Monday, June 30, 2014

English-style (but very French) humor as a medicine for sad moods

The "French team" (who are doing an absolutely incredible job every day on have just sent me an English-style limerick, but originally written in French by Henri Suhamy, an Anglicist specialized in Shakespeare, and then re-written, again by him, in English. Here are both versions:

Original French version

Le nouveau président Petro Porochenko
Joue un jeu dangereux en visant le banco.
Le bruit de la guerre en Ukraine
Donne à chacun de la migraine
Et peut faire tomber les murs de Jéricho.
English version:
There's a new president in the Ukraine
Who from day to day has to rack his brain.
The awkward situation
Causes so much crispation
That the poor fellow suffers from dire strain.
Thanks guys, I sure needed the smile today :-)

Amitiés à tous,

Le Saker