Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today the UNSC made its choice, tomorrow the Crimeans will make theirs

Tomorrow Crimeans will make a basic and clear choice.  The choice will not be whether to remain part of Banderastan or not, the choice will be whether to become de-facto independent and accept a figleaf of Ukrainian sovereignty  over Crimea, or to totally break-off from the "Ukrainian experiment" and return to Russia.

"On March 16th we will chose: either or"
All the members of the UNSC except Russia (vetoed) and China (abstained) seem to think that it is absolutely unacceptable to refuse to join a Nazi Banderastan for the people who had to bear 80% of the weight of ridding the world from the Third Reich.  One could say that by that vote these countries also made their own choice:  Russia freed the West from the Nazis, yet the West prefers to Nazis to the Russians.

Hitler, this first proponent of a European Union, would be proud of his "western" successors.

The Saker