Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Auslander reports on refugees from the Ukraine and how to help them

The situation in Novorossiya for civilians in many areas is critical. In the areas under heavy and continuous bombardment food is scarce. Water in Slavyansk area is stopped some days ago. Electric also. The other important part of water supply, the removal of sewage, well, the Ukes shot those plants to pieces also. The situation in Kramtorsk is even worse, so bad that there are civilian bodies in the streets, many bodies, that have not been picked up for days. I am not joking. I tell the truth. I shudder to think how many dead civilian men, women and children we will find when we eventually secure the area but I will not be surprised to find the numbers exceed a thousand if not far more.

To the best of my knowledge the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has refused to bestow refugee status on the civilians leaving the combat and bombardment areas of Novorossiya. To quote a famous quote, why should they care? Those who are suffering are Untermenschen.

What this apparent decision means is Russia and we the people of Russia will do the work for the civilians and refugees ourselves with no official help from The West. The reality is I am not unhappy with this apparent decision from those fops in NYC. At least when we work for the refugees and citizens they will get every kopek of the money and effort we spend as opposed to perhaps 5% from that useless UN plus we will not be under their thumbs, 'guidance' and control while we do what is needed.

At this time we are working on getting as many civilian women and children out of the combat areas as possible. I can not give you the slightest detail of this effort. The Ukes are trying to watch everything and they do read this blog faithfully. The Ukes are following their American and EU master's instructions and will kill evacuees they find before they let them go. That is a fact. I can not tell you where our evacuees are going, suffice it to say they are going out of the combat area. Let the Ukes figure out if it's east, west, north or south.

All this being said, some of you asked how you can help, where can you send donations. You will have to trust me on this one. None of you, not even The Saker, know me personally, although my official US HOR is close to Saker. All I can say is I will tell you all when this is over, just as I promised The Saker some information after all is said and done. Trust me, wherever you live you will hear The Saker laughing when I give him the info promised, but before you hear the laughter you will hear a 'Holy s//t, really? It's true?'. You will also hear me say 'Yes, my friend, it is true. Remember when I told you to look at ///// ////?'.

I have a very close friend, an old comrade, in USA. He runs my small hobby business in USA, extant for 14 years now, and he feeds my hobby addiction here in darkest Krim. He is like me, we are two old war horses put out to pasture. We hear the trumpets blowing 'saddles', we hear the roar of the guns in the distance, we run as best we can to the gate and paw the ground, knowing we can no longer serve in the line but we damned sure can pull a supply wagon. I trust this man with my life.

He has graciously agreed to help with the donations to our evacuation effort on his paypal sight. He has set up a section of my web sight specifically for donations to our efforts here. He and I will split the paypal fees of roughly 4% and add that to the monies sent to me and I will give the money to Church accountant. My wife and I will be intimately involved in this effort and we will watch every kopek as it is spent. At this time my wife and I are fronting the money, as is Father, to get this effort up and running. As of 15:00 today we are operational.

Here are the links to the sight:

If you wish to just donate, here is the paypal sight link:

Please, if you donate put in the information section 'Donation to St. Nikolas Church'. I will handle the rest.

No, my name is not 'bob', that's his name and his address on the account and his email. He forwards all to me automatically, both emails and money as it arrives. One day I'll tell Saker and you my name. Maybe. My wife and I, as mentioned on Saker's blog, are very private people. We discussed long and hard before deciding to go a little public and we did it for the women and children we want to get out of harm's way. When this war is over we will go back to being private again.

A special note for Nora. Her name is Anastasiya, pronounced 'anastasEEya'. She has taken a shine to our little black and white girl Ekatarina, aka Katyushka, and Sophia, our blue girl, and most importantly my charming wife. Anastasiya will come to us Saturday and stay with us until this war is over. There will be no photos of the child, that is the rules from Mother Russia. You may email me for more details but please keep the details private.