Thursday, July 24, 2014

Short news items & open thread

A couple of quick things:

1) The so-called "interview" with Alexander Khodakovskii (not Mikhail Khodorkovskii) is a fake made by Reuters in which different parts of the real interview were re-mixed together in order to make it sound as if Khodakovskii was saying that the Resistance had a BukM1.  Video and audio proof of that fact that this was a fake was shown on Russian TV today.

2) The "new, democratic and free Ukraine associated to the EU" has just banned the Communist Party from the Parliament.  Welcome to the "civilizational choice" of Europe.

Not SITREP from Mindfriedo today (yes, he too has a life in meatspace), but hopefully one from Strelkov via Gleb Bazov, but later today.

I will be back in a few hours, in the meantime, open thread (with my friend /dev/null keeping an eye on the proceedings).

Kind regards,

The Saker