Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wow! Just listen to these crazies

A good friend of mine just sent me this video:

Listening to these crackpots made me wonder if the pro-Apartheid South Africans were ever that totally nuts. From my recollection of these years, the South African racists were not nearly as gone finishing as the Ziocrazies on this video. And Blacks sure were treated much better in Apartheid South African and Palestinians are in the "Jewish state".

I really wonder, when will all this finally boil over? What would it take? The slaughter in Gaza didn't do the trick, that is sure, and the new coalition government in Israel is every bit as rabid as any previous government they had.

What baffles me most are the Israelis themselves. How can they possibly a) not be disgusted with everything their sorry colony stands for and b) think that they can get away with it? Don't they see the writing on the wall? (It spells H-e-z-b-o-l-l-a-h).

To be totally honest, I feel somewhat sorry for the Israelis and the Jews who support them. They are clearly totally entraped in a racist ideology which can only be called "medieval" (at best) and which triggers a universal revulsion pretty much everywhere except New York and Washington.

In 2000 years the faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has been transformed into a sick self-worshipping and hate-filled tribal cult which openly advocates a racist dream nightmare as an end and violence as the means to achieve it. What a fall and what a tragic disgrace...