Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Ukraine accelerates its national suicide, but then decides to think it over

As I have already written here many times, what is currently taking place in the Ukraine is basically a bizarre form of national suicide.  The strangest aspect of this is the kind of bizarre zig-zag the new revolutionary regime is constantly making like, for example, in the case of the law on languages which removed the official status of the Russian language and which was repealed almost immediately after its adoption.  Well, the Ukies did it again.

First, they passed a law introducing visas with Russia.  Then, somebody realized that the amount of money sent home by Ukrainians working in Russia was roughly equal to 12% of the Ukrainian GDP.  Then, somebody also realized that most of the folks working in Russia are not from the eastern Ukraine, which actually has a semi functional industry and economy, but from the poor western Ukraine and that the only people hurt by the passing of such a visa regime would be the western Ukrainians amongst whom the vast majority of the neo-Nazis from the Right Sector and the "Freedom" Party are recruited.  So they "suspended" that decision.

In the meantime, the Nazi thugs have stormed a well-known vodka factory in the western Ukraine.  The resulting drunken stupor must be a "fringe benefit" of revolutionary fervor...

The Saker