Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17th Ukraine Combat SITREP by Juan

1. Strelkov has allowed the Uke Army to enter in to a trap of their own making in a narrow long corridor between Army of Novorossiya and the Russia Border known as 'The Cauldron'. Never underestimate your enemy. In this case it seems the Ukeland Army has violated that truism.

2. Minimum 35 Uke soldiers have been taken across the border to Russia for medical treatment. Confirmed.

3. Border point near Gukovo has been hit with multiple Grad missiles. There are casualties in the refugee camp close to Gukovo. Confirmed. Source of the Grad attack is unknown.

4. The evacuation of Battalion Vostok wounded from the trap at Donetsk Aerodrome in late May under a flag of truce was arranged by OSCE operatives in Donetsk at that time. The two Kamaz convoy flying a flag of truce arranged by OSCE operatives was ambushed and the wounded slaughtered by two Right Sector units. Two OSCE operatives admitted they knew of the 'possibility' of an ambush, admission made after the OSCE group was released from detention in Donetsk. Confirmed.

5. Sporadic heavy fighting is ongoing in various locations west and north of Lugansk and Donetsk Cities proper.

6. Lugansk and Donetsk Cities proper and their surrounding towns and cities are under bombardment by Grad, Hurricane and Smerch MLRS and heavy artillery. More civilian casualties. Confirmed.

7. Hasty barricades, mine fields and check points are being erected east and south of Kharkov City by REMF's of the Ukeland Army stationed in that area. Confirmed.

8. Large MBT storage facility near Kharkov is under investigation by Kiev. Most tanks in the facility, which are supposed to be stored and battle ready, in fact have been cannibalized for parts, times and dates unknown. Several that were started in preliminary observations seem to have had sugar added to their engine crankcases, dates and times of this act unknown. Sugar added to a diesel or benzine motor crank case, about half a kilo does well, becomes rapidly liquid in the lube oil as the oil becomes warm. This compound then displaces the lube oil from the reciprocating and rotating parts which tends to make them warm with the resultant stress fractures of major parts. The motor can not be salvaged with the exception of various ancillary parts that are not lubricated by the central lube system. Confirmed.

9. The Slavyansk/Kramatorsk areas are receiving little if any aid from Kiev. Food and water is in very short supply. Right sector/nats guarda units are still terrorizing the remaining inhabitants in the searches for anyone who may have helped the Novorossiya units in those areas. Reports of civilians being shot, read murdered, are confirmed.

10. The situation in The Cauldron for the Ukes is very serious bordering on disaster. The Novorossiya Army units surrounding them are not in a continuous line, there are many gaps in the line covered by arty and MLRS units. Some of the Ukes will no doubt escape but it is doubtful any of their remaining equipment will get out. The capture of Marinovka and possession of the Saur edifice have sealed the fates of the Ukes. It will take a few more days to completely clean up The Cauldron.

11. Reports of some Ukeland soldiers removing their uniforms and running from The Cauldron are confirmed.

12. A report of one group of Ukeland soldiers fleeing The Cauldron being captured by locals is confirmed. Their execution by the locals for their depredations is unconfirmed.

13. Partisan activities in Kharkov Oblast and Kherson Oblast are continuing. Confirmed. Activities around Mariupol also confirmed. Partisan activities on other areas of Ukeland are unconfirmed.

14. This war will be long. Expect an effort for a cease fire from Kiev/EU/UN/US/UK/PACE/OSCE/Timoshenko's Masseuse very shortly. It is unknown if Novorossiya will participate in another cease fire after seeing the results of the first 'cease fire'.

15. Novorossiya has paid and will continue to pay a very high price in blood and tears in their fight against terrorists sent by Kiev. Freedom is not free. Novorossiya will pay the price and win it's freedom. Confirmed.