Thursday, March 13, 2014

Don't listen to what they say - look at what they do

Try out this thought experiment.  Imagine for one minute that you are a fundementally decent and honest person who, by an ironic twist of history, has been put in power during an armed insurrection basically conducted by neo-Fascist thugs who do not represent the majority of the people of your country.  They are now making demands and they want to become part of your new government.  You, of course, being a decent and honest person, are uncomfortable with that situation, but things being as they are, you have to accept the facts on the ground and take a pragmatic decision: either include some of them in your newly formed government, or risk being overthrown.

What would you do?

Well, I suppose that you would have to give the neo-Fascists a certain number of ministerial positions.  Which ones would you give them?  I think that the logical approach would give them the ministries where they might to a halfway decent job and which would minimize the harm that these crazies could do to your country, right?  So, let's look at my personal choices would be:

1) Ministry of Sports and Youth (Nazis and Fascists are good at sports and health issues)
2) Ministry of Transportation (trains will run on time)
3) Ministry of Infrastructure (Hitler built good roads)
4) Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food (no food shortages even in 1945 Berlin)
5) Ministry of Environmental Affairs (pagans often worship nature)

One would imagine that Mr Iatseniuk would do something very similar, right?

Well, not quite.  Check out where he put his neo-Facists:

Vice Prime Minister Alexandr Sych (Freedom Party)
Minister of Defense Igor Teniukh  (Freedom Party)
Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov (officially member of the Fatherland Party but in reality an agent for the Right Sector)
Head of the National Security and Defense Council Andrei Paribii (Social-National Party of Ukraine)
Deputy Head of the National Security and Defense Council Dmitri Iarosh (Right Sector)

Amazing no?  The neo-Fascists are occupying all the positions of power, what is often referred to as "power structures".  Instead of putting them where they could do the least amount of harm, Iatseniuk put them right where they are the most dangerous.

[The reality is, of course, that they - the neo-Fascists - put Iatseniuk where he is today, and not the other way around, but if we want to believe in the "democratic' myth, that is not a notion we are allowed to contemplate.]

So what are we make of Mr Iatseniuk, Klichko and others?  That they are either spineless cowards or, in fact, willing accomplices of a neo-Fascist coup?

I think that it is absolutely impossible to deny the following facts:

1) the regime in power in Kiev was put there by an armed neo-Fascist insurrection.
2) the regime in power is still fully controlled by neo-Fascists.

This is whom the US and EU are supporting: real, bona fide, ugly violent and hateful neo-Fascists.

And, yet again, it is Russia which stands alone against them.

What else is new?

The Saker