Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Neda's fiance describes the circumstances of her death

Notice the syllogistic logic he uses: in Iran people are not allowed to carry guns, cops are always in uniform, therefore the person who shot Neda was not a civilian nor a cop, he therefore must have been a Basij.

Also - no sniper on rooftops, no bikers in this account. Only people in a traffic jam and suddenly one single shot.

Finally, while he is clearly upset about her death and about the government's lack of proper investigation, he does not mention by a single word the reports about the "Basij" being caught by bystanders and having his ID card photographed before being actually *released* and allowed to go away. Now, if it had been my fiance shot and if her killer had been first apprehended, identified and then released, I would have been quite outraged not only at the government for failing to investigate, but even more so at the crowd for suddenly and inexplicably having let the killer go.

Again - I do not know what happened that day, but I can only repeat here that basic common sense should show anybody not blinded by ideological prejudice that the official story has been changed many times already and that none of the accounts so far make any sense whatsoever.