Sunday, June 8, 2014

My rant tonight - okay, I will try to clarify further

Okay, predictably some has misunderstood my rant as a change in heart.  Others wonder what has changed over the past 24 hours.  So let me clarify:

1) No change of heart?  No - Putin did the right thing by waiting as long as was possible.  I just don't believe that waiting is possible any more.  Why not?

2) What has changed?  Not just words, but actions by Poroshenko.  I, along with many other observers in Russia, had hopes that Poroshenko would use his "clean hands status" to come up with at least a temporary cease-fire followed by negotiations.  Heck - even a 48 hour break to "celebrate" his "election" would have been helpful.  All that happened was a dramatic increase in violence.  Also, Merkel did specifically ask for a meeting with Putin and I had some hopes that the bitch has something useful to say to him.  But the EU leaders did, again, show that as soon as Uncle Shmuel shows up they turn into the "great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies".

Finally, Poroshenko did more than just spew some garden variety Ukie nonsense.  He specifically committed himself to one language, no federation, no negotiations (at least not with those folks who matter) and he topped it all with a completely surreal statement about the Crimea being forever Ukie.  Ok, these are not just words, the man cornered himself into a crazy, maximalist position.  Some ask what I was expecting and say add that Poroshenko had no other options. Nonsense!  He could have said something along these lines:

The blood of the glorious Ukrainian people is sacred to me and my first duty is to prevent it from being spilled (= stop the shelling).  I shall never rest until each and every Ukrainian will feel that he/she is a precious part of an inclusive Ukrainian society whose historical roots have always been diverse and multi-national (language issue).  The Ukraine must forever become a land of peace and peaceful trade (= neutrality).  There is no personal sacrifice I shall not consent to achieve these lofty goals (= negotiate with the Novorossians).  Etc. etc. etc.

Guys, this is not that hard.  Not to mention that NOW would have been the correct time to get rid of the Nazis while the "eyes of the world" were upon the "legitimate President of the Ukraine".

Poroshenko totally blew it.  Totally. 

And not because he is dumb.  All those who know him agree on two things: he is a total prostitute and he is very smart.  In this case, he was simply reading the speech written for him by Uncle Shmuel.

So that is what changed: 

a) a total collapse and surrender by the EU 1%ers
b) a total sellout of Poroshenko to Uncle Shmuel

And this is why I see no point in waiting any longer.  That, and the fact that if time is on Russia's side (which it is - Banderastan is not viable), time is not on the side of the people of Novorossia who need help now.

So no, no change of heart.  Change in objective circumstances.  Remember dialectics 101: a quantitative change does eventually result in a qualitative change.  I think that we have reached this point now.

As for my fear, it is primarily triggered by what I perceive as a "wishy-washy" tone out of Moscow.  If that tone is designed to allow for a last ditch effort (I hear that Poroshenko has now announced that combats should stop this week) or for a cover for an intervention - fine.  But something needs to be done in the next 24-48 hours and my Bosnian experience makes it very hard for me to live through these next couple of days.

Last, and frankly: I want the Polite Armed Men in Green to make minced meat of the Ukie Nazis involved in this disgusting war on civilians.  These SOBs don't deserve to live, imnsho.

I hope that I have explained myself to the satisfaction of at least most of you.

Kind regards,

The Saker