Friday, June 20, 2014

Auslander reports about the refugee assistance program

All the women and children evacuated from the fighting areas are doing well, some better than others considering what they have been through.  I can not report much on our efforts to evacuate more women and children from the conflict area to safety. There are too many prying eyes who read this blog for information and pass it on to the Ukies and their allies, read US/EU. I am keeping Saker up to date on the effort. I will not even say where these women and children are coming from nor their routes to safety. Ukraine is actively trying to prevent evacuations and as of late yesterday is making a spirited attempt to close off the Novorossiya/Russia border to prevent anyone from leaving. They will shoot and have shot refugees en route to the borders.

Donations. Saker and I communicated last evening. At first he thought I was disappointed at the response from our readers on the blog. At this time, 09:30 Sevastopol, 37 people have donated to the refugee fund. Another 22 have expressed interest in donating. What he thought at first was disappointment he now realizes was my shock at the numbers in just the first 24 hours. Donations have come in from all over the world, from Australia to Canada, from Kamchatka to Cape Town SA, from Finland to Argentina.  We had meetings with officials involved in this effort for most of yesterday. We will spend a goodly part of today doing the same. By tonight my time I will have a close idea of how much it will cost for each child or woman for transport and daily living costs. I will inform Saker of this amount and he and I will formulate a policy for the evacuees. It is Saker's call to pass on any information he deems fit.

This effort will be an ongoing process. We will need more donations to support these poor evacuees. I think it will be another month minimum before the situation in Novorossiya is resolved one way or another and possibly more. Please, please, pass the word to everyone you can. Tell your Churches, your civic organizations, your friends, everyone you can. No donation is too small, all are deeply appreciated. As we get up and running I will have an accounting sheet listing all donations and all dispersement. This I will send to Saker and he can provide what information he feels expedient on the blog. 

Situation Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Federal City of Sevastopol. V. Nuland, US assistant SecState, met on or about 16 June in Odessa with the exiled head of a small part of our Tatars in Crimea, read 5% or less. After our election of 16 March where we (including our Tatars) overwhelmingly voted to return to the Russian Federation and were accepted in to same, roughly 2000 Crimean Tatars left Crimea, most moving to Lviv in west Ukraine. Our population of Crimean Tatars is about 350,000, 10% of the total population of Crimea. You can run the numbers to see the percentage that left.

Approximately half of those who left were men, some part of the rotating cadre of fighters going to and from Syria to fight the Assad Government. Most of the men have spent the last 3 months in right sector/US/EU training camps in the Lviv area. Nuland ordered them to go to Crimea and start a guerrilla war in Crimea, pure and simple. They will comply with the orders from their paymasters. How many are now in Crimea or will make it through the border of Crimea I don't know.

At the same time the strident propaganda pouring from US/UK/EU saying Crimea must 'return' to Ukraine, the election was illegal, joining the Russian Federation was illegal, we are illegal, has increased dramatically. Apparently none of the bright lights in US/UK/EU has bothered to think of perhaps asking the Crimea population what they think of this. Democracy anyone? Oh, I forgot. As Juan said, in the eyes of US/UK/EU we are Untermenchen. Our thoughts and wishes have no bearing on what those fools want to do.

What this meeting means is there is a very good possibility of terror acts in Crimea. More innocent people will die. More infrastructure will be destroyed. More turmoil will be started in the RF by Nuland and her minions.   But, Nuland, know this. You may attack us, you may kill many of us as you are doing so well in Novorossiya, but in the end we will win, we will keep our freedom, we will protect our women and children, we will protect our culture and way of life. Yes, you will lose, we will win. We will pay whatever cost necessary to stay FREE. 

And, Nuland, this if for you personally. As Juan so eloquently put it, damn your eyes, damn your soul, damn you to Hell, damn you back to the Hell where Satan spawned you. The blood of all our dead children, all our dead women, all of our dead men, all our dead grandmothers and grandfathers, all our dead soldiers, ALL of that blood is on your hands and your hands only. Damn you.