Tuesday, June 16, 2009

THINK! (Sarkozy zio-logic deconstructed)

Take a look at this recent statement by the Ueber-Zionist French President Sarkozy:

LIBREVILLE, Gabon (AFP)--French President Nicolas Sarkozy questioned the legitimacy of Iran's presidential election Tuesday, saying the "extent of the fraud" was "proportional to the violent reaction" there.

Get that? Ok.

Now ask yourself:

IF the extend of the fraud was proportional to the violent reaction then WHO has a major stake into seeing as much violence as possible? The "Basij thugs" as the corporate media claims or the "supporters for the Reformists"?

Nevermind the obvious logical fallacy of claiming that the putative fraud was proportional to a subsequent event (the violence) and nevermind that the causality (either way) is demonstrated by exactly *nothing*.

Is it not absolutely obvious that the "Gucci Reformists" and the Zionists have exactly the same objectives in Iran? Their interest is in creating chaos in Iran and thereby achieve their much desired "regime change"?