Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ukraine SITREP March 22, 13:05 EST

  • The OSCE has agreed to send observers to the Ukraine.  Their task shall be to monitor the situation and to investigate reports of human right violations.  The OSCE has had to accept the fact that Crimea is now part of Russia, thus the observers shall not be deployed to the Russian Peninsula.
  • The situation in the Ukrainian military is one of total chaos.  Not only have three tanks and one APC simply exploded, but many units seem to have been forgotten by the Ukrainian command which had decreed a partial mobilization but which has since given no orders to the mobilized units.  Parents and relatives are demanding that their family members be released, but the unit commanders say that they have been notified that leaving the base would be considered desertion and that this would be punishable by 5 years in jail.
  • During a live TV show the new Ukrainian Defense Minister was told by a local unit commander that most of his soldiers were either resigning or sending applications to join the Russian armed forces.  The Minister accused the unit commander of being a coward and said that he and his men were welcome to leave.
  • A Ukrainian SU-24 has crashed, both pilots have had the time bail out.
  • In an absolutely unprecedented act, the Russian journalist Dmitrii Kiselev has been included in the list of sanctioned Russian officials.  Kiselev has been recently appointed by Vladimir Putin as head of the newly created state news agency Rossiia Segodnia.  Also, Kiselev has been the object of a vicious propaganda campaign by the western homosexual lobby who has accused him of "homophobia".  As for Kiselev, he has declared that the list of Russian officials sanctioned was drafted by the pro-US Russian "liberals" who then passed it on to the US Embassy in Moscow.  This version has been echoed by other sources.  What is certain in Kiselev's case is that he was sanctioned only for his views, for daring to be outspoken on air against the arrogance of the AngloZionist Empire (check out the hatched job Wikipedia did on him).
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