Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22nd combat SITREP by Juan

1. Donetsk, Lugansk and surrounding towns and villages being bombarded ceaselessly by Uke forces using every weapon in their possession, Grad, Hurricane, Tornado and Smerch MLRS and arty up to 20.3 cm.

2. In last 4 days over 300 civilians in the aforementioned areas have been killed and a like number and more wounded. Civilian and industrial areas completely devoid of any Army of Novorossiya facilities and troops are targeted as is infrastructure such as gas, water and electric services.

3. Shoot down of MH17 has focused all world eyes on the aircraft. The Ukes are using this to unleash an assault on the civilians of Novorossiya with unprecedented savagery. Entire MLRS volleys are being fired in to cities, towns and villages away from the prying eyes of the press.

4. The Cauldron has not been reduced. Although the remaining two battalions of airborne and armor troops have been decimated and have lost most of their equipment and transport both are still dangerous.

5. The Ukes are pressing Army of Novorossiya very strong. There has been a noticeable change of tactics in some areas of fighting by the Ukes, obviously a change of command or advisors.

6. Heavy fighting around both Lugansk and Donetsk Aerodromes. Neither side seems to have an advantage.

7. Situation in and around Slavyansk and Kramatorsk is grave. Little food and water, some electric in certain areas. Many roads blocked by Uke block posts. Military age men and some women are still being arrested.

8. The fate of the Militsiya detachments from Slavyansk and Kramatorsk arrested after Strelkov withdrew are still unknown. No information or contact to any of their families since 05 July afternoon.

9. Travel by private vehicle in areas of Novorossiya from the Kherson Oblast/Novorossiya border is dangerous. In the countryside at some small road intersections there are one, two or three civilian cars and trucks with the occupants shot dead.

10. At one intersection of two country dirt roads two cars are shot. Lying beside one of the cars are three local villagers, one man and two women, obviously shot to death while trying to either help the wounded occupants of a car or trying to remove the bodies. Locals are terrified and rarely leave their villages. Crops are untended.

11. One small natsgardia/right sector unit of 8 was ambushed in Kherson/Novorossiya Border area by unknown assailants and their bodies left neatly arranged along the forest path, weapons and equipment removed by unknown personnel. Near the ambush sight a young woman was found dead. She had been outraged and murdered.

12. Civilian travel in east and southern areas of Kherson Oblast can be dangerous. In the areas north of the Krimea/Kherson Oblast border numerous patrols of natsgarda/right sector.

13. Vehicles and the few trains coming to Krimea from Kherson Oblast are searched for valuables and most of the military age men detained and taken 'to the office'. They either pay a large bribe to be allowed to continue to Krimea or are press ganged in to Uke service and sent to the fronts.

14. The refugee situation in Krimea is difficult. No one is left without succor that need it. As in reports from Cassad and Strelkov there are many entire families of refugees fleeing to Krimea, arriving in cars and vans packed with personal belongings, food and drink, vehicles often with the tell tale 'special' license number arrangements. Russia tells all they will be moved to other oblasti in Russia. Many of this category of refugees demand to be housed 'near the beaches', demand refugee status and demand services.

15. 35000 refugees are in Krimea alone, over 300000 refugees have fled to Rostov Oblast and many moved to other oblasti. It is estimated that a like number of refugees are staying with family and friends in Russian Federation. Another 50000 have fled west to Ukeland.

16. In the area around the MH17 crash scene the Ukes are using the local truce for the crash investigation to move and gather units for an assault designed to split Donetsk from Lugansk. OSCE and foreign press on sight fail to see armored columns gathering in the general area.

17. Novorossiya is being hard pressed. The Ukes are using their overwhelming numbers of armor, arty and MLRS to 'mob' the Army of Novorossiya. Opinion is the situation is in balance and could tip either way, victory for Novorossiya or total defeat.