Thursday, March 13, 2014

Personal announcement: dealing with Nazis and other racist trolls

With the recent sharp rise of readers of this blog (well over 1'000'000 visits in total and 10'000+ visitors per day) a equally sharp rise of Nazi and other racist troll clearly happened.  My policy in the past has been to either crush their sophomoric and ignorant views by posting rebuttals, but now I simply do not have the time to play Kindergarten cop with these obsessive-compulsive Jew haters.  And yet, I cannot simply censor their posts because that would contradict the core value of my blog - complete freedom of thought.  This, of course, puts me in front of a dilemma: do I let these cretins pollute my blog, or do I give up on my ideal of freedom of though and speech?  I wish I had a "virtual sandbox" were I could send these folks and let them play together, talking about Jew-this, Jew-that, Hitler-this, Hitler-that, but I don't have that.  So what I propose to do here is to post a short appeal to them and to the rest of you, mentally sane and educated commentators, in the hope that this will help.  Let's begin with the tedious part:

Request to the various Nazi and racists trolls posting on this blog:

Guys, please try to make an effort and understand the following: Nazis and other racist trolls are not welcome here.  Please do not mistake my letting you post as a sign of approval or interest for the worthless crap you post here.  Simply put again: Nazis, Fascists and racists are not welcome here: I loathe Hitler for my own reasons: I consider him a nasty, arrogant, ignorant, megalomaniac, pagan racist SOB. I personally have known MANY people who suffered horrors at the hands of the Nazis, and I have absolutely *zero* sympathy for him or his followers. To me, Hitler is the ultimate expression of the West arrogance, imperialism and brutality. And if you think I speak of ignorance or under influence of the corporate media, you are quite mistaken. I have read Mein Kampf, I have read Goebbels, Streicher and Evola. I personally met plenty of Nazis, both in Argentina and elsewhere. And I have read most of the best known revisionists and negationists. I personally met some and had long talks with them.  I even had one bona fide real Nazi friend (who, alas, passed away now).  I read Mussolini too, by the way. I know National-Socialism well enough to know how stupid and evil it is.

I am categorically opposed to Zionism and to the existence of the racist entity which calls itself the "Jewish State of Israel".  I know that rabbinical phariseism (which calls itself "Judaism") is nothing more than an hateful anti-Christianity.  And I have no problems criticizing (or praising!) those who call themselves "Jews" even though I also know that there is no such thing as a "Jewish race".  However, and unlike you, I do not believe that Jews are the root cause of all evils on the planet, nor do I believe that Jews are in any way different from any other human being.  I reject racism as counter-scientific and as a grievous pagan heresy.  While I welcome, and even encourage, an intelligent discussion about Zionism, Judaism or Jews, I am sick and tired of those obsessive-compulsive maniacs who always and only speak of these topics.  I am not a Kindergarten teacher or a psychiatrists and I don't want to have to deal with your ignorant and sick minds, theses and personalities so, pretty please - with sugar on top - go away!!  If that helps, please consider that I am a Jew, a rabbi, a sayan agent, that the Mossad pays for my blog, that my daddy is a senior Knesset member (from the Shas Party), my mother is an executive director at AIPAC and JINSA, that I log all your IPs to hand them over to a Mossad Kidon team and that I drink the blood of Christian babies for breakfast every morning, ok?  Now please - just do the nice thing and go away!!!

n.b: from now on any post with CAPITAL letters or in bold will be immediately deleted with no warning.

Request to the mentally sane and adult readers of this blog:

Guys, I think we have to stick to the "old" Internet wisdom and "not feed the trolls".  First, there is a 50/50 chance that these so-called Nazis are really employed by Israel's hasbara teams to turn people off this blog.  But even if they are sincere, they feed on our reactions, just like the perverts who like to show their genitals to school-kids or make anonymous sexual phone calls.  So please ignore them no matter how stupid or offensive the crap that they spew is.  Frankly, they deserve neither our time nor attention, so let's treat them like the non-entities they are.

Very sincerely,

The Saker

PS: just to clarify - I do encourage and welcome intelligent historical revisionism which, in my sincere opinion, has nothing to do with Nazi apologetics.  There can be no dogmas or sacred cows in historical research.