Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

22nd June: The Shia Khafaja tribe in Iraq is volunteering every able bodied man to the government in Baghdad to fight Daash. Shaikh Raad al-Khafaji has converted his tribes guesthouse into a recruitment centre for volunteers. Many from his tribe were fighting in Syria protecting Shia shrines there. These fighters have now returned to fight Daash in Iraq.
22nd June: A third militant of Daash from its recruitment video has been identified as an Australian national Zakaryah Raad going by the nom de guerre, Abu Yahya ash Shamsi.
22nd June: Iraqi Kurdistan denies sending oil to Israel. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) denies selling oil either directly or indirectly to Israel. But confirms that it has sold crude oil from Kurdistan and will continue to sell Kurdish oil for liquidity and financial independence from Baghdad. Baghdad has cut Kurdistan from the Federal Budget.
22nd June: A third shipment of black gold was expected to leave Kurdistan via pipeline for Turkey today.
22nd June: The Kurdish frontier against Daash and it's allies now stretched 600 miles.
22nd June: Sadr's peace brigades are waiting for his signal to fan out to different provinces. They are looking to work closely with the Security Services to confront Daash.
22nd June: Security Forces deployed in Tal Afar made a sudden withdrawal towards Sinjar. Only elite forces were left behind to guard the airfield. The rest of the troops and tribal forces left for Sinjar. This could indicate a response to intelligence concerning Daash.
22nd June: Security Forces are claiming that a senior Daash commander was killed in clashes in Taf Afar.
22nd June: Some Christians Iraqis from Mosul are seeking protection in Iraqi Kurdistan. Others have decided to resist and are holed up in the Christian town of Bartella on the outskirts of Mosul. The Christian community of Iraq has slowly migrated Westward to North America and Europe.
22nd June: The Iraqi Airforce has carried out bombing raids on Fallujah. The neighbourhoods of Shuhada, Nazal, Al-Shurta, and Aljughaifi were targeted with shops and homes destroyed. Five caustics are being reported, one dead, four injured. The casualties were from the central market of Al-Naziza.
22nd June: Militants have captured two border crossings between Iraq and Syria and Iraq and Jordan. The crossing on the Jordanian border was the primary crossing between the two countries. Only be border crossing Syria and Iraq is now with the government. The Kurds control another ne, the rest are with the rebels.
22nd June: After taking the Al-Qaim on Saturday, rebels have consolidated their position by taking the nearby towns of Rawa and Ana.
22nd June: Nechervan Barzani, the Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan says that he warned the US about Daash months in advance. He also states that he had told Nouri Al-Maliki about the threat of Daash 6 months earlier and proposed joint operations to fight the threat, but was declined by Baghdad. Nouri Al-Maliki, according to him said, "everything is fine."
22nd June: Abu Khabib al-Jazaeeri, who was a Saudi national and a senior commander of Daash, has been killed in Baiji. Two other Saudi nationals, both brothers, Yahya and Ebrahim were reported killed in Samarra earlier in the week.
22nd June: Iraqi airforce struck at militants in Tikrit. The government claims that 42 militants were killed.
22nd June:clashes between the Iraqi army and Daash militants in Tikrit have killed a number of militants and an advisor to Tikrit's governor, Amaya al-Jbara, she was killed by militants. The clashes took place in the east of Tikrit at Al-Alam. Security forces were being aided by tribal fighters.
22nd June: Security Forces and members of the Awakening Council in
Haditha are cooperating against Daash and have called a curfew to maintain law and order.
22nd June: the Iraqi Government releases videos of airstrikes it carried out in Mosul.
22nd June: A 15 year old settle boy is killed in firing from Syria. He is the first Israeli casualty of the Arab Spring.