55 - July 25, 2014 – Information from Journalist A. Krasnoshekov

Just now, for the first time in over a day, I could hear war in Donetsk. A far-away 20-second large-calibre cannonade made glass panes rattle on the 9th floor in the centre of the city.

Donetsk is full inhabitants. Almost everything in the centre is open for business. By the vehicles, camouflaged with aerosol paint, that rush across traffic remind you of a different city … Just in one of the Donetsk hotels there are as many foreign journalists as there were in Slavyansk in the days of the referendum. I suspect that it is very different in Lugansk.

In the centre of Donetsk a strange clap did not cause alarm among passerby, nor did it make them move faster. A woman speaking on the phone nearby said: “They are blasting away, so what! I am not afraid of anything anymore.”

Some of the cafes in Donetsk, where I dined back in April-May, are reporting that they will be closing indefinitely. At the central market in Donetsk only about one third of the stalls are occupied. The press is not permitted to photograph fighters and checkpoints. It is unclear whether it is permitted to be in the area of hostilities. For now, prior DPR accreditations are recognized, and almost every European here has one.

02:50 – July 25, 2014 – Briefing from a Donetsk Militiaman

Ukies are now “showering” Gorlovka using “Grad” MLRS. This is right next to us.

Today we have a lot of trophies – every fighter brought back 3-4 Kalashnikovs and an RPG. Tankists are pumelling Ukies, and the infantry have taken a break to eat. We are sitting here and polishing of the canned goods we got from Ukies. A local man brought some bread, onions and cucumbers. He said: “Take me with you.” A half-kilometre away, I can see Ukie military equipment burning down. I can hear whistling and a joyful cheer from the guys: “Yes! Yes! Take it, Nazis!” Gorlovka fighters burned down Ukie armoured vehicles with mortar fire, and we helped with our tanks! That’s how we help each other out.