Friday, March 14, 2014

Personal announcement: okay - I am fed up, Nazi and other trolls are banned

Dear friends,

I am really sorry to have to announce that I fed up with the torrent of ignorant, stupid and racist comments this blog is getting.  I honestly tried to do my best not to have to censor these guys, but that only seemed to have exited them further.  I simply don't have enough time to spend one single more minute dealing with this issue.  I am not a Kindergarten teacher and I am not a psychiatrist.

So, from now on, any and all Nazi and Jew-hating trolls are banned and their comments will be immediately erased with no warning.  Fact based and intelligent discussions about Zionism, Judaism, Jews, Hitler, WWII and any other topics will be allowed (and encouraged!), but only if they are on topic with the original post. 

Frankly, I see what I will be doing not as censoring thought or speech, but at kicking out stupid and ignorant trolls who contribute nothing and who just pollute this blog by their presence.  Again, adult and intelligent posts will never be censored.

I am very sorry to have to do that, but I have come to the conclusion that this has become necessary.  I want this blog to return to its usual level of intelligence and civility.

Many thanks for your understanding and my apologies for having to resort to such methods.

The Saker