Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 17th Iraq SITREPby Mindfriedo: Being Played

Quote of the Day, George Galloway: Gaza people are all Sunni. But the only people helping them are all Shia, Think!

In the last two SITREPs part of the short analyses was justifying Shia actions and Shia militias.
This video linked by augmentedether, in my opinion, justifies in part the anger, hatred, and hurt felt by many of the everyday Iraqi Sunnis (on the receiving end of some of these militias) that now sympathize with the rebels. It is a must watch, thank you augmentedether:
“The fact that Sunni militants are not tortured before they are killed, should come as a surprise to one and all”
The video above shows the insensitivity and ignorance of my earlier statement in quotes above. I apologize for having written it.
As most commentators correctly pointed out, the problems with Iraq are too complex to be broken down into simply Shia and Sunni. My only hope is that an existential threat like Daash can help them find common ground even if the American “liberation” did not.

17th July: An opposition group, yet to be named, consisting of Ba’athist, Islamists, Army Veterans, and Tribal representatives is established in Jordan. The Iraqi anti Government group claims that Nouri Al Maliki is killing the people of Iraq and should be shunned/boycotted by the international community.
17th July: Fadel Abdul Hussein, the Imam of the Imam Hussain Mosque in Eastern Baghdad, is kidnapped
17th July: 12 bodies with gunshot wounds are found in different parts of Baghdad
17th July: Bountiful Daash: The areas under Daash control in Syria are fertile and are able to grow ample wheat. Western aid agencies are sending food aid and medical supplies through Turkey to Daash controlled areas.
17th July: Daash is luring doctors and other professionals with high salaries. Doctors can expect 100000 Syrian Pounds or 390 pounds sterling a month.
17th July: The Iraqi government will be exporting 2.6 million BPD of Crude oil this month
17th July: Clashes are ongoing between Daash/Rebel fighters and Peshmergas in Kirkuk
17th July: A suicide bombing in Baghdad has killed 5 people and injured 11, a second suicide bombing has led to four deaths.
17th July: The Tal al-Banat compound in Western Mosul is attacked by unidentified, but suspected to be Daash fighters, using Mortar shells. The perpetrators fled on the arrival of Peshmergas. The compound hoses refugees including Sunnis, Kurds, Yazidis and Turkoman Shia.
17th July: Daash fighters blow up the Al Sadah Shia mosque in north Mosul
17th July: Daash cuts of the drinking water supply of Telkef district in north Iraq. The local administration is assisted by technicians from Kurdistan in digging wells and using tankers to supply water.
17th July: Daash buries one of its leading members in Baiji
17th July: Mua’yad Ouglu, the head of the Baladrouz Local Council in Diyala, is injured when an adhesive explosive device attached to his car explodes
17th July: The corpses of five civilians tortured and killed by Daash rebels are found in Tikrit
17th July: The European Parliament has requested the Gulf States, Turkey and Iran to come up with a “solution” for Iraq.
17th July: Ali Khadderi, a special assistant to the US in Iraq, claims that he “discovered” (much like a fashion model) Maliki from within the Dawa Party to lead Iraq in 2006. It was Maliki that helped bring down the violence of the Shia militias and take on Al Qaida. However, since 2010, he observes that Maliki had become increasingly sectarian.
17th July: Amerli, a Shia Turkoman town in Tuz Khormato---east of Tikrit, in under sustained Daash attack. Daash has been reinforced with fresh fighters and is assaulting the town from 6 directions. The local defenders are being provided with air support but are not expected to last long.
17th July: Over 1000 Moroccon Jihadists from Morocco are fighting in Iraq and Syria. Another 1500-2000 Moroccans are believed to have travelled from Europe to Syria and Iraq.
17th July: Sezgin Tanrıkulu, an opposition Member of Parliament has presented a list of questions in the Turkish Parliament regarding the fate of four Turkish nationals arrested in May 2014 in Fallujah for aiding and training Daash fighters.
17th July: Atta’s/Government claims for the day:
Government carries out airstrikes in four regions of Anbar
The Air Force continues to hit Daash/rebel targets in Tuz Khormato
Iraqi forces defuse three IEDs in Baghdad and safely detonate a car bomb
Baghdad Operation Command claims killing 24 Daash Fighters in the past 24 hours

17th July: A Taliban attack on Kabul Airport has been thwarted with all militants killed

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