Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Combined Igor Strelkov's Briefings, June 25, 2014

Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Interview with Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2015

We are able to enunciate the conditions, which, in my opinion, we are prepared to offer [to Ukrainian armed force] and, on the basis of which, we would consider agreeing to a ceasefire, followed by subsequent negotiations concerning some form of a truce.

The following are our conditions:

First, withdrawal of Ukrainian forces to a distance of at least 10 kilometres from all the cities garrisoned by the Donetsk People’s Republic [“DPR”] and the Lugansk People’s Republic [“LPR”] Militias. Accordingly, all the blockaded settlements and Militia garrisons must be unblocked.

Second, cessation of all flights over the territories controlled by DPR and LPR by any and all military aircraft – helicopters, airplanes, [whether they are] intelligence-gathering, ground attack or interceptor [aircraft], we do not care.

Third, the cessation of any and all artillery shelling, whether directed against settlements or the positions of the Militia.

It is only on the basis of these three conditions, and, in the event they are complied with, or, at the very least, taken as a basis for possible negotiations, is the Militia prepared to cease fire.

However, there have been no such offers to date from the Ukrainian military, from the Ukrainian command, who, in reality, should be [our conterparts] at any such negotiations.

Information from the Militia, June 25, 2014, 01:18
Original: Strelkov Info

During the last 40 minutes Ukrainian army actively shelled with howitzers the village of Semyonovka, near Slavyansk, and then continued with 30mm and 23mm automatic cannons.

Information from Local Residents, June 25, 2015, 1:23
Original: Strelkov Info

In Rubezhnoy strong explosions can be heard. Once again they are shelling Privolye from Krasnyanka – [so violently] that window glass is shaking. They are hitting the “Kapustin” mine in Lisichansk, using 152mm howitzers.

Information from DPR, June 24, 2014, 22:35
Original: Strelkov Info

Rustam Abdullaev, member of the Supreme Council of DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic], [explained the circumstances] of the armed confrontation in the area of the Donetsk airport:

“For the [past] two hours there was a confrontation in the area of the Donetsk airport. Three APCs and a unit of the NazGuard [National Guard] was observed, they left the territory of the airport and it is under our control. The militia suffered no casualties in the course of the skirmish. This [incident] again confirms that there is not and can never be any peace agreement between the Kiev Junta and DPR and LPR.”

Note: the video embedded above is the recording of the phone call with Rustam Abdullaev during which he provided this information. The actual statement respecting control over the airport made by him during the call was that the DPR militia controlled part of the airport, not the whole area.

Information from Media Agency AnnaNews, June 25, 2014, 11:38
Original: Strelkov Info

Today at 06:05 in the morning, Ukrainian mercenaries shelled Slavyansk. Artillery strikes continued for 40 minutes, approximately 30 shells were launched at the city. Casualties [are reported] among the civilian population, four people died.

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2015, 11:00

On June 24, the anti-aircraft detachment of the militia shot down a military transport helicopter MI-8 in the are of the Karachun Mount. [The helicopter] was transporting a group of high-level SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] officers and special intelligence-gathering equipment. According to the statement from the Ukrainian side, 9 servicemen of the Ukrainian forces died; however, I do not preclude the possibility that either foreign military advisors or the commanding staff of a PMC [Private Military Contractor] were present on board.

In the course of the evening and the night, artillery and mortar skirmishes continued in the areas of Slavyansk, Kramatarosk and Seversk. The artillery of the [enemy] punitive forces subjected Semyonovka, Slav-Kurortnyi, the settlement of Khimik, and the district of Artyom to shelling. Destruction resulted. In Semyonovka, the enemy once again used incendiary white phosphorus charges.

At dawn on June 25, in response to the night-time shelling, detachments of the militia conducted a mortar strike against a stronghold of the enemy located on the road from Slavyansk to Kramatorsk. The enemy suffered significant losses in manpower.

In the course of the night from June 24-25, detachments of the Kramatorsk battalion and of the Konstantinovka company attacked checkpoints of the enemy at Ulyanovka and Oktyabrskoe, which were moved by the enemy toward [Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka] after the declaration of the so-called “ceasefire.” [These detachments] also fired upon the enemy group that was trying to penetrate our positions. As a result of these confrontations, several soldiers of the enemy were wounded; no losses on our side.

Statement from the Command of the DPR Militia, June 25, 2014, 11:05

The command of the DPR [Donetsk People’s republic] Militia states that it is no inclined calmly to watch the continued concentration of the punitive forces [of the enemy] on the positions intended for starting an assault.

The Militia reserves the right to ignore the so-called “ceasefire” and conduct strikes against the enemy wherever it may be convienient.

The command of the DPR Militia considers the following conditions to be precedent to any ceasefire negotiations:
Immediate removal of blockades [around] all cities and all other settlements where militia units may be based, in conjunction with a relocation of all detachments of the Ukrainian armed forces and all other militarized units to a distance of not less than 10 kilometres away.
Relocation of all mechanized armoured units and detachments to the rear.
Cessation of any flights of military aviation, including drones, over the territory controlled by the DPR and the LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic] Militias.
Immediate removal, pursuant to separate agreements, of all garrisons and military bases located on the territory of DPR and LPR.

Only if the above-noted preliminary conditions are complied with will the DPR Militia agree to terminate military activity at the front and in the enemy rear and to commence with the Ukrainian armed forces and all other militarized formations negotiations with respect to continuation of ceasefire and exchange of POWs [prisoners of war] and detainees.

The command of the DPR Militia expresses hope that the command of the Ukrainian armed forces and all other militarized formations is keenly aware of the impossibility of a military victory over the insurgent people of Donbass and of the need for real steps to be taken to stop further bloodshed.

If our proposals are adopted as the base [of discussion], the command of the DPR Militia is prepared to consider counter-offers.

Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2015, 12:31
Original: Strelkov Info

In the course of the night, skirmishes, including with the use of artillery fire, continued in the vicinity of Slavyansk. The enemy continued concentrating forces on its foothold near the village of Krivaya Luka, from which the entire population has been evicted.

In the area of Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka, detachments of the Militia attacked the advance checkpoints of the punitive forces, which moved forward on armoured vehicles, in the vicinity of Oktyabrskoye and Ulyanovka. The detachments also repelled an attempts by the intelligence-gathering group [of the enemy] to penetrate into Konstantinovka. The enemy suffered casualties.

At dawn, the stronghold of the enemy located on the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk highway was subjected to a combined strike, using artillery, mortars and AGS [Note 1: AGS-17 "Plamya" (216P) automatic grenade launcher]. Concentrations of infantry and light armoured vehicles of the enemy were noted at the checkpoint. The enemy, which was located in a crowded fashion in a small area, suffered significant losses in manpower. Two separate fires were visually observed [at the location].

At 11:00, positions of the enemy near the Kombikormoviy checkpoint were attacked with mortars and small arms.

On their part, the Ukies answered with howitzer and mortar fire from Karachun Mount and their other positions. At this time, there are ongoing skirmishes across-the-board.

The weather is unsuitable for flying, after yesterday’s rain the ground is moist, and the movement of wheeled vehicles is limited other than on paved roads.

It is possible that, in addition to 9 Ukrainian military officers, a group of foreign military advisors or PMC [Private Military Corporation] commanders was present in the helicopter that our fighters shot down yesterday. This information has not been verified, and I cannot vouch for its authenticity.

Note 1: The AGS-17 "Plamya" (216P) is a heavy infantry support weapon designed to operate from a tripod or it can be mounted on an installation or vehicle. The AGS-17 fires 30 mm grenades in either direct or indirect fire to provide suppressive and lethal fire support against soft skinned or fortification targets. See Wikipedia and RuWiki.

Infromation from Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2014, 14:21

Today, an enemy group in the area of Krivaya Luka was subjected to strikes both from the direction of Seversk (by the “Lisa” unit of the battalion of A. Mozgovoi) and from the direction of Nikolayevka (by the Nikolayevka company composed of the personnel of the Slavyansk garrison). A store of ammunition located on one of the heights occupied by the enemy detonated as a result of these mortar strikes, and 3 separate fires could be observed. The infantry and the equipment of the enemy, which were concentrated on starting positions for an assault, and therefore were not entrenched, suffered large losses.

There is [now] electricity in Slavyansk, but not in all districts. Almost everywhere, there is no water. We have foodstuffs for now, and even in excess, but distribution is failing. We are conducting an accounting of stocks and will be introducing food cards.

Information from Locations, June 25, 2014
Original: Strelkov Info

As usual, the outskirts of Slavyansk were shelled last night. Lisichansk was also subjected to nighttime shelling. All is calm in Donetsk, there were no cannons and suchlike yesterday, there was a skirmish – no need to overstate things.

In Slavyansk, another day of “truce” a-la Poroshenko began with artillery strikes. There are killed and wounded among the civilian population. A gas pipeline was damaged. Explosions were heard all day in the Slavyansk area.

An explosive device detonated in Antratsit, in a civilian district near Pharmacy No. 68. A 10-month-old child was badly wounded and later passed away in the hospital.

In addition to the railway line Debaltsevo-Uglegorsk, the following rail lines were blown up yesterday: Gorlovka-Pantelimonovka, Novobakhmutovka-Gorlkovka and Karavannaya.

Statement from the DPR PM, Alexander Borodai, June 25, 2014, 18:50
Original: Strelkov Info

DPR Prime Minister, Alexander Borodai, confirmed to journalists that DPR is in possession of tanks and howitzers:

“Yes, the Militia now has tanks, a fairly substantial number of them. The Ukrainian side is rich with tanks. The armoured vehicles were obtained by the Militia fighters as war trophies.

Other than tanks, the Militia fighters have also secured other heavy weapon trophies, such as, for instance, howitzer.

Latest Hourly Briefings from Locations
Original: Strelkov Info

Ukie forces have based artillery systems (which appear to be “Acacias”) and tanks in Varvarovka (near Rubezhnoye), at the abandoned cannery and at the tractor brigade depot. They are placing tents.

17:55 (MSK) – In the area of the Kombikormoviy an intense battle is ongoing. In the course of the day, maneuver-centric battles took place across the entire theater of operations.

19:25 (MSK) – Howitzer fire is coming from the direction of Ostavki; explosions are heard near Brusino.

19:35 (MSK) – Gunfire is heard in the area of the southern side of Krasniy Liman.

19:50 (MSK) – Four Hummers have left from the side of Borovenkova, headed to Karachun Mount.

20:20 (MSK) – Mercenaries with a strong accent at the Ukie checkpoint near the third Bylbasovka on the way to Cherkasskoye. Fairly polite.

In the area of Kombikormoviy, at the Ukie checkpoint, they are harassing people, shooting their legs, those who are driving out [of the area] they call marauders, rob them of their things. They tried to seize the car of one of the passerby – only the screams of the female passengers scared the Nazi bastards away.

20:45 (MSK) – On the southern side of Krasniy Liman artillery shelling continues.

21:00 (MSK) – Several strong explosions and shooting with an AP-30 [Note 1: AP-30 "Plamya-A" (9A800) aircraft(helicopter)-based grenade launcher] heard near Nikolayevka.

21:20 (MSK) – Sounds of a propeller aircraft heard in the area of Krasniy Liman, heading toward Yampol. In the village of Vasilyevka (Yasinovatskiy region), one of the “Motor” cooperative’s buildings is burning. Fire was not caused by military activity.

Note 1: AP-30 "Plamya-A" (9A800) aircraft-based grenade launcher, an evolution of AGS-17 "Plamya" (216P) intended to be installed on aircraft, specifically - helicopters. See Aviaros.Narod.Ru.

Statement from Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2013, 17:30
Regarding the Proposed "Medal for Military Valour"


We have a request:

As you know by now, we have been awarding Crosses of St. George. The only difference between these Crosses and the original Cross of St. George version used during the First World War is an engraving and its position [on the Cross]. As of this time, we have created granted approximately 30 of these awards (including several – posthumously), Crosses have been issued to a dozen of award holders.

However, the Cross of St. George is our highest form of recognition at this time. The personalized knives and pistols are also important, but we need another award of a lower rank than the Cross of St. George (which is issued for services rendered in connection with performing tasks directly on the field of battle), but which would permit us to reward [other] military achievements, including those not associated with an extremely high risk to life.

Simply speaking, we consider it necessary to institute an award of a Medal “For Military Valour,” taking, as a starting example, an appropriate USSR medal. Russian Federation does not have claims on this type of award (there is already an approximate equivalent – the Suvorov Medal). With a few changes in design, a medal like that would suit us well.

I propose that there take place a competition for the layout of the specified medal, to be conducted with a quick turnaround deadline. And, once a layout is confirmed, several hundred of these medals (to begin with) would need to be manufactured.

My gratitude, in advance, for all the proposals! I ask that the moderators [of] create a separate forum for this discussion.

With respect,