Thursday, March 6, 2014

Neo-Fascist Ukrainian insurgents attack a bus with Russian civilians near Cherkassy

This happened in February 20th, 2014, in the Cherkassy region of the Ukraine: Noe-Fascist Ukrainian insurgents attacked several buses with Russian civilians who were burned, murdered, tortured and humiliated.

This is a quick translation of the audio:
Reporter: On February the 20th, in the Cherkassy Oblast, a mob of armed insurgents stopped several buses with citizens from Simferopol.  The passengers were beat up and dragged out of the bus.   They were then piled up upon each other, they were forced to walk crouching on their heels, and forced to sing the Ukrainian anthem.

Interviewee: they were hammering the buses and pouring petrol on them, on one of their checkpoints they were executing people with shotguns, the buses there were all burned, they were throwing buckets of petrol on our bus and setting fire to it.  When people fled the bus there were killed with baseball bats.  We could have resisted, of course, but they all had firearms which they were not hiding.   The go around in the middle of the day with assault-rifles and shotguns taken from the Berkut, with hunting rifles and sawed-off shotguns.

Reporter: some of the buses were simply burned down. In Simferopol the passengers came back as if they had just returned from the enemy's side of a warzone.

Interviewee: they stopped the bus and they began shooting at them, they forced people out and then began shooting and pouring petrol.  We were all beaten.  They broke my arm and my collarbone with a rebar.  I am only a citizen of Crimea.  I am just from Crimea, do you understand, why do we need such a Ukraine?   They think that they are above everybody else, for them we are nonhumans only because we speak Russian!

Reporter: the Crimean authorities did inform Kiev of what happened.  No reaction.  The Revolution does not punish its heroes.
Unlike "official" Kiev, the Ukie blogosphere did pick up on this story, but gave it its own spin: they say that these buses were filled with pro-Russian provocateurs which they call "titushki" so that is why they got stopped, "arrested" and burned.  I am sure that this explanation will fully convince the western media and politicians, but for the people of Crimea this is yet another reason to want out for the ugly Banderastan the US and EU are building in the Ukraine.

The Saker