Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Igor Strelkov's Combined Briefings, June 24, 2014

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov
Order/Regulation by Igor Strelkov, June 23, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info
DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] Minister of Defence, Igor Strelkov, has approved the “Regulation on the Mobilization Department of the DPR Ministery of Defence.”
The Regulation sets out the key goals and functions of the Department, implements its organizational and staffing structure and confirms its permanent operational location.
Gubarev P. Y. has been appointed the acting head of the Mobilization Department.

Morning Briefing from the Militia, June 24, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info
The first month anniversary in the life of a new state, Novorossiya, was markedy Ukies with morning artillery shelling. The first night of the “ceasefire” did not happen. We do not have definitive information about the victims of the overnight shelling.
8:30 (MSK) - [The enemy] started intensive shelling of Semyonovka; smoke is rising over [the village]. We believe that the fire is coming from the Belyanskiye mountains.
On the railway Starus-Ogorodnoye near Stanitsa Luganskaya, railways were blown up, looks like in the near term there will be no trains from the direction of Moscow.
Also, based on unverified information, slagheap was smashed, an electrical substation was damaged, and seven people were trapped inside the mine as a result of the [enemy] shelling of Privol’ye and the “Privolnyanskaya” mine. One person was wounded, two were killed. Emergency crews are conducting the necessary works and rescue operations, the mine is being flooded.
9:50 (MSK) – During the night, Ukie armoured vehicles and equipment were relocated from the direction of Izyum. At this time, a column of Ukie [military] formations, consisting of nine buses with spotty green-black camouflage colouring, together with weaponry, four modernized APCs (armed with a 30mm AP (automatic cannon)), and three tented trucks marked “Persons,” one which is towing a PK (Kalashnikov machine gun), is proceeding through Krasniy Oskol, from the direction of Izyum and heading to Yatskoye, Krasniy Liman. This a second column [today].

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 24, 2014, 10:50
Original: Icorpus.ru and Strelkov Info
Yesterday evening, after 18:00, the enemy installed a mortary batter at a stronghold position in the Vostochniy settlement. And thereafter opened fire on the village of Semyonovka; 5 militia fighters were lightly wounded. We returned fire and destroyed one of the mortar detachments. Until the end of the light day, the road across Semyonovka was exposed to enemy tank fire; in particular, this fire was directed at “Gazel” automobiles that were delivering food to the city.
In the morning of June 24, artillery crossfire and positional combat resumed in the region of Semyonovka. We have wounded on our side.
At night we observed active movements of enemy infantry and intelligence groups in the vicinity of Kramatorsk. To the west of Kramatorsk, the enemy installed new checkpoints, reinforced with armoured vehicles, APCs and Hummers. Units of “Praviy Sector” [Right Sector], marked with Division “SS-Galichina” symbols, were observed appearing to the north-east of Kramatorsk, in the vicinity of the settlement of Malinovka.
As the main water-pumping facilities are occupied by the detachments of the Ukrainian army and the NazGuard [National Guard], it still remains impossible to reestablish water supply to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The enemy continues to reinforce its foothold in the area of the settlements of Krivaya Luka – Zakotnoye. As a result, it is impossible to speak of any kind of truce being observed in the area of the military confrontation.

Information from the Militia Headquarters in Slavyansk, June 24, 2014, 11:00
Original: Icorpus.ru
At this time, the settlement of Vysoko-Ivanovka is being subjected to mortar fire. Water supply lines that deliver drinking water to Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and other DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] cities pass through this settlement. The water supply lines are the target of the [enemy] shelling.

Statement from Igor Strelkov, June 24, 2014, 12:50
Original: Icorpus.ru
Due to the resonance in the information medium caused by my expression of gratitude to the organization “Sputnik i Pogrom,” I wish to say that it makes no difference to me who to express my thanks to – be they monarchists, anarachists and so on. What is key is if they offer real help to Slavyanks and are not enemies.

Commentary from Igor Strelkov, June 24, 2014, 13:24
Original: Strelkov Info
Q: What type of detachments are now fighting with you – pravoseki [Right Sector militants] or servicemen of the Ukraining army (those who Poroshenko ordered to cease fire)? And what is your opinion about the results of the negotiations in Donetsk – and about the very idea of negotiations with Ukie bandits?
A: Any “conversations” with them can be conducted only from the position of strength – there is no other way. They cannot be trusted one bit. Not at all. With respect to your first question – all those who were ordered to fight continue to fight. Both NazGuard [National Guard] and the Ukrainian army. Under the guise of an “agreement to cease fire” they are trying to quickly and easily take up new positions and entrench themselves.
Q: Have the punitive forces used landmine traps?
A: Why would the bother with traps when they have “Okhota” [Note 1: NBU-P Okhota]? In conjunction with several OZMs [Note 2: OZM – a shrapnel/frag barrage mine], movement sensors and trigger extensions, [Okhota] makes a mine field practically impossible to pass or to remove.
Note 1: NBU-P Okhota is a landmine field control system.
Note 2: OZM is a Soviet-made shrapnel/frag barrage mine – an anti-personnel jumping mine with a circular area of damage.

Eyewitness Reports, June 24, 2014, 17:00
Original: Strelkov Info
Ten “Acacia” self-propelled howitzers of the Ukrainian army have moved into the village of Varvarovka, near Rubezhnoye, at approximately 17:00. They have set up base at the abandoned cannery.

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 24, 2014, 18:31
Original: Icorpus.ru
In the course of the day, there were two additional incidents of enemy shelling against Slavyansk. Unfortunately, one of the militia fighters (born in Gorlovka), who was wounded in the morning, died. The last massive mortar shelling ended just minutes ago. Once again, militia fighters do not leave their trenches.
With respect to the helicopter – I have no news yet. Confirmation, if any, will be provided only after all details are determined.
The enemy continues to concentrate military equipment on its foothold in Krivaya Luka. According to information from the local residents, everyone without exception, including the very old, is being evicted from their homes. Blindfolded, and without any personal things, they are taken out of the village and told to go “where the hell they want.” NazGuard bastards killed several [residents] right on the street. All this, despite the fact that there were virtually no militia fighters among the village residents.

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 24, 2014, 19:45
Original: Strelkov Info
Igor Strelkov: [The downing of the helicopter] has just been confirmed. This is the tenth helicopter destroyed by our forces. As payback, the enemy is now leveling Semyonovka with white phosphorus and shrapnel charges.

Information from the Militia, June 24, 2014, 20:25
Original: Strelkov Info
At this time, Ukrainian military is conducting artillery shelling of the Artyom neighbourhood of Slavyansk from the Karachun Mount. Also, according to information from militia fighters, shelling of the outskirts of Slavyansk (Semyonovka) with white phosphorus charges is now taking place. These charges have been prohibited across the world. The artillery shelling is being conducted by the forces controlled by Igor Kolomoiskiy, an oligarch and the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk oblast.

Information from the DPR Press-ServiceJune 24, 2014, 20:43
Original: Strelkov Info
The DPR militia fighters have foiled an attempted landing of [enemy] troopers near Slavyansk. Information about the injured in the course of the battle is being confirmed.

Statement from the Chairman of the Presidium of the DPR Supreme Council, Denis Pushilin, June 24, 2013, 21:07Original: Strelkov Info
Kiev government is de facto sabotaging the ceasefire agreement. Today, [notwithstanding yesterday’s] consultations, the [Ukrainian military] are shelling Semyonovka. At least five people have died there. From the direction of the Donetsk airport, a column of heavy armoured vehicles moved out toward Donetsk. This is just a sampling of the aggressive actions by the occupation forces on our territory.
This is the value of Kiev's agreements with us. We believe that the Kiev government considers them a mere formality, necessary for the execution of the economic part of the EU [European Union] association agreement. All Kiev needs is for there to be an official[, formal] declaration of truce. De facto, there is no such ceasefire.

Situation Report from the Militia, June 25, 2014, 00:15 
Original: Strelkov Info
Latest Hourly Briefings from Location
18:25 (MSK) – In the vicinity of the Putilovsk bridge (Donetsk) there is a skirmish. At this time, all roads leading to the area of weapons fire are closed.
19:50 (MSK) – Impossible to drive through the area of the Putilovsk bridge (Donetsk) due to a special operation ongoing there.
20:10 (MSK) – Shelling of the Artyom district of Slavyansk is ongoing. Fire is coming from the Karachun Mount.
20:20 (MSK) – Rail lines blown up at the railway near Dybaltsevo.
23:00 (MSK) – Intensive shelling of Slavyansk is ongoing. Volleys coming from the direction of Kirovsk and Raigorodok between Brusino and the Yampol checkpoint. Something is burning at Mashmet. Single and grouped signal flares and rockets observed in the sky.
23:35 (MSK) Explosions heard and bright afterglow observed in the area of the highways to Kharkov, near Svyatogorsk. It appears that the enemy may be using incendiary charges again.
23:45 (MSK) From the direction of the Donetskoe settlement fiver MLRS systems launched their volleys. The direction of the shelling has not been determined.

Information received by the militia over the past few hours, June 24, 2014, 23:55 – 02:20
Original: Strelkov Info
23:55 (MSK) – Unfortunately, the ceasefire that was reached several hours ago never came into effect; the Ukie forces opened fire, using heavy weaponry, including howitzers. This is not something they could blame on the militia: the heaviest weapon possessed by the militia is a 120mm caliber mortar. A mortar has neither an anti-recoil system, nor a carriage, and the sound of the firing mortar differs from that of artillery systems. It is obvious that howitzer batteries are being employed – bright bursts of light are followed by glow and then by rumbling of explosions.
The shelling is being conducted in the area of the Kombikormoviy, of the refueling station – there are sounds of howitzer and KPBT [large-calibre armour-mounted machine gun] fire.
00:10 (MSK) – There are bursts of light and signal flares coming from the direction of Kirovsk. In the vicinity of the turn onto Svyatorgorsk there are powerful blasts; in the region of the Yampol checkpoint – explosions. The shelling appears to be coming from the direction of Bogorodichnoe. Also, there is shelling coming from Staraya Krasnyanka against Lisichansk. In Dolginkaya there is combat, signal flares. The shelling is being done with heavy weaponry.
00:20 (MSK) – Bursts of light and explosions [observed] in the centre of Yampol. Fire is coming from the area of the bridge to Zakotnoye.
00:45 (MSK) – Artillery fire against Yampol continues from the direction of Zakotnoye.
00:50 (MSK) – The shooting has quieted down. Only question is for how long.
02:00 (MSK) – And so, here is information regarding the shelling of Lisichansk. [The enemy] was firing at the “Privolnyanskaya” mine. As a result of artillery shelling, an electrical substation was destroyed. The mine has been de-electrified – there are people who remain inside the mine. At this time, rescuers and emergency crews have departed for the mine.
00:20 (MSK) – There is shooting coming from the direction of Yampol.

Information from Local Residents, June 24, 2014, 02:00Original: Strelkov Info
Around midnight, artillery shelling of the outskirts of Privoliye with the use of howitzers commenced from the direction of Staraya Krasnyanka. About 13 explosions could be heard … my 5-month-old baby was woken up by these explosions … In Privoliye an electrical substation was blown up, there is no light in the mine [as a result.] At the “Privolnyanka” mine – one woman was killed, one wounded. Electrical power to the mine has been interrupted. People were taken out through the reserve exit.
At the time, it is quiet in Privoliye. Those closer to “Privolnyanka” mine have no electricity. At the “Kapustina” mine everything is fine. Light has appeared in that part of the town. Could it be true that the mine itself was targeted? I am getting the impression that their goal is to destroy infrastructure.