Saturday, June 14, 2014

Russian Embassy in Kiev under attack - possible chemical attack in the East tonight - situation in Iraq

Juan just emailed me to let me know that the Russian Embassy in Kiev is under attack by neo-Nazi rioters.  The attack is streamed live here:

Also, there is a 90% probability the gaz attack in Novorossiya will be tonight during the seizing and burning of the Russian Embassy in Kiev as "The World's" attention is focused on Kiev.  

I would add that my "beloved" BBC only reports Poroshenko's threats following the downing of the Ukie Il-76 by the NDF.


While I do not have the energy to follow the events in both locations, what is taking place in Iraq is nothing short of amazing.  Think of it - when Uncle Sam attacked Iraq, al-Qaeda basically did not exist there (except in Saddam's jails).   Now, after a decade of "US-style nation building" the local franchise of al-Qaeda is in full control of Mosul, Falludjah, Tikrit, Ramadi and many other.  And now, years after Dubya's "mission accomplished"  we have Barak "no we can't" Obama having to decide whether to bring back the "official" US military in (the "private" or "unofficial" never left) or whether to provide air cover for the Iranian Pasdaran.  Or maybe attack them too?  Who knows what kind of idiotic plan Obombya and his advisers can come up with?  What is certain is that this is a total disgrace for a country which fancies itself as a superpower.  Think of it:

Lebanon: US wanted a new Middle-East.  Fail.
Iraq: US wanted to built a client-state.  Fail.
Afghanistan: US wanted to eliminate the Taliban.  Fail.
Pakistan: US wanted to eliminate the Taliban. Fail.
Syria: US wanted to regime-change Assad. Fail.
Egypt: US wanted to create a client state. Fail.
Libya: US wanted to create a client state. Fail.
Chechnia: US wanted to subvert Russia and control the Caucaus. Fail.
Georgia: US wanted to subvert Russia and control the Caucasus. Fail.
KSA: US wanted an alliance with KSA over Syria. Fail
Qatar: US wanted Qatari support over oil prices and Russi. Fail.
Yemen: US wanted to destroy al-Qaeda. Fail.
Somalia: 20 years ago the US wanted to take Somalia under control. Fail.

And the list goes on and on and one all around the planet.  Remember when Obama said that Russia was a "regional power"?  I wonder whether he said that with envy as the US is not even capable of dealing with Mexico, nevermind the middle east.

These examples also show how weak in impotent the US military has become.  It is just powerful enough to make a bloody mess out of a small country, but if we accept that warfare is the pursuit of other means, than the US military is basically useless as it has failed to secure a US political objectives since a long while already, no less than 20 years or even many more...

It will be interesting to see what happens in Iraq.  What is certain is that Iran will eventually have to fix that mess.  That, in turn, will have a direct impact on the war against Syria which, in turn, will strengthen Hezbollah which, in turn, will strengthen the position of Iraq.  There is a American expression for the US foreign policy.  It is called  a "clusterf..." and that is exactly what it is.

Which makes me wonder how a single European can seriously believe that handing over the entire Ukrainian crisis to the US is a smart idea?

What would it take to wake up these comatose EU politicians?

As for the central Europeans a la Poland, Lithuania, Romania or Bulgaria - they picked Uncle Sam as their patron and sold their souls to him for pennies (talk about betting on the wrong horse!).  And for that they will always be treated with contempt by their neighbors, both from the East and from the West.  Oh yes, there will be hell to pay for those who sold out for so cheap and, frankly, I cannot honestly say that I feel sorry for them.  As the Russian saying goes "they got what they fought for".

The Saker