Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A short break for a much needed smile :-)

I just wanted to share with you some of the funny stuff I also got in my mail recently.

From "ELH":

NEWSFLASH - NSA has been hacked. Here is an unconfirmed conversation that took place a few minutes ago.
President Buttercup: You lezzie bitch, you told me everything was going according to plan in Ukraine.
Nuland: We have some bad news and some good news.
Buttercup: What's the bad news?
Nuland: That $5-billion you sent to Ukraine didn't buy as many neo-Nazi's as we thought. We need a few billion more. Also, we might be at war with Russia soon. That bastard Putin can't take a joke.
Buttercup: And the good news?
Nuland: Pussy Riot has agreed to perform at your next birthday party.
From Paul:
US pulls back on military cooperation with Russia, stemming the flow of drunken Air Force generals to Moscow and bankrupting the Russian Liquor industry as a result. "Without firing a single shot, we have crashed the Russian economy and increased the life expectancy of our own military men and women", Obama declared in a news conference today, while sipping on a glass of Finlandia vodka. (see this for context)
From anonymous:
Russia pledges $5 billion to assist Scottish independence from the UK.

 From AK:

I know that these are tragic times, but thank you all for putting a smile on my face!


The Saker